Dmitry Peskov, deputy head of the presidential administration, Vladimir Putin's press secretary

Carina Global Assets Ltd (British Virgin Islands).

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According to documents the MF, with the inception of the company in 2014, it was Tatiana Navka beneficiary, the current wife of Dmitry Peskov.

What is wrong here?

Spouses Dmitry Peskov level officials of the law expressly prohibits the use of foreign financial instruments, including offshore companies. But due to the fact that the exact date of the wedding and Peskov Navki is unknown, we were not able to clarify whether the President had the press-secretary of the offshore rid of his wife within three months after the official marriage, or did it later.

The company Carina Global Assets was established in January 2014 and formalized on nominee shareholders and directors. But in the application for registration of offshore companies has been specified and the beneficial owner - Tatiana Navka, "a professional skater." The application of the passport photograph was attached Navki. It was also pointed out that Carina Global Assets going to manage assets worth more than $ 1 million. "The company will be engaged in the purchase of investment assets for the benefit of the beneficiary," - the document says the main activities offshore.

At the time of registration in offshore Navki sand we have had a close relationship: their daughter was born in August, 2014.

Media and wedding Peskov Navki held a year later, in August 2015. However, over the ceremony Peskov daughter, Elizabeth, in an interview with "Rain" said "that the wedding, which know all the people in the formal sense - of this question could not be." She added: "Everything that is seen all the people, it was just another holiday, another reason for a great celebration ... He (Sands - Ed.). I said so." According to the "Companion", the official wedding ceremony at the registry office was held in June 2015.

If so, then after marriage Dmitry Peskov followed for three months to get rid of either offshore or his wife, or from the office. Therefore, if the president's press secretary Tatyana Navka married to August 2015, the sand in the period put the law did not have time to meet: Carina Global Assets company was liquidated in November last year.

In a conversation with "Novaya Gazeta" Tatiana Navka said: "I have never had any offshore companies or accounts. In general, no foreign companies have not been. " To our question, is it possible that someone took advantage of documents (passport photos, and payment system for the apartment) without her knowledge, Tatiana said, "I do not know who could have done it. Yes, I would most like to figure it out. "

In the available base of offshore Peskov - no. At our request he has not replied. Although in general the press secretary of the President to the offshore business, it seems, it is negative. A few years ago, talking about offshore affiliated with state-owned companies, Peskov said: "In general, it is extremely korruptsinogenno. Although direct evidence of violations in this, but obviously, these schemes are used to withdraw the funds. "


Alexei Ulyukayev, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia

Ronnieville Ltd (British Virgin Islands, BVI).

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Director of the company was the son Ulyukayev - Dmitry. He subsequently handed over power Yulia Hryapinoy - presumably his wife minister of economic development.

What is wrong here?

Ronnieville operated from November 2004 to May 2009. All this time, Alexei Ulyukayev was the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank (CB). Formal breaches of the law is that his son led the offshore company then not, but attention is drawn to a curious detail: Ulyukayev Jr. at the time was only 21 years old.

Ronnieville company was established in the British Virgin Islands in November 2004 - seven months after Alexei Ulyukayev has ceased to be Deputy Minister of Finance and joined the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank. The shareholder structure of the offshore company was rated, and the director's son Ulyukayev, Dmitry, who had already engaged in business in Russia, for example, he was co-owner of Moscow company "Yurusstroy" (architecture and engineering).

In 2006, the director at offshore Ronnieville changed: instead Dmitry they became a kind of 23-year-old Julia Hryapina. Hryapina stayed director until its liquidation in May 2009. In the media her name had not occurred, however, examining the sources available to us, we can assume that it probably belongs to the wife of Alexei Ulyukayev. This is supported by several facts.

Firstly, it is known that Alexei Ulyukayev young wife and two small children. Her name was not called, but the web has pictures of happy parents with a baby in her arms. The basis of MF data is a copy of the passport director Julia Hryapinoy offshore. Considering that among these images took many years, we can not say that to them - one and the same person, but there are similarities.

Secondly, the place of birth in the passport contains Hryapinoy Crimean region of the USSR. And in the recent anti-corruption declarations born and has always lived in Moscow, Ulyukayev are five plots of land and two houses in the Crimea. And they are written just for her husband.

And, thirdly, according to the website of the Institute for Economic Policy. ET Gaidar, Julia S. Hryapina works there researcher in "real sector". And Alexei Ulyukayev, as we know, was previously Deputy Director of the Institute Gaidar (IET at the time) and still occasionally cooperates with him.

The son of the minister Ulyukayev communicate with "Novaya Gazeta" refused, and contact Julia Hryapinoy we could not: in the Gaidar Institute refused to connect with it. Press Secretary to the Minister Ulyukayev substantively respond to the "New" questions too, did not, saying, "Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev took office on June 24, 2013. Until that time, from 2004 to 2013 Alexei Ulyukayev held the post of first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russian Federation ... Data on costs and revenues Alexei Ulyukayev, his spouse and minor children have been provided and are available at the present time in accordance with applicable law. "


Ivan Malyushin, deputy manager of Presidential Affairs (UDP) from 2003 to 2015

Anttrin Services Corp. (Panama).

