Moscow Kremlin gradually return the historical appearance. According to recent reports, the dismantling of the 14th Corps in the Moscow Kremlin completed more than 70 percent.

Recall that the first building, which was built on the territory of the ancient Kremlin during the Soviet era (ie since 1917).

Large-scale reconstruction of the administrative structure initiated Vladimir Putin at the end of 2011. Prior to that, the building housed several departments of the presidential administration, including the press service, the protocol service management for foreign policy and referantur. Most of the President's office then moved to the Old Square near the Kitai-Gorod.

As time went on, and in November 2015 the authorities decided to dismantle the 14th Corps of the Kremlin. A year earlier (in July 2014) Putin proposed to restore is on his place of Miracles and Voznesensky monasteries destroyed in 1929-1930.

Change contractors

In recent years, corruption fighters are increasingly interested in the question of who could "make hay" on the reconstruction of the 14th Corps of the Kremlin, as, in fact, the whole reconstruction has been reduced to the demolition, and the part of the allocated money would be "sawed".

As is known, the first contractor who was engaged in the reconstruction of the 14th Corps of the Kremlin, was "ETS" (ITS) Yefim Basin. This company, which was previously one of the largest builders of the Olympic facilities in Sochi, received a huge loss (for example, more than 3 billion 2013) and was liquidated in 2014. The decision to liquidate the company took its owner - Mr. Bassin.

After the "ETS" has been eliminated, to finish the work, instead of Basin subcontractors had previously worked with "Inzhtransstroya". For example, a contract for the reconstruction of the 14th Corps of the Kremlin, where the office of the presidential administration, the company has received "Harwinter", and for the construction of the campus Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology - the company "Putevi".

"Serbian masters" in touch with "Gazprom"

Both these companies are formally controlled by the Serbian businessmen. For example, the owner of the company "Putevi" (mass media company called "Putevi Uzice" ( "Roads Uzice" - Russian translation)) is a Serbian Vasilije Micic.

But the founders of "Harwinter" are citizens of the former Yugoslav republics, it is closely associated with the influential Serbian businessman and politician Nenad Popovic.

Popovich in Serbia as one of the main lobbyists of "Gazprom" and as an example cause a deal to buy the largest Serbian Oil Refinery - NIS. In 2009, the state-owned refineries bought "Gazprom Neft", and was thought to Serbian politicians, the deal was heavily undervalued in favor of the Russian buyer. It is believed that this transaction was lobbied Nenad Popovic, who at the time was one of the leaders of the Democratic Party of Serbia.

Russian ministers Friend

Officially, Nenad Popovic is the chairman of the Serbian People's Party (SNP) (end of 2014), and he had previously served as deputy chairman of the Serbian Parliament (National Assembly) and was vice president of the Democratic Party of Serbia.

Nenad Popovic, president of the group "ABS Electro" companies

He is also president of the "ABS Electro" companies, and much of the business Popovich is in Russian. Companies holding "ABS Electro" located in Cheboksary, in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.

Rumor has it that Nenad Popovic well knows how to negotiate with Russian officials. Apparently, that's why he engaged in politics in Serbia in July 2017 "United Russia" was elected as the head of the Coordinating Council for Cooperation with the political party of the Democratic Party of Serbia.

There are rumors that, thanks to the support of "Gazprom" in the interest of Serbia to Popovich are good representatives of "Gazprom" (and also "" Gazprom oil "), and the Ministry of Energy. Things reached the point that in 2014 the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak Nenad Popovic was awarded the "ministerial" title "Honored Power Engineer".

Besides from Nenad Popovic established friendly relations with the former Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov. For example, in early 2014 it became known that Fedorov, who was at that time as head of the Ministry of Agriculture, flown on expensive private jet Cessna 550 Citation II in Germany. It later emerged that the aircraft belonged to Nenad Popovic. According to rumors, the son of the former Minister of Agriculture Vasily Fyodorov works in "ABS Electro".

"Split" "Harwinter"

In general, it is clear that Nenad Popović, owner of "ABS Electro" and controlling "Harwinter" is "ingrained" in the Russian power structure businessman with a lot of baggage "political connections". So it's not just the officials of the Russian President Administration turned their attention to the construction company associated with this influential businessman.

At the beginning of the 2000s, in an interview with Russian media Popovic said that the company "Harvinter" part of his holding. By the way, there are two companies with almost the same name - "Harwinter" and "Harvinter". Both are affiliated with each other and belong to the same group of persons.

In addition, one of the founders and leaders of "Harvintera" was a long-time partner Popovic Nebojsa Vlahovic was previously CEO of the holding "Elektrominvest" (the predecessor of the now owned Popovich "ABS Electro").


From the lobby Popovic in the energy sector and in agriculture - everything is clear. But other than that the "Harvientera" owner has a powerful lobby in the construction industry. As lobbyists for once act influential officials from the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation (UDP).

