We note that the district court in Nizhny Novgorod refused to consider a criminal case against the director of development company "Roszemsnab" Andrei Pavlov. Director accused of large-scale fraud in the construction of a cottage village "Monte Cristo": he was accused of embezzlement holders of more than 30 million rubles.

The fact that Andrei Pavlov began to attract the money of citizens for housing construction in the spring of 2014. the fund RHD Earth were purchased by "EsBiEr Group".

Andrei Pavlov's lawyers are trying to prove that he acted lawfully under the agency agreement with the "EsBiEr Group", and all the funds invested in construction. Author fraud Pavlov - or not to be seen the effect. But "EsBiEr Group" was a fictitious agreement with RHD. The affected interest holders previously conducted in Nizhny Novgorod, a protest against the "corrupt collusion in the fund RHD."

It is interesting that Mr Pavlov told during the investigation a number of juicy details.

Pavlov himself earlier also explained their failures corruption, as in the RHD Foundation, whose members allegedly extorted a bribe from him, blocking the project in Kstovo district, and in the Nizhny Novgorod police.

Federal fund RHD past two years in court cancels all treaties previously concluded with "EsBiEr Group", as the company failed to comply with obligations on the construction of economy-class housing.

But it is impossible not to mention that buyers "Monte Cristo" found - Mr Pavlov, a former adviser to the leader of the party "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov, described it as a "swindler".

According to preliminary data, it turns out this picture: "EsBiEr Group" for bribes received land from RHD. Pavlov has collected money from co-investors to build houses. But RHD beginning to seize the land because Cottages are not erected. It remains to find out who is behind the "EsBiEr Group" because the official owner Nevlyutov Renat Ravilyevich - obviously frontman.

Corruption in RHD

Note that at the time of doubtful transactions with RHD "EsBiEr Group" led by the Federal Fund for Housing Development Alexander Braverman, who led successfully in 2015 JSC "Corporation" SMEs ".

In the same year the Foundation controversial housing development Tyumen region began bankrupt. It turned out, overdue payables RHD Fund exceeds 663 million rubles! Fighters with corruption say the money just drank.

Earlier, in 2013, it became clear that at that is the Deputy Housing Development Fund's general director Andrey Shishkin for approval of design documentation to increase the area of ​​building residential complex has demanded from the businessman Mr. 30 million rubles!

Also in 2013, it was found that out of 333 auctions for the sale of land for residential development, conducted by the Federal Fund for Housing Development (RHD Foundation), 206 declared invalid!

To stretch yarns RHD?

RHD controlled by the Ministry of Construction, which is headed from 2013 Mikhail Men. And here it is worth remembering other big story, which ended recently. Fighters with corruption say that the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Construction could "negotiate" with the developer Paul Cho and help in the capture of new territories in Moscow and Moscow region.

In particular, the question of land Timiryazev Academy, which was found to remain in school.

Mr. Men previously was deputy mayor of Moscow, and then from 2005 to October 16, 2013 held the post of governor of the Ivanovo region. It helped to go Men Capital Group builder Paul Those claim to land the academy, the construction market in the Ivanovo region.

There were good relations with Moscow officials at Cho and after the departure of Luzhkov. Moreover, some of this team became governors and ministers. Permission for construction of a multifunctional complex on the site of the Sofia embankment on the "golden island» Capital Group received in March 2015. Then the sum of Capital Group deal with the municipality amounted to 10 billion rubles, and the investor of the project in the media called that same Paul Cho.

Rumor has it that Cho was able to "negotiate" with Menem and Tkachev. After all, the earth Academy - a field area of ​​101 hectares along the larch alleys and streets of the Big Academic - can be realized by the expensive real estate.


Mikhail Men, resigned as head of the Ivanovo region October 16, 2013. The region he led for eight years (since 2005), but was never able to establish contacts with the local elites.

Businessmen did not like Mr Those lobbying interests. It got to the point that in December 2007 Mr Men even tried to dissolve the regional Duma, but the case, however, does not end there. Then, according to the statement of the deputy Irina Sidorina, who returned after a conversation with the governor's brigade, she allegedly threatened to "destroy business" if it does not agree to write a statement of withdrawal from the Duma.

Men and at the federal level was wicked. By the way, Men has gone on a background of major corruption scandal in the key area of ​​Ivanovo. Thus, the head of administration of the Ivanovo region Sergey Zhubarkin was arrested September 29, 2013, and September 23 Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Ivanovo region opened a criminal case under article 159 of the Criminal Code "Fraud". The point, however, was soon destroyed ...

Mikhail Men, the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction

Actually, I called Mr. well-known lobbyist. Why he was given authority - it is not clear so far. In 2015, the head of the Ministry of Construction Mikhail Men offered to optimize civil engineering in one structure, controlled by his department. Thus, other ministries will be deprived of "non-core" structures.

The problem is that the new structure could be headed once close billionaire Vekselberg Andrew Chibis. Independent experts believe that if a "construction" of the new structure will be connected billionaire business will end corruption schemes.

Ministry of Construction proposed to concentrate all the civil engineering in the same structure except for the power facilities, cultural heritage, defense, communication facilities and roads. It supposedly will optimize budget costs by 10-20% and the release of the department of non-core functions. Note that the functions are performed by the customer more than 250 organizations subordinate to different authorities, and control over a single customer in times easier. But it would be for the organization?

As a result, the Ministry of Construction proposes to create a customer in the form of federal autonomous institution. According to preliminary data, will head the new structure of the deputy minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Andrey Chibis.

Andrei Chibis, deputy head of the Ministry of Construction

Andrei Vladimirovich Chibisa suspected in a number of dubious initiatives, but in the context of creating a new building structure raised concerns its relationship with billionaire Viktor Vekselberg.

Recall, Mr. Chibis became deputy director of the Department of Construction and Regional Development Ministry department head support of the national project "Affordable Housing", in which realization aspired to participate and "daughter" of the structure of the company "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg, is also suspected of corruption.

Then Chibis joined the Board of Directors of JSC "Russian Communal Systems" (controls the delivery of public services in 11 regions of Russia). By the way, in early 2013, Viktor Vekselberg became the owner of 75% of CSWs through offshore Wilmington Investments Limited, the remaining shares in offshore Indville Management Limited (owners of 25% have been identified). Now Lapwing can become the head of the construction of a monopolist in the public sector, and market participants fear that the "winning" will Vekselberg.

It seems that after the Men headed the Ministry of Construction, corruption in the department has grown. Wrestlers are dissatisfied with the situation of the Timiryazev Academy, fraud RHD officials and the general situation with the Ministry of Construction. Dorassledovanie business "Monte Cristo" can reveal this corrupt hierarchy that extends to the head of department.