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In 2013, Ivan Malyushin was listed as the sole beneficiary of the company.

What is wrong here?

Until mid-2013, a formal ban on the possession of an official offshore non-existent. But it is curious that the main activity of the Panamanian company had been listed "consulting services in the field of construction and real estate management," which coincided with the relevant duties as a public servant Malyushina. The UDP Malyushin just oversaw the building block and the business in real estate in St. Petersburg actively involved in his sons.

Anttrin Services Company was established in August 2008. Five years later, in September of 2013, the company was liquidated, and from the correspondence shows that representatives Malyushina nervous and repeatedly hurried company registrar. It is likely that this is due to "Anti- offshore" changes in the Russian legislation from the officials demanded to get rid of any foreign financial instruments by mid-2013. With a three-week delay Anttrin Services was eliminated. Unfortunately, we did not know to whom, specifically, the company has provided consultancy in the field of real estate and construction, "Novaya Gazeta". Ivan himself Malyushin to our request did not answer.

Ivan Malyushin - one of the most senior officials, directly owned offshore companies based in MF. While Malyushin worked in the UDP, it was also one of the richest Russian civil servants: in 2013 (the latest available Declaration), he indicated that earned more than 23 million rubles, and in his property was more than 9 hectares of land, 7 houses and 12 flats. Malyushinu and his family also owns many companies in Russia. And some of them of his family partners were those whom the European law enforcement agencies believe the leaders of the organized criminal group.

For example, Ivan Malyushin throughout the years in the UDP and was the owner of the company "Baltprod" today. She, in turn, had two subsidiaries, which are engaged in hotel management and software production. Both companies have been partners Malyushina structures associated with the authoritative businessman Gennady Petrov, who is accused by Spanish authorities of numerous crimes and, in their opinion, is the leader of "Tambov" gang. With business Petrova were tied and the sons of former deputy manager of the president. Judging by the "wiretapping" Gennady Petrov, he communicated with other influential Russian officials - of the Investigative Committee, Federal Drug Control Service, the State Duma ...

Since January 2015 of Ivan Malyushin not hold public office. And let his hands were not bound by the past, now it is the entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. In September last year Malyushin created "JEM" LLC, which stands for "on construction management and reconstruction." Almost the same name Budget Institution "JEM Northwestern Federal District" is in the structure of UDP - this is where Malyushin began his career. The only difference is that one of them is the state, and the other 40% belongs to Malyushinu. But the rest of the share in proportion (20% each) are divided among the deputy director of the budget institution "JEM Northwestern Federal District."


Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor, Head of Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of the city

Venlaw Consultants Co. Inc. (Bahamas), TG Rail Limited (Cyprus), Cantazaro Limited (Cyprus).

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Liksutov was one of two Cantazaro Limited beneficiaries. In 2007 its shares are held in trust in the Bahamian Venlaw Consultants Co. Inc., and from 2008 to 2013 belonged Cantazaro offshore TG Rail - «daughter» Estonian Transgroup Invest AS, which Liksutov owned a 50% stake.

What is wrong here?

In June 2013, for one and a half months before the entry into force of the ban on the use of foreign financial instruments, Liksutov rewrote it belonged Transgroup Invest AS shares for his wife Tatiana, and a few days later divorced her. Thus, the law was not broken - restrictions do not apply to ex-wives.

Liksutov Maxim, head of the Moscow deptransa (from 2011) and vice-mayor (since 2012.), came to the capital from the town hall of big business associated with the logistics, passenger and cargo transportation.

From the base MF we learned about another line of business, was interested Liksutova - methanol trade. The database contains a document from 2007, according to which the holders of shares of the Cyprus offshore Cantazaro Ltd Liksutova Maxim and Sergei Glinka are in trust management of another offshore, Venlaw Consultants Co. Inc., already the Bahamas.

For information about what to do Cantazaro Ltd in Russia, we can find, especially in the "Vostokgazprom" ( "Gazprom" structural unit) reports. They imply that only from 2009 to 2011 Cantazaro Ltd bought the "Vostokgazprom" methanol at 4.1 billion rubles. We have no data on whether to continue this co-operation after the 2011 th, as well as other transactions Cantazaro Ltd, but this company is still in effect.

From the statements of the Cyprus Register of Legal Entities, we know that from 2008 to the present day Cantazaro Limited is 100% owned by Cyprus as the structure of TG Rail. And she, in turn, owns the Estonian company Transgroup Invest AS.

Heading deptrans, Liksutov promised to give up his business "in favor of the other shareholders", but, according to an extract from the official register of companies in Estonia until the middle of 2013, it owned 50% of Estonian Transgroup Invest AS, which has a share in dozens of Russian companies. Then, its share went to his ex-wife.

Maxim Liksutova representative explained, "Novaya Gazeta": "On admission to the civil service in December 2011, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation all shares and shares owned by Liksutovu companies were transferred to the trust, and then - estranged. This alienation of its shares and the share occurred before the entry into force of a legislative ban on the possession of state employees shares and stakes in foreign companies, which is reflected in the annual declarations. "

Also representative of the deputy mayor emphasized that since the entry into the civil service Liksutov not engage in any business activity and had no effect on the activity of any commercial entities. "