Here it is worth remembering scandal when in 2010 the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Moskonversprom" Valery Morozov accused officials of the Office of Presidential Affairs of bribery and corruption in connection with the "Harwinter". This Morozov, resident in London, said in an interview with the British edition of «The Sunday Times» (original material; Russian translation).

In particular, Morozov said that he had to pay "kickbacks" for the tender for the reconstruction of housing "Seaside" resort "Sochi", in which the government delegation will stay during the Olympics.

Valery Morozov, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Moskonversprom"

According to Morozov, after receiving a contract from him demanded a rollback in the amount of 12% of the contract amount of 1.5 billion rubles. As I told Morozov, a bribe from him demanded the deputy head of the Capital Construction UDP Vladimir Leshchevsky.

As a "hushed up" criminal case

In August 2010, the official was dismissed from the UDP because of the suspicion of bribery because he became involved in the case.

He was suspected of taking bribes totaling 180 million rubles. by businessman Valery Morozov for helping his company to obtain the right to participate in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. But in June 2012. The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has stopped the investigation loud criminal case against Leshchevsky as "the actions Leshchevsky was not lord of a crime."

In opposition circles in these conclusions do not believe. According to rumors, "otmazatsya from article" Vladimir Leshchevsky allegedly could the ex-head of the UDP Vladimir Kozhin through the then first deputy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Economic Security (DES) Andrei Horev, previously featured in a series of scandals related to "reshalschikami" and raiders.


To better understand the relationship Morozov and Leshchevsky, you need to remember the background of "Sochi construction projects." Recall that the "Moskonversprom" was the general contractor for the reconstruction of housing "Seaside", "Sochi" sanatorium. In 2006 the company signed a government contract with the Office of Presidential Affairs in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles. The contract provided for subsequent indexing to inflation.

In 2009, "Moskonversprom" addressed to the Directorate for the construction and reconstruction of federal authorities with a request for indexing. However, the plans of the head of "Moskonversproma" did not come true, because he had a conflict with Leshchevsky.

It is because of this conflict, property administration has decided to hold a new tender for the contract work for the completion of reconstruction. "Moskonversprom" the competition was not allowed.

As a result, the agency signed a contract with FSUE "Construction Association UDP RF" worth about 2 billion rubles. This amount is 800 million higher than the one that "Moskonversprom" wanted to get on the end of construction.

As it turned out, the contract provides for the allocation of funds for many previously made "Moskonverspromom 'work: for example, an analysis and construction of new sea walls, for the replacement of the soil, for laying of roads, dismantling construction of retaining walls foundations. But why should the state pay twice for the same work? Experts believe that the payment has already performed the work, all the money allocated could be easily sawed.

After removal from the contract "Moskonversproma" and his conclusion with FSUE "Construction Association UDP RF" is a state enterprise has entered into a subcontract with "Harwinter" LLC. By the way, earlier UDP officials repeatedly advised Morozov cooperate with this company.

Communication with Leshchevsky "Harwinter"

Now it is necessary to analyze the relationship Leshchevsky with "Harwinter". So, the general director of LLC "Harwinter" is Slobodan Obradovic, and the founders of the company, according to the register, are Russian Anastasia Kruglyakova citizen of Serbia Parliament Malbasha. It turns out that Popovich controls Ltd. "Harwinter" by Obradovic and Malbasha.

Interestingly, the son of ex-deputy head of the Capital Construction UDP Vladimir Vladimirovich Leshchevsky previously worked for a construction company LLC "ABS Construction" within the holding company "Russian electronics" ( "RUSEL"), which controls all the same Nerad Popovich.

Contact ex-official and UDP Leshchevsky Serbian politician merchant Popovich. Diagram taken from the site "" with reference to "Novaya Gazeta"

Recall that Vladimir Leshchevsky in the early 2000s, he worked in the insurance company "Malachite" and structures "Glavmosstroy", then around 2002 he moved to the Office of Presidential Affairs. Prior to his appointment to public office was a co-founder Leshchevsky realtor company LLC "Investment project" together with firm «Ekstrastroy" registered in Troitsk. One hundred percent owner of the company was the wife of Vladimir Leshchevsky - Lydia Leshchevsky and CEO of his son - Vladimir Leshchevsky.

But after Leshchevsky Sr. moved to the UDP, Leshchevsky Jr. began working for Popovich in LLC "ABS Construction".

Collective responsibility

According to experts, the former deputy head of the Capital Construction UDP Vladimir Leshchevsky lobbied the interests of the firm, as the "real" owner of the structure (at Nerad Popovic - Ed.) Worked as his son - Vladimir Leshchevsky Jr.

As it turned out, the company OOO "Harwinter" was a subcontractor (sometimes it became a contractor). In this case the UDP is actually paying twice the same work (which were performed predecessor "Harwinter" LLC). Thus, the ordinary mechanism was "cut" the budget.

In addition, officials UDP occasionally extorted money from contractors and advised them to take it to the sub-contractors of "Harwinter" whose prices were higher than those of other companies operating in the same market segment. Due to this "overestimation" could "be" money for "kickbacks", which allegedly meant for UDP leadership.

