continues to acquaint its readers with the archives of the Interior Ministry on money laundering and the largest organizers of channels of cashing and money laundering. In this article we present an excerpt from one of the first operational certificates, drawn up as a result of "development" of "cashing" channel through which were legalized over 4 trillion rubles. Its creator is a citizen of Georgia Djumber Elbakidze, who was an adviser to the current US Secretary of State John Kerry.

In the period from April 2006 to 10 June 2008 by the members of Elbakidze group was "burned" more than 100 banks and NCOs (non-bank credit organizations), from legal trade under the schemes, created by them, was derived from the 3 to 4.5 trillion ruble. More accurate numbers are not amenable to calculation, due to the fact that the Bank of Russia often understated data on volumes of suspicious transactions. For example, CB "Novokubansky", according to the Central Bank, conducted the operation on more than 49 billion rubles, but according to the Federal Financial Monitoring Service operations were made in the amount of more than 100 billion rubles. CB "Falcon", according to the Central Bank, conducted illegal financial transactions on 6 billion rubles, but according to internal documents of the Bank and the Federal Financial Monitoring data, for five business days after 96 billion rubles passed through the bank.

CB did it not just so. Operatives found that participants of Elbakidze groups had in the Bank of Russia a "stable corrupt communications." publishes a certificate, in which the individual patrons of the group of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance are named.

How much was actually withdrawn during this period (April 2006 - June 2008) of funds from legal trade with other schemes (through securities, transaction passports, bills, bogus contracts, etc.), no one will answer, most likely amount will exceed 8 trillion rubles.

A citizen of Georgia Elbakidze D. E., nicknamed "Juba", before the illegal legalizing in Russia was trained in the United States, was an adviser on investments in Eastern Europe of then US Senator John Kerry (the criminal case 248103), which is now the US State Secretary. We also present a resolution on the extension of the investigation period on the "case of Elbakidze".

By September 2007, the law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation were opened all the main members of the group, involved in the "burning" of more than 150 credit institutions of criminal, political and power "roofs", etc., but it was not possible to eliminate them. Due to the most "corrupt communication" of OPS members.





As a result of complex operational and investigative activities carried, out between November 2005 and present time under the criminal case number 290983 and criminal case number 248103, as well as a number of operational materials, it was managed to create a mechanism for documenting organized crime groups, involved in illegal banking operations, associated with cashing, money laundering and the withdrawal of currency abroad.

OPS Elbakidze D. E. ("Juba"), Zakharov S. Y. ("Red"), I. G. Myazina ( "Vanya"), Frankel A. E., Vlasov O. V. etc. Elbakidze D. E. is wanted; Frankel A.E. arrested and charged with the murder of First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Kozlov A. A.

In March Frankel A. E. questioned on the criminal case number 248103

In respect of these entities is collected an evidence base for their involvement in illegal banking transactions, related to money laundering, cashing and withdrawal of currency abroad. Only in the period of 2005-2007 by this the criminal community conducted illegal banking operations amounting to more than 4 trillion rubles.

Considering that this group has a huge cash and sustainable corrupt communications in the Bank of Russia, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance of Russia, work on documenting of the activities of the criminal association is complicated by the presence of constant opposition from the above-mentioned structures.




During investigative and operational activities of the criminal case number 290983, initiated by the IC at the Russian Interior Ministry, on 25.10.2005 on the p. 2 art. 172 of the Criminal Code, on the facts of illegal banking activity of the organized group of former heads and employees of CB "New economic position", CB "Rodnik" and the Bank "AKA" is found; persons in breach of the license conditions, issued by the Bank of Russia, united in an organized group, on false documents have opened accounts in the banks of the "strategic planning Fund" non-profit organization, have provided holding on forged documents of bank operations on the movement of funds on the accounts, including cash issuance. Total through these banks correspondent accounts and fund account it was illegally transferred from the non-cash funds in cash more than 200 billion rubles.

Persons, included in the composition of this criminal group, continued to carry out illegal banking operations through the use of electronic and paper media, fake payment and other documents, prints of variety fictitious (registered on the lost documents or nominees) companies in the LLC CB "Centurion", not being employees of the bank. From September 2005 to February 2006, a criminal group, using the system "Bank-Klitent" of the CB "Centurion" carried out illegal banking operations amounting to more than 5.5 billion rubles. In particular, such payments were made from the separate premises, previously occupied by the bank "VEK-bank", using forged documents of fictitious companies with accounts in "Evroprominvest" banks and "Commercial Bank of trade unions." The actual owner of the bank "VEK-Bank" was Elbakidze Djumber Emelevich, born May 04 in 1974, native of Tbilisi (Georgia), who used illegally obtained in the police department "Maryinsky Park" in Moscow passport, series 45 04 № 210826, issued by the 29.10.2002, (passport is wanted). It was found that only with the use of the current account of the fictitious company "Sigma", controlled by Elbakidze D. E., for the first six months of 2006 was carried out illicit bank transactions worth more than $ 500 billion. Rubles.

