Russian law enforcers seriously took up for the "right hand" of the oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a board member of Ltd. CPM "Transstroi" Arkady Sarkisyan. Interior Ministry has sent him several summonses to interrogations, on which he did not respond. Instead of it Sarkisyan chose to go abroad, fearing rightly that he may be delayed during the interrogation. Investigators are interested in businessman in connection with the investigation of cases of embezzlement of funds, allocated for the construction of a third runway strip (runway) of the airport "Sheremetyevo". According to the version of the Department of Transport of the Interior Ministry on the Central Federal District, "Transstroi", which was the main contractor for the works until recently, was using low-quality materials and registered them in documents, as materials of the highest class. As a result, part of the strip came out in poor quality and the state in the face of Federal Air Transport Agency («the customer" works) suffered serious material damage.

 In 2011, "Transstroi" and its "subsidiaries" received state orders on runway strip construction for a total of 26.2 billion rubles. However, already in 2014, lagging from the schedule by "Transstroi" accounted for nearly one year, which was a real disaster - the runway strip is to be built to the beginning of the World Cup 2018. Moreover, the "customer" was not satisfied with the quality of work.

In 2015, the Federal Air Transport Agency stopped funding the construction, recriminations showered. As a result, the contract with "Transstroi" was canceled, and "Transstroimechanizaciya", controlled by Rothenberg brothers, was instructed to finish the runway.

And after that the case of embezzlement came to light. Many top-managers of "Transstroi" have already visited interrogations, but the investigators did not hide the fact that their main goal is Sarkisyan.

Back in the 1990s, the former partner of Oleg Deripaska, while - the co-owner and CEO of the Sayan Aluminum Plant (SaAZ), offered the young businessman Arkady Sarkisyan as an assistant - a person, associated with the security forces of Khakassia, where the SaAZ is situated. Sarkisyan became an active participant in the criminal wars around SaAZ, and then several other companies of Deripaska, included later in holdings "Siberian Aluminum" and "Russian Aluminum". However, later the graduate of Nakhimov Naval College, in 1976-1994 served in the Baltic Fleet, leaped political ambitions. He wanted to become a member of the Federation Council. With some difficulty it was managed to persuade Alexei Lebed, the head of the government of Khakassia, to nominate the former head of security of SAP from the Supreme Council of the Republic. But, becoming a senator, Sarkisyan was doing anything, but not the legislative work in the upper house of the Russian parliament. He could be seen at the meetings no more than once per quarter. And such behavior, of course, did not go unnoticed by the Federation Council leadership. Last year, the patience of Sergei Mironov, chairman of the upper house, ran out, and at his initiative Arkady Sarkisyan was withdrawn from the senators.

From this point Arkady Sarkisyan started to behave a little inadequately. In particular, he tried to write a letter to the General Prosecutor to institute a criminal case against Mironov for alleged "arbitrary" and "abuse of authority". Moreover, the statement - for respectability - was written on the letterhead of the Group "Basic Element".

To make Sarkisyan "cool" a little, he was sent to Israel, and on returning a place of a deputy of the State Duma on the LDPR was already ready for him. From 2007 to 2011, Sarkisyan was a parliamentarian.

And in 2011, Oleg Deripaska appointed Sarkisyan a curator of their construction sector, which includes "Glavstroy", "Bazeltsement" and "Transstroi".