High-speed closing of the criminal case

The former head of the Corporate Communications Railways, and now head of the news agency TASS Sergey Mikhailov, apparently to avoid criminal liability. Everything points to the fact that "the case Mikhailova" corny, "hushed up".

About This is evidenced by the fact that the criminal case, which appeared Mikhailov, was closed six days after police in the framework of the investigation raided the editorial office of the state news agency Tass and office PR-agency "Mikhailov and Partners."

Experts believe that "just" in the criminal case could not be shut down for six days.

Moreover, as it turned out, the so-called "business Mikhailov" was terminated "due to the absence of corpus delicti provided by the article. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud). " At the moment, everything points to the fact that someone was able to "put pressure" on the security forces in order to stop the persecution of the head of TASS.

It is not excluded that the "savior Mikhailova" could become a former president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin.

Mikhailov was involved in a "sawing" the budget of the seaside?

Prior to his work in the Railways and TASS Sergey Mikhailov was engaged in "a PR" business and founded the communications agency "Mikhailov and Partners."

Earlier, security officials opened a criminal case related to the conclusion of a fictitious contract between the agency "Mikhailov & Partners" and the State Development Corporation of Primorsky Krai ( "Our Home - Primorye" - Ed.)..

According to data available to the prosecutor's office, the contract that caused the initiation of criminal proceedings, it was concluded between the "Our Home - Primorye" and "Mikhailov & Partners" in April 2013 to the end of the contest.

Under the contract, the agency should have to provide services for the project "Development and implementation of communication tools for the positioning of" Our Home - Primorye "in the information field", including an audit of the site, to develop recommendations for the maintenance and a series on the theme of social and mediatreningov economic development of Primorsky Krai.

Initially, "Our Home - Primorye" was supposed to pay the agency for these services 3,560,000 rubles. Under the terms of the contract, "in exceptional circumstances" the value of this contract could be increased only by 30%. But then the agency "Mikhailov & Partners" and "Our House - Primorje" signed two additional agreements, which increased the cost of the contract is three times (up to 10.69 million rubles.). This was clearly illegal.

Then it became clear that such services are the local companies of the Primorsky Territory could provide for 2.4 million rubles. Moreover, as established by representatives of the prosecutor's office, paid services have been made formally. In other words, representatives of the PR-agency and public corporation could "cut it" more than 10 million rubles.

"Savior" spin doctor

It would seem that the investigation claims were well founded, and "cut" the budget money is one of the classic forms of fraud. And the searches in the communications agency "Mikhailov & Partners" and in the office TASS conducted with riot February 5, 2016, spoke of the serious intentions of the investigation to bring this matter to an end.

But suddenly this thing "covered" "due to lack of evidence." There is in this case and is another oddity.

Sergey Mikhailov, the head of the news agency TASS

We draw attention to the fact that the criminal proceedings "on the fact of theft by fraud of budget funds in a large scale by entering fictitious contract" between the communication agency "Mikhailov & Partners" and the Corporation of the Primorsky Territory was opened last February Investigation Department Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Primorye Territory . In August 2015 the case was transferred to the investigation department of the Ministry of Interior.

But is it took to the central office of the Interior Ministry for the case in which "there is no crime"? Obviously, this case is likely to have been "hushed up".

Curiously, who could influence the very head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva? Apparently, a similar influence among the "friends Mihailova" only has Vladimir Yakunin.

Factor Yakunin

By the way, the head of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry in the city of Moscow is Anatoly Yakunin, whom the media called "the right hand Kolokoltseva".

Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Internal Affairs

In the capital, there are rumors that Anatoly Yakunin supposedly could be a distant relative of Vladimir Yakunin. Given the large number of members of the "clan Yakunin" these rumors may well turn out to be true.

So, apparently, is the former head of Russian Railways put your hand to ensure that the release of his former spin doctor from criminal liability, using his connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The head of TASS "did not pass" his "patron"?

Rumor has it that Yakunin could save Mikhailova, so that he "did not break" during the investigation and did not tell about the "secret details of the" Russian Railways contracts for advertising. It seems that Mikhailov "not passed" his former boss and was free.

But it is possible that soon the security forces (for example, from the FSB, or TFR) can descend to Vitaly Krivenko, previously worked as Deputy Head of Corporate Communications of the Russian Railways. That he was the principal owner of the company "Laith", which received a 15-year contract for the sale of all advertising "Russian railways". At the same time, Vitaly Krivenko - a longtime ally of Sergei Mikhailov.

