Alexander Mahoney, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
North West Management Inc (British Virgin Islands, BVI), New Media Platform Management Inc (BVI), Telesmart Invest Management Inc (BVI), Nemo Group Ltd (BVI), Blue Oceans Premier Management Ltd (BVI).
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from May 2012 to Alexander Mahonovu owned 50% in Nortwest Management. This company has played the role of "first matryoshka" in an extensive offshore network to which the rest of the above companies have been hidden away.
What is wrong here?
According to the law "On Combating Corruption" Alexander Mahonovu prohibited from engaging in business activities, as well as owning foreign financial instruments, including stocks. It is necessary to make a reservation: a law banning foreign assets came into force in 2013, and Mahon became a shareholder of the offshore company the year before, but at the base of MF data there is indirect evidence that, when he was an employee of the Interior Ministry, Mahon, apparently remained a co-owner company.
Alexander Mahone joined the Ministry of the Interior in November 2012 for the post of Head of Department of Information Technology, Communication and Information Protection. Prior to that, he headed the state company "Electronic Moscow", which was created by the Government of Moscow for the development of IT-technologies and information infrastructure in the capital. And in 2015, Mahony was promoted to President Putin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Mahonova today can be considered the main "inspector" of the Ministry of morals and ethics: it is, for example, leads the Attestation Commission of Internal Affairs, as well as the Commission to comply with the requirements for official conduct of employees of the central apparatus of the Ministry.
And a few months before joining the Ministry of Interior, in May 2012, Mahoney with his partner Dmitry Karjakin created in the Virgin Islands company Nortwest Management Inc, which became the parent structure for complicated and diversified offshore network. Unravel this network, we found an interesting business that develops around the world, from London - to Riga and Moscow.
A long chain of offshore companies owned by Alexander Mahonovu stake in London-based firm - Nemo Telecom; it manages its partner Dmitry Karjakin. Nemo Telecom is developing a project of digital Nemo TV Internet TV.
Nastya Grigoryeva, especially for "Novaya Gazeta"
Nemo TV began to develop in 2012, the same year as Alexander Mahone became a shareholder of the offshore company Nortwest Management Inc, - the parent for this project. Nemo TV service available today on Smart TV platforms, as well as Android and iOS devices in 12 countries around the world, and its audience exceeds 800 thousand people.
The rapid and successful development of the project and contributed to the large-scale joint marketing campaign with one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances - Samsung, which offers its Smart TVs with a free three-month subscription to the basic package Nemo TV, which included 100 channels. (Total Nemo TV offers over 170 channels, 5,000 video library films and television archives and the world premiere of TV series.) In addition to Samsung recently this service you can use in TVs LG Smart TV.
At Nemo TV website states that service users are the Latvian branch of the London-based Nemo Telecom, and the receipt of payments from subscribers is carried out with the assistance of an agent - the Russian company "Digital Commerce". The beneficiary of this company (through a Russian and four offshore structures) - all the same Nortwest Management from the Virgin Islands, which, according to the documents, in 2012, 50% controlled by the current Deputy Minister of Interior Alexander Mahone.
And the Latvian branch Nemo Telecom, and Russian "Digital Commerce" are also agents in the subscription and receipt of payments from viewers of the popular online cinema Amediateka. In an interview with RBC + one of the founders of Nemo TV Matthew Otroshenko he said Amediateka embedded in Nemo TV platform, which allows users to provide their services exclusively to Russia Hollywood sitcoms and movies.
The popular online cinema "Amediateka" / screenshot of the main page
By Nemo TV service can also connect through a special set-top Nemo Box HD, through which customers can get exclusive content on any TV. Distribution of these devices in Russia is engaged in the company "H Trading". Its final owner - all the same company Mahonova Nortwest Management.
The first investment in Nemo TV project is evaluated by its developers at $ 20 million. Some transactions to raise funds on the development of the service can be tracked in a database and MF. For example, in 2013 the company New Media Platform Management Same "offshore network" received a loan of EUR 7 million from another company to Virgin Islands - Corkhill Investments Ltd. "Novaya Gazeta" was unable to clarify what the investor behind this offshore. In recognition of the same Otroshenko, last year their company had planned to start the second round of investment to attract another $ 30 million into the project.
The document appears to be established August 13, 2013, and it Alexander Mahone is still listed as the owner of 50% stake in an offshore company. While Mahoney has served in the Ministry of Interior
Since May 2012, ie since the Nortwest Management registration, we could not find in the database MF documents on change of ownership of the company. Indirectly, this suggests that Alexander Mahone still can be one of the Nemo TV owners. (Usually, if the owners of the client companies MF changed, then this information is reflected in the database.) This is indicated by another indirect sign. In the documents there is a screenshot from a database of registered agent, who made one of the company's employees. This screenshot - extract from the register of directors and shareholders Nortwest Management Company. The document appears to be established August 13, 2013, and it Alexander Mahone is still listed as the owner of 50% stake in an offshore company. While Mahoney has served in the Ministry of Interior.
However, the Ministry of "Novaya Gazeta" explained that at the time of Mahonova the civil service, he "had no relationship to the economic activities of offshore companies." In its declarations as no foreign offshore companies. "Violation of order of declaration" by Mahonova "competent authorities is not established", told us in the ministry.