Victor Zvagel'skii, a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia"

Bariton Consultants LTD (BVI), Delcroft Real Estates Inc (Panama).

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With the company Bariton Consultants Victor Zvagel'skii associated with 2007, when his name was discharged Power of Attorney. But two years later, in 2009, it became apparent that the deputy - and the ultimate beneficiary of offshore company: it has signed an agreement to transfer its shares in trust management. The basis of MF have a letter of guarantee by 2014 that the agreement has not yet been terminated. According to the documents, a Panamanian company owned Delcroft Real Estate Zvagel'skii deputy from 2011. What is happening now on, it is not known, but according to the Panamanian registry, it is still not eliminated.

What is wrong here?

Zvagel'skii deputy had to stop trust foreign financial instruments, three months after the entry into force of the law prohibiting foreign assets. Moreover, the power of attorney from the company Bariton Consultants in 2007 endowed the deputy extensive list of powers: Zvagel'skii could on behalf of the offshore company to conduct any negotiations, to sign documents on any transactions to acquire assets in any part of the world, to open bank accounts to receive funds, manage the property company. All of these actions, by the assumption of the respondents 'Novaya Gazeta' experts, can be attributed to alleged business activities, which Zvagel'skii banned from the law "On status of deputy."

The MP confirmed the "Novaya Gazeta", which has been associated with the company Bariton Consultants and his name was actually discharged Power of Attorney. But according Zvagel'skii, he never signed any documents on behalf of the company. "It was acquired in 2006 or in 2007, for a specific project. There was a foreign partner, who offered us to buy land in the Odintsovo district. This was his condition that we act in a foreign jurisdiction. At that time, it was completely legal. " On assurance Zvagel'skii, he has taken all the necessary steps to withdraw from the members of the company in December 2012.

However, according to the documents of the registration agent, in 2014 the mediator who conducted the case on behalf of Zvagelkogo, argued that the recent beneficiaries have not changed.

As for the second company of the MF database, Panama Delcroft Real Estates, then, Zvagel'skii said he knows nothing about it, "I specifically searched through all the documents, nothing about Delcroft Real Estates not found." At the same time Zvagel'skii confirmed that he is familiar Alexander Mayorov, who in documents called the second owner of the Panamanian company.

Victor Zvagel'skii came to the State Duma of the business: its commercial interests were linked to the beverage industry, which he now governs as an MP.

Declared income Zvagel'skii small - about 4 million rubles a year (the exception was the 2011-th, when he suddenly gained more than 17 million rubles).

In 2011, the company name Zvagel'skii Bariton Consultants opened an account in a Swiss bank Julius Baer. The main activity of the company said the asset management in Russia.


Michael Slipenchuk, a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia"

EuroImpex Group Corp. (BVI).

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The company's shares are decorated to a citizen of Seychelles Jean Kilindo. But the woman from faraway islands hiding the real beneficiary of the company: in 2013 and in 2015 in the course of internal audits in MF was found out that he was a Russian State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk.

What is wrong here?

In May 2013, entered into force a number of anti-corruption laws, which the deputies and civil servants prohibited from owning foreign financial instruments, including shares in offshore companies. Politicians were three months out to get rid of foreign assets or, as in the case of Slipenchuk, terminate the trust management of the property. Otherwise, they would have to resign - Slipenchuk, according to MF documents did neither the one nor the other. However, in comments the "New" MP himself claims to have sold its stake in the company back in 2007.

Michael Slipenchuk in anti-corruption declarations, does not hide his large fortune: officially it - one of the richest State Duma deputies. Before entering politics in 2011 Slipenchuk was known primarily as the principal owner of the investment group "Metropol". In 2015 Slipenchuk took 148 th place in the list of the richest Russians on the Russian version of Forbes.

The MP confirmed the "New", which was related to the company EuroImpex: «I had owned a small stake solely for investment purposes, which was sold in 2007". However, according to the documents, in MF we were sure Slipenchuk was the sole beneficiary of the company and remained as such until 2015. The MP told us he did not know what he did this offshore.

EuroImpex Group Company was incorporated back in 2000. Since 2003 it belongs to the Russian brokerage company "Gambit Securities BC".

Slipenchuk have had three months to stop the asset management of foreign assets or to resign
In 2004, "Gambit Securities BC" mentioned in connection with the scandalous privatization "Horizon-RT" - the former monopolist in the market of cellular communication of Yakutia. In April 2004, the republic's government sold 24% of the operator for 24 thousand rubles (at face value) to anyone not well-known company from St. Petersburg. At the same time, judging by the subsequent transactions, the market value of this package would be about 380 million rubles. A few months after the privatization of the same 24% in the hands of the two new owners - the director of "Horizon-RT" Basil Vahrameeva and "Gambit-Securities BC" Slipenchuk. They divided the package in half - to each according to 12%. In November 2004, the company Slipenchuk received 3.6 million rubles of dividends from the "Horizon-RT"; while at the general shareholders' meeting as a representative of "Gambit-Securities BC" I played all the same Vakhrameev.

To further Slipenchuk company and Basil Vakhrameev sold their stakes - is unknown. But 24% in 2005, eventually went to MTS for $ 13.5 million (380 million rubles).

In 2008 Vakhrameev was convicted of fraud and money laundering in connection with the illegal privatization "Horizon-RT". He was sentenced to six years in prison.

Slipenchuk told "Novaya Gazeta", that transactions with "Horizon-RT" he did not know and with Basil Vakhrameev he is not familiar. He added that the company does not control "Gambit-Securities BC".