Won "Laith" competition №232 of March 30, 2006 he was closed, that is, it was attended only by companies that have received an invitation from the Russian Railways. According to the results of the competition September 28, 2006 JSC "Russian Railways" signed with JSC "Railway advertising agency" Laith "general contract №623k / t for the implementation of promotional activities to monopoly facilities.

Experts believe that this contract may be obvious corruption component. It is possible that the ex-head of Russian Railways Yakunin could get a good "kickbacks" from Mikhailov and Krivenko. So in regard to the current head of TASS may well initiate a new criminal case.

Conclusion of Railways assets

Journalists write that "Laith" brought Mikhailov and his partners at least $ 8 million per year. It seems that "dubious legality" of contracts with Russian Railways "Laith" already interested investigators. Also in the media provides information about what the money derived Railways and cashed by other shell structures, for example, a subsidiary agency "Mikhailov & Partners" under the name "T +", which is now headed by a protege of Alexey Mikhailov Goreslavskii. It is obvious that the involvement of the current head of TASS to "T +" also got into a zone of interest the security forces.

Another big scandal occurred in 2007, when the Railways has decided to re-brand for $ 150 million. This is despite the fact that for the overhaul of the rolling stock state monopoly in the year spent $ 4-6 million (not more than this amount).

Vladimir Yakunin, a former head of Russian Railways

Trains repainted gray and logo, the development of which allegedly took $ 700 thousand., Actually was shamelessly stolen from Hong Kong Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation. Also on the program was the advertising for several million dollars each campaign, which resulted in Moscow, for example, there were firewalls with the image of the station Novy Urengoy. Apparently, Mikhailov could take part in this grand "sawing", which, according to experts, took place during the rebranding Railways. The investigation of these frauds is high time to do the investigators.

Yakunin is still receiving money from Russian Railways PR?

By the way, even now Yakunin may receive income from Russian Railways PR-activities. As it turned out, the publication of "Peregrine Falcon" and "Sac CB" (the first spread in the "Sapsan" trains, and the second - in wagons NE) Ltd. is engaged in magazine "Reklamotiv", which works with the Railways since 2010. According to official data, the owner of 100% of the company was a Cypriot offshore Truban Co Ltd.

With family Yakunin connected and OOO "Business Dialogue" - the contractor, who has been organizing forums, conferences and training for Russian Railways. The company won the tender Railways in the amount of 1 billion rubles. Interestingly, after the resignation from the post of Railways Yakunin, offshore decreased its share in the "Reklamotiv" LLC up to 18%. Shareholders Truban Co Ltd., according to the Cypriot registry of legal entities, offshore companies are Verlys Nominees Limited and V.R.L. Nominees Limited.

According to the register of legal entities, 25% of the company "Business Dialogue" Cyprus offshore company owned by Trussland Co. LTD. And he, according to the Cyprus registry of legal entities, also owned by the Cyprus offshore Verlys Nominees Limited and V.R.L. Nominees Limited, which controls Yakunin family. Since the publication of magazines advertising Railways - expressly PR-activities, then these "machinations" Mr. Mikhailov would have a lot to tell investigators, but after the closure of the criminal case Mikhailov will not be "frank" with the security forces.

offshore empire

Previously, fighters against corruption have found a number of specific off-shore companies, which may have "swam" money Railways. These firms may have a connection personally with Yakunin and his family members (for example, with his son Andrey Yakunin). Thus, among the offshore companies that are closely related to the activities of the Railways, in the media have repeatedly referred to the jurisdiction of the Cyprus registered vehicles digging Far East Land Bridge and the "Regional Hotel Chain".

Presumably, they were part of the investment fund controlled Yakunin VIY (Venture Investments & Yield Management LLP). The Fund is registered in London, where more than five years living son of the former head of Russian Railways Andrey. It seems that with the filing of "Clan Yakunin," Russian Railways money through offshore Cyprus (and not only by them) "swam" in the UK.

Yakunin holds in offshore not only the business assets, but also the earth. Recall that until February 2011, Vladimir Yakunin was officially the owner of the land (7 hectares) in the suburban Akulinin. But then the land was rewritten in Cyprus Mirolo Investments Ltd.

Offshore Company Mirolo - no stranger Yakunin. According to SPARC, the company owns the St. Petersburg LLC "Akulinin", which is headed by Sergey head. He also headed the legal department of Venture Investments & Yield Management, an investment and management company Vladimir Yakunin son - Andrew.

In connection with suspicions that the money withdrawn from "rail" assets could "settle" in the offshore associated with Vladimir Yakunin, family, law enforcement officers should at least cause for questioning the former head of Russian Railways. It is possible that if for Vladimir Yakunin will take the FSB or TFR, it will be held criminally responsible.
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