The son of the Minister of Interior is preparing to fill the Forbes list
At the end of 2015, the Moscow authorities have played 63 lots on the 211 service routes in the new model of passenger transportation (see. Incision "big bus"). Won eight companies - "Spare" Taxi park number 20, "Gepart", "Alpha grant", transport company (TC) "Rico", "Gortaksi", "Avtokarz" and "Trans-wei." All winners of the auctions have experience in passenger traffic, said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov, they account for more than 70% of the road transport market, running a private business. Total private carriers on the market for more than 60, together they serve 30% of passengers and 70% - "Mosgortrans". With the transition to the new model, this proportion will not change, I'm sure Liksutov.

According to city authorities, the share of the 10 largest Moscow trucking companies account for almost 80% of passenger traffic, including 50% - in the "Spare". "Spare", who won the 128 routes, maintain market share, hoping its board of directors chairman Sergei Moiseyev. Another market participant would be the taxi park number 20, won 34 of the route; on city routes, the company operates since 1998

For the top three can be attributed to two companies with the same owner - "Alpha grant" and TC "Rico": the first won the 12 routes, the second - nine. They belong to two, according to "SPARK-Interfax", one man - Michael Naugolnykh. General Director of "Alfa grant" "SPARK-Interfax" Mark Rakhmanina calls while operating general director of OOO "M Burger Street", 50% owned by the son of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva Alexander. At Alexander Kolokoltseva versatile business interests, previously told numerous interlocutors from the construction and restaurant business to telecommunications and the development of websites and applications for mobile operators. The largest business partner in which it is - a development group "Stink" with assets of approximately $ 500 million.

Rahmanin said that the company "M Burger Street" led at the request of friends, and to the business of passenger transportation Kolokoltsov to do. Find contacts Kolokoltseva failed.

"Alpha grant" work, according to "SPARK-Interfax", since 2009 and now serves three of the route on which buses are small capacity. "In total, our fleet of about 260 buses running on different directions and to order, - says Rachmaninoff. - In addition, at our disposal, vans and trucks, we provide for hire. "

TC "Rico" was registered in 2011 and in transportation, according to the data of "SPARK-Interfax" has not yet been dealt with.

Major carriers "Trans-wei," which now has 27 routes, has remained at the auction with only one. Many private carriers do not come up for sale - the conditions were unfavorable, says the president of the Moscow Transport Union Yury Sveshnikov, "The cost of gasoline for five years laid down at the level of 34 rubles / liter, for this price you do not buy it anywhere.. Annual inflation lies approximately 4.2%, while it reached 13% last year; underestimated the cost of Casco, CTP. "

This opinion is not shared by all. "Trades are open, everyone took part in them. We expect that all of our routes will be profitable, "- says Moses of" Autoline ". According Liksutova, the organizers of the auction came from the fact that the profitability of carriers should be 5-10% of the contract price. Initially pawned margin of 10%, says Rachmaninoff, but "Alpha grant" expects to increase the profitability of the project, placing advertising on transport.

The entire market of private transport, according to the Moscow authorities, is about 14 billion rubles. The reform will increase the number of seats by 30% in land transport, promises Liksutov: stand on routes more spacious buses, will increase the number of buses on the route, shortened intervals between them, there will be more stops.
More buses

Now the city pays nothing private carriers (from the Moscow budget is subsidized only operations of SUE "Mosgortrans"), but does not regulate their rates. Since mid-June 2016 all carriers will move to a new model work. Private carriers serving city routes, due monthly reimbursement of the costs: for example, lease payments, fuel costs and payments actually made flights. Instead, the carrier sends all proceeds from the sale of municipal tariff menu tickets, in the capital budget. At the launch of the new model of the Moscow budget to 2020 it is planned to allocate more than 52 billion rubles. Each bus must be facilities "Glonass", according to the testimony which the system will automatically calculate the monthly, how many kilometers carriers naezdili route. 30% of earnings carriers will depend on the number of passengers, 70% of the amount to pay for transportation themselves.