Geremeev Suleiman, a member of the Federation Council of the Chechen Republic in 2010

Grant Pacific Corporation (BVI).

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Since 2004, the name was discharged Geremeeva general power of attorney, which allowed him to act on behalf of the company until 2006.

What is wrong here?

About "dosenatorskom" last Geremeeva not much is known. At that time, when he became the owner of the offshore company, Geremeev not held any high office, and, apparently, the number of Ramzan Kadyrov's assistant to work with the security forces. Therefore, violation of the law here. However, shares of ownership in a Caribbean island companies not quite correlate with numerous warnings the president of the Chechen Republic of the Western intelligence agencies trying to ruin Russia, but it is, for example, can explain the prescription of the events 10 years ago, when Geremeev received authorization from offshore, our country has I have not been in the ring "Western enemies" ..

Suleiman Geremeev - one of the oldest and close associates of Kadyrov. Recommending it to the senator in 2009, President of the Chechen Republic Geremeeva called his "assistant": "He worked my assistant, solved the problem of interaction with representatives of the federal agencies in Moscow." At the same time, the senator's name was repeatedly mentioned in connection with the scandals, including murder. Senator appeared as a witness in the murder of a former colleague Ramzan Kadyrov - Ruslan Yamadayev. Gone in opposition to Kadyrov, former Grozny Mayor Beslan Gantamirov told "Novaya Gazeta" that in 2006, arrived in Moscow several groups of Chechen security forces to carry out specific tasks. One such group, led by Suleiman Geremeevym was detained in Moscow by the police. In the trunk of the car they found a sniper rifle and other "killer weapon." But soon all the detainees were released. And in the same 2006 he was killed Movladi Baisarov (former guard Akhmad Kadyrov) and journalist of "Novaya Gazeta" Anna Politkovskaya.

Finally, Geremeeva name is mentioned in the criminal case of the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. Senator Geremeev - Uncle Ruslan Geremeeva, an officer of the "North" of the battalion, who is considered by the Executive Nemtsov murder.

Offshore Company, which was related to the Geremeev, owns a factory in Russia Maloyaroslaveckij dry mixes. It was launched in early 2005 and released plaster, putty, and tile adhesives, screeds Sompomix brand. Now the factory is in the process of liquidation.

Senator Geremeev the request of "Novaya Gazeta" is not answered.


Alexander Babakov, a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia"

AED International Limited (British Virgin Islands).

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from April 2007 to September 2011, Alexander Babakov, at that time already a State Duma deputy, owned 100% shares of the company. In September 2011, the company passed to his 23-year-old daughter.

What is wrong here?

In 2011, MP participated in the next elections to the State Duma and the election had to submit a declaration in which the information about the actions open to all voters. About a month earlier, in September 2011, the company moved Babakov in favor of his daughter, which at that time only 23 years old.

Officially, Alexander Babakov - one of the poorest of the State Duma deputies. According to the annual declarations, in 2014, he earned 4 million rubles (latest available data), and before that lived and did 2 million rubles a year. In their declarations, Alexander Babakov, year after year says it has no apartment, no vehicles. Rather poor, according to official figures, and his wife. However, documents from MF data base, as well as other official registries say that the family of the deputy Babakov were foreign companies and foreign luxury real estate.

Thanks to the documents of the AED International we have even more reason to believe that the deputy Babakov and his longtime business partner, Yevgeny Giner may be the ultimate owners of large holding VS Energy. This company managing energy assets in Ukraine, as well as expensive real estate (such as the Kiev hotel "Premier Palace"), the media has long been associated with Giner and Babakov. However, official confirmation of this was not.

Officially Babakov - one of the poorest of the State Duma deputies. However, the documents indicate that the family had been a deputy and foreign companies and foreign luxury property
From the MF database shows that since 2010 the director of AED International - V.D. Nominees. The firm provides its clients with services of nominee directors and shareholders. On behalf of the company owned by Babakov, things are citizens of Latvia Vilis Dambins and Valts Vigans. These same people, according to the Ukrainian registry of legal entities, appear among the four final owners of the company VS Energy. Most likely - the nominal owners, followed by hiding the true beneficiaries. In 2015, the Ukrainian authorities have started an investigation into the VS Energy, on suspicion of tax evasion. Investigators also do not believe that real co-owners of companies - residents of Latvia, as indicated in the register of legal entities. In court documents it said on beneficiaries - two citizens of Russia, but did not name them.

Babakov confirmed the "Novaya Gazeta" his relationship with the company, "AED International was registered in my name, in accordance with the laws of the British Virgin Islands without me my partner is still business. Office of the company, I was not engaged, on its activities did not take decisions. "

In September of 2011 Babakov transferred 100% of shares of AED International in favor of her daughter Olga, which at that time only 23 years old. Interestingly, as his address, he pointed Olga Babakova apartment in London. This apartment of 100 square meters. m. with two bedrooms located in the chic Knightsbridge district, a stone's throw from Hyde Park. However, this property does not belong to the family of Babakov - it is owned by a realty company. In 2010 it was exhibited for the rental and cost nearly 5 thousand. Pounds (230 thousand. Rubles) a month, more than the official monthly income Babakov deputy for the year.

Alexander Babakov in the comments, "Novaya Gazeta" said his daughter at the time was an adult. "My daughter Olga has long reached the age of majority and got out of parental care. The apartment, provided in your appeal, I do not rent or pay. "

We add that, according to the French government registries, deputy Babakov family owned a luxurious estate near the former residence of French kings - Versailles, as well as an apartment in Paris near the Eiffel Tower (about 2013 Fund informed the fight against corruption).