October 12, 2006 in the premises, previously occupied by the bank "VEK Bank" was held a search, during which was seized and impounded an unregistered server with the program accounting of banks' activities and a variety information, including the information about carrying out illegal banking operations, electronic key accounts of the various fictitious companies, including Ltd. "Sigma". In addition, fake accounting documents on transfer money and not capitalized cash in the amount of 335 thousand euro, 74 thousand dollars and about 1 million rubles are seized.

However, for testing versions of the figurants involvement to ethnic criminal groups and terrorist financing to participate in the investigation team included 48 employees of the department number 9 ORB DEB of Russian Interior Ministry.

There are reasons to believe that the current criminal organization controlled and controls about 10 credit institutions (CB "Bank for Investment and lending", OJSC CB "Siberian Development Bank", CB "New Age", OJSC CB "Print Bank" Ltd. CB "VEK bank" (license revoked), a subsidiary of CB "Neman", CB "Finance and credit Bank", ACB "Azimuth", the Bank branch of OJSC "ASB", CB "Tomsk-Reserve", CB "Evroprominvest" CB "Investkombank Belkom" (license revoked) and UCB "Centurion" (license revoked) located in Moscow. Organized Criminal Society has strong ethnic and financial relations with the representatives of Georgian Diaspora; Georgian organized communities actively use illegal banking channel for transferring money to Georgia and other countries.

In addition, active measures to organize the theft of more than 3 billion rubles of budget funds of additional financing, planned by Ministry of Finance under the program "Urgent measures to combat subcutaneous gadfly, prevention and improvement of cattle from hypodermis in the Russian Federation" (ref. Agriculture Ministry 09-0502 / 03-02 from 30.08.2006 years) are implemented by a criminal community. There is reason to believe that the lobbying of interests of the criminal community in the unit of the RF Ministry of Finance lies on an employee of the ministry - Zolotarev. According to available information, the interests of a criminal gang are actively lobbied by the employee of the Moscow Main Territorial Department of the Bank of Russia - Sukharev I. V., the leading economist of the consolidated banking supervision department of the Office, the former head of the temporary administration of CB "Century Bank").

The approximate total economic damage caused by the OCS to the budget of Russia for 2005-2006 only is more than 900 billion rubles.

During ORM was found that D. E. Elbakidze has a close relationship with members of illegal armed groups in Abkhazia.

08.10.2006 year Elbakidze D. E. realized the flight to Nice (France) through the "Hall of official delegations" of "Sheremetyevo-2" airport for purchasing a real estate.

During a criminal investigation are made seizure of documents on the illegal receiving of Elbakidze D. E. of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the department of Russian Federal Migration Service in Moscow, SEAD and an international passport (visa department number 7), the documents in the "Sheremetyevo-2" airport, related to the departure of the figurant October 8, 2006 in Nice.

Reported in the information order.



     The term of the preliminary investigation

                                               On the criminal case number 248103

     Up to nine months, i.e. until July 19, 2007

     Deputy General Prosecutor of

                  Russian Federation

     State Counselor of Justice Class 1


      _________________________ V. Y. Grin

                                          "_____" March 2007



On initiation of a petition to extend the period of pre-trial investigation



Moscow                                                                                    March 12, 2007


Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Management of the Investigation of organized criminal activities against economic security, interests of the service and the IC control order at the Russian Interior Ministry Colonel Justice Shantin G. A., considered the criminal case number 248103 materials,



This criminal case in October 19, 2006 have been allocated by me in a separate proceeding in respect of Elbakidze D. E. for p. 1 and p. 3 art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation from the criminal case number 290983 on illegal banking operations, committed by former heads and employees of CB "New economic position" and OJSC JSCB "Rodnik". In October 2006, additional office space - "printing press" (remote place where were carried out illegal banking operations, namely from a computer, illegally connected to the server of CB "Centurion") was opened by a criminal group.

 After conducting a search in the CB "Centurion" on 2 February 2006 were established facts of illegal bank payments from the accounts of various organizations in the bank "VEK-Bank", which is actually controlled by Elbakidze D. E. During a search of the premises, formerly occupied by the bank "VEK-Bank", are found vouchers on behalf of Elbakidze. At the same time a new crime is revealed, not related to the investigation, which has resulted in the fact that Elbakidze organized the production of counterfeiting official identity document of a citizen of the Russian Federation and providing the appropriate rights - passports and also used forged documents.

