Andrew Moores, in November 2013, was elected chairman of the board of JSC FGC, he defended the right to separate from "Rosset" treasury.

In 2015 80.13% of the shares of PJSC "FGC UES" JSC are in "Rossetti" held by the parent company. Another 0.59% of the shares owned by Federal Property Management Agency. The remaining 19.28% of shares - minority shareholders.

How is it that a subsidiary of the parent indicates? The fact that the father of Andrew Murowa - the head of the FSO General Eugene Moores, has a huge influence. In particular, Vladimir Putin. This was well known to Mr. Budargin.

Experts say that Budargin simply "struhnul".

By the way, the decision was taken on April 5 at a meeting on the electricity from President Vladimir Putin. It looks like Dad-General personally, went to the office of Vladimir Vladimirovich.


Mr. Moores will now be able to pay themselves dividends. It is worth to mention the amount of 847 million rubles. That's how much the dividend paid on the basis of FGC 2014 "Rosset".

Since 2016 the money will remain in Murowa.

At the moment, "Rossetti" in the Board of Directors of FGC are two people - the general director Oleg Budargin and board member Andrei Demin. In turn, the Board of Directors of FGC "Rosset" one member - predpravleniya Andrew Moores.

Out of control

Recently, there was another coming out of corporate ethics rules case. FGC will this month to sue "Lenenergo" because of the debt of about 3.5 billion rubles. "Lenenergo", also belongs to the "Rosset".

The lawsuit was filed because of the fact that the alleged "Lenenergo" because undershoot their tariffs in recent years, which sets the city regulator, could not pay FGC UES, which is the cost of services is approved on the federal level. It turns out, CSF should make a complaint to the Government of St. Petersburg.


Oleg Budargin chapter "Rosset"

Despite the fact that the Smolny does not remove the responsibility and promise to compensate for lost income "Lenenergo" of 22 billion rubles in 2020, FGC actually wants to bankrupt "Lenenergo".

Corruption in "Lenenergo", known to many. The situation began to spin out of control and revision commission "Rosset" in early December last year, too, appreciated the work of "Lenenergo" managers as "unsatisfactory", and then the head of "Rossetti" Oleg Budargin said that the change of the top management of the company - it is his principled position.

In other words, we decided to clean up the "affairs" in "Lenenergo" and it looks like to advertise, or to bring to the investigation of the activities of the company from shareholders nobody wanted. It is worth recalling that Budargin led FGC ( "Rosset" predecessor) from 2011 to 2013. During this time, the volume of financial irregularities in the CSF totaled 900 million rubles. As a result, Budargin put "Lenenergo" under his personal control. And at the same time the company "attacked" Moores junior.


Andrew Moores, the head of FGC

By the way, "Russian network" led by Oleg Budargin offered retail companies (ESCOs) to restructure more than 130 billion rubles. debt for electricity. But make FGC write off the debt "Lenenergo" Budargin can not or does not want to!


Eugene Moores, director of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation, protection

But debt relief looks at "Rosset" doubtful. Allegedly, at the beginning of the year the total debt to the grid companies amounted to 137 billion rubles., To guaranteeing suppliers accounted for 97 billion rubles., Cited figures representative of "Rossetti"!

"I got cold feet"

The details of the biography of Eugene Murowa virtually no information. It is known that in his youth he was engaged in boxing, a sport achievements and level. A few years Moores was the head of the Board of Trustees of the Boxing Federation of Russia. June 27, 2007 was elected President of the Boxing Federation of Russia. But most importantly, from the Soviet era Moores Sr. familiar with Vladimir Putin, opening for the head of the FSO and his son great career prospects.

Recall, in 2013 Moores Jr. led the FGC. In the same year, Putin unexpectedly ordered to deal with corruption in the energy sector. Some time later, there was information that the Budargin could become a suspect in a criminal case - it can soon be opened in the Tyumen region!

Then the Prosecutor of the Tyumen region revealed serious violations of the law during the construction of JSC "FGC UES" large objects energy systems immediately 5 regions of the Urals Federal District - high-voltage line "Kurgan-Ishim" ( "Dawn") with the reconstruction of 500 kV Substation "Kurgan".

Construction is carried out without a permit, furthermore, the actions of the contractor FGC UES caused damage to the state in connection with the erection of an object without documents on agricultural land. As a result, predpravleniya FGC Oleg Budargin was made public prosecutor's submission.

Then Budargin "had passed." But since Budargin is in the informal submission Murowa Jr. - "step left, step right - shot".

There is something to the trailer

It is worth recalling that Budargin led FGC ( "Rosset" predecessor) from 2011 to 2013. During this time, the volume of financial irregularities in the CSF totaled 900 million rubles. It is for this assessment came the staff of the Presidential Control Management. Moreover, 72% of FGC unrealized construction throughout "Rosset" structure.

Corruption and theft are characteristic of almost all structures of "Rossetti". Here it is worth remembering the corruption scandal in the Chelyabinsk branch of JSC "IDGC of Urals" (controlled by PJSC "Rossetti").

As it turned out, that the representatives of the contractors told the public that "Chelyabenergo" for several years now thrive "kickbacks and cuts", and according to market participants, "from state-owned companies during this time could be withdrawn hundreds of millions of rubles."

It should be noted that "Rossetti" are actually anti-social activities, undermining the economy of entire regions!

Thus, in December 2015 under control "Rosset" IDGC demanded 24 billion rubles in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Such a sum can deliver the verge of bankruptcy region. The Company estimates the amount of such supposedly for lost tariff revenues in 2010-2013, when the regulator considered the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant of its client. Note IDGC of Siberia owns distribution networks in the Siberian Federal District, is controlled by, "Rosset" (55.6%). Loss for the first six months of 2015 amounted to 1.3 billion rubles. against a profit of 1.28 billion rubles. in 2014.

Structures "Rosset" actually got hold of "EnergoTrest" OOO (Tver), have been subjected to unlawful criminal prosecution, initiated by PJSC "IDGC of Center". And because of the claims of PJSC "IDGC of Center" heads of "EnergoTrest" Potekhin, Shadrin and Konchenko were arrested and put in jail, where the second year.

As media reports, the attack on the "EnergoTrest" allegedly stands PJSC "Russian network", which is headed by Mr. Budargin.

Budargin actually is "on a leash" at Murowa Jr. enjoying ties his dad. Hence, a separate treasury in a structure that "Rosset" fully controlled. Informed sources say that the head of FGC will try to destabilize "Russian network", and then throw off the post Budargin.