According to experts, Vladimir Leshchevsky could "fronting" the former head of the UDP Kozhin. It is possible that he could be the final recipient of the "kickbacks" in the UDP. At one time, when Leshchevsky was under investigation, he "did not pass" siloviki head of UDP, and, apparently, for it helped him with the "collapse" of the criminal case.

"Roof" by Kozhin

In the media there is evidence that after the resignation of the UDP Leshchevsky assumed his duties as Deputy Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate for construction and reconstruction of federal government agencies" UDP (FSUE JEM). In fact, despite a huge corruption scandal, Kozhin Leshchevsky retained in the structure of the department.

Recall that JEM - this is an important structure in the UDP system: FSUE is the customer on many objects belonging to the UDP, it is involved in the reconstruction of federal government agencies (the building number 14 of the Moscow Kremlin, the Government House, the State Duma), pass through the state contracts for tens of billion rubles.

Vladimir Kozhin, the former head of the UDP

In February 2015, officers of the Fund to combat corruption wrote that the first deputy director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate for construction and reconstruction of federal government agencies," Vladimir Leshchevsky is a neighbor of the son of Vladimir Kozhin on apartments in the elite St. Petersburg residential complex Diadema Club House at the Constantine prospect, 23 .

Bloggers wrote that the son Kozhin (Chairman of the Board "Roskommunenergo" Igor Kozhin) had to pay about 220 million rubles and buy 447 sq.m. luxury real estate. Interestingly, Kozhin Jr. from his own pocket to pay the money, or is it Vladimir Leshchevsky shared "back" with his father?

According to experts, being in the position of first deputy head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise JEM, which acts as the customer works in the building number 14 of the Moscow Kremlin, Vladimir Leshchevsky might well lobby for the interests of the negligent Popovich. Perhaps precisely because of this lobby in 2014 contractor "Kremlin project" instead of "Inzhtransstroya" was sold to OOO "Harwinter".

By the way, according to the official website of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise JEM March 28, 2016, Vladimir Leshchevsky is not listed among the deputy heads of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise. It appears that the new Chancellor of the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Kolpakov, who received the post May 12, 2014, dismissed Mr. Leshchevsky of FSUE JEM.

It is obvious that after the departure of Vladimir Kozhin of UDP Leshchevsky left without a "roof". Moreover, the new head of the UDP Kolpakov, who is a native of the KGB and the Federal Service of the Russian Federation, protection, clearly will not "cover" Leshchevsky.

So now that investigators can bring against him a new case on suspicion of "kickbacks" from obtaining leadership "Harwinter" LLC. It seems that this time the "otmazyvat" the ex-official will be no one, but rather a comfortable chair head of state organization, Vladimir Leshchevsky appear soon waiting prison bunks.

"Kozhinskie scandals"

By the way, to the very Kozhin at the security forces was also a lot of claims. For example, he was suspected of involvement in the raider seizure of the shopping center "Tver passage". In any case, as stated by the Chairman of the Board of LLC "Pyramid 2000" (shopping center tenant spaces) Vladislav Vasnev, initially about 30 armed men entered the territory of the shopping center "Tver passage". Even then building "Tver passage" shopping center came under the control of property administration of President. The company "Pyramid 2000" tried to sue the Manager of the president, but soon had to give up this claim. Rumor on the management of "Pyramid 2000" simply "pressured" influential officials of the UDP.

In 2006, prosecutors opened a case on the elimination of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation unique complex of the Middle Trading Rows in the buffer zone of UNESCO on the Red Square in Moscow. Then the case was closed. Rumor has it that he was "hushed up" in the interests Kozhin.

Incidentally, the "land issue" - is generally a "favorite topic" former head of the UDP. For example, the media said that in 2009 Kozhin has acquired 77,100 square meters. . M of land on the picturesque bank of the Moskva River, 25 km from the capital at a price of $ 50 per hundred square meters (despite the fact that the real value of weave in this area - from 50 million dollars).

Plot of land on the banks of the Moscow River adjacent to the residences of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, Mr. Kozhin cost in 2009 "just something" to 1,080,786 rubles. Rumor has it that the land was obtained as a result of questionable real estate fraud.

Kozhin be suspected in other frauds. Take, for example, the scandalous deal on the purchase of official UDP prestigious townhouse on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Sam scandal began when it became clear that officials decided to buy these houses from the budget of 6.5 billion rubles. from a little-known developer and non-competitive. Then Kozhin suspected in the presence of "backroom deals" with the developer.

Also do not forget about the relationship with Vladimir Kozhin notorious Fund "Federation", through which, according to the bloggers can be a "shadow of Finance concluded."

Currently Kozhin is assistant to the president of the Russian Federation, which gives it some protection to the investigation. But to protect their former subordinates, he will not be able. So, most likely, will soon come for Leshchevsky security forces. Although, perhaps, they have visited and the most Kozhin.