At the establishing of the identity of Elbakidze D. E. it is revealed that he was a former resident of Tbilisi, having a passport of a citizen of the USSR Series XVIII - TI number 540681 issued by Didube district executive committee in Tbilisi, with a purpose of the illegally obtaining of the Russian citizenship, while in Moscow, in October 2002, he organized the production of counterfeit mark in this passport of their "residence permit" from October 14, 1991 on the address: Lipetsk region, Dobrovskij area (without settlement), str. Pushkinskaya, 22, and withdrawing from the registration in November 15, 2001. With this fake passport (official document), D. E. Elbakidze in 24 October 2002 addressed to the police station "Maryinsky Park" of Moscow City to grant him a passport of a citizen of Russia. On the basis of falsified data in a fake passport of a citizen of the USSR October 29, 2002 D. E. Elbakidze in accordance with the established procedure of the Russian Federation received the passport series 45 04 № 210826, containing false information about his Russian citizenship. Continuing criminal activity, May 29, 2003 Elbakidze D. E., using this forged document, addressed to the department in the district "Krasnoselsky" Federal Migration Service of Russia in Moscow with a statement on the issue of international passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. As a result, June 27, 2003 Elbakidze D. E. acquired another fake official document - an international passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, 60 series, number 4516369.

Knowingly false documents for him - Russian passport series 45 04 № 210826 and an international passport of a Russian citizen 60 series number 4516369 - D. E. Elbakidze uses them currently.

In these actions of Elbakidze D. E. contains a corpus delicti, provided by p. 1 and p. 3 art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

November 10, 2006 declared wanted a suspect Elbakidze D. E.

The investigation also found that Elbakidze is involved in the activities of an organized criminal group, engaged in illegal banking transactions, carried out in the period 2005-2006 payments through the accounts of various fictitious (registered on straw men on forged documents) companies in the banks "Migros", "Siberian economic development Bank "," Bank of investment and Loan ", "New age", "Printbank", the Moscow branch of CB "Neman", "Finance and Credit Bank", "Azimuth", "Evroprominvest", "Kreditimpeksbank" and "VIP Bank" with a daily turnover of up to 30 million US dollars. In the 2000- 2002 Elbakidze was a personal adviser to US Senator John Kerry in Eastern Europe investment. The facts are established of carrying out illegal banking operations through the accounts of companies in the banks' "Bank VIP" and "Evroprominvest" by Elbakidze together with Frenkel, which now is arrested for the organization of a murder of deputy chairman of Bank of Russia A. A. Kozlov.

From the moment of a criminal case initiation the following is hold:

- The seizure of the materials of the held operational search activities, the volume of which is more than 20 audio media (CD discs), their inspection is carried out;

- The facts of organization and participation of Elbakidze D. E. in illegal banking activities using the bank details of Moscow "European Industrial Bank", "Siberian Bank of Development", "New Age", "Print Bank", a branch of CB "Neman", "Migros"; 15 persons are questioned as witnesses, involved in carrying out illegal banking operations (Finding an organizations, directing funds, transfer of funds, etc.).

Investigation term on this criminal case will expire March 19, 2007, but in mind of particularly difficulty, it is not possible to complete the investigation, because there is a need to do a lot of investigative actions, namely:

- On results of examination of physical evidence to appoint and spend recess in the bank "Bank VIP", "Evroprominvest", etc., to carry out dredging in the MMTD Bank of Russia of acts of inspections of banks and to give a legal assessment of the actions of Elbakidze D. E. and other persons on facts of illegal banking activity.;

- To question officials of banks, organizations, involved in carrying out illegal banking operations (more than 25 witnesses);

- To appoint and hold on the case an accounting expertise to determine the recovered illegal banking operations income;

- To attract Elbakidze D. E. as the accused in the commission of crimes under Part. 2 art. 172 and p. 1 and p. 3 art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, to announce Elbakidze in the international wanted list, elect in absentia preventive measure against Elbakidze - a detention;

- To perform other investigative actions, aimed on the ending of the investigation.

To fulfill this need a period of not less than 4 months.

Based on the aforesaid and guided by Article 162 of the Code,




Petition to the Deputy General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation to extend the term of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case number 248103 for four months, a total of up to 9 months, i.e. to "19" July 2007



Senior investigator for particularly important cases

IC at the Russian Interior Ministry Colonel of Justice