There was a "reliable" ally in large Western companies that are not afraid of sanctions and want to establish a partnership with the Russian monopoly. A certain Lyudmila Kazieva takes to solve any problems with "Gazprom".

Clearly not for free, for a very large percentage. Sometimes she performs her promises, sometimes she does not. But she never returns money for services. As it turns out, Lyudmila Kazieva is perfectly familiar with Cyril Seleznev- top manager of "Gazprom".

A source, which worked in government, in banking and energy sectors, told, that he did not communicate with Kazieva himself, but came across this name. According to him, the circle of friends of Kazieva is largely limited to officials and businessmen of Yeltsin era, bankers, who were prominence in those days, and those who are associated with these people. Moreover, the impact of many her friends were in the distant past. In particular, she still keeps in touch with Vladimir Semago, Gennady Semigin. However, there is a young man among her friends (as compared with the same Semago and Semigin). Kazieva periodically communicates with Kirill Seleznev for solution of some issues. Before that, she receives large sums from the companies, mostly Western, that want to get something from "Gazprom". Seleznev sometimes takes "suitcases" from his girlfriend Lyudmila and really solves the problem. Clearly, if successful, the amount salary for top-manager of "Gazprom" is not limited to the suitcase from Luda, and it becomes much more. If the question is not within his competence, he refuses. But Kazieva does not return the money to foreigners for services. Communication of Kazieva and Seleznev has an interesting backstory.

According to the source, in the late 90's - early to mid-2000s Kazieva was associated with MDM Bank about her business. When in the mid-2000s, this Bank sold its stake of RJSC “UES" to Gazprom, Kazieva participated in the transaction. The deal was complicated, tangled, with the pressure elements and it provided the exchange of shares of RJSC on shares of Gazprom. As a result, MDM-Bank was not very happy with the transaction, and blamed Kazieva in it. As a result, she had a conflict with the MDM, but the final break their relationship did not happen. They quarreled recently. "Gazprom" was satisfied with the transaction. Kirill Seleznev became a representative of "Gazprom" in RJSC UES (and then in Inter RJSC UES), he is familiar with Kazieva, and which, with her feed, played a significant role in this transaction.

As noted by the source, Seleznev lobbied several lucrative contracts with RJSC UES through Kazieva (Now this structure does not exist) and with her "daughters" for the structures, headed by businessmen close to it.

The source said that Kazieva has a reputation of problem solver, specializing mainly in "Gazprom".

In 1992 Kazieva was one of the founders of the Limited Liability Company "AGROKONVERTION". Another co-owner of the structure was a businessperson Igor Kim. He engages in the banking business, owned URSA Bank, in particular. After association in 2008, URSA-Bank and MDM-Bank, Kim became a co-owner of MDM-Bank. He resigned from the shareholders of the Bank in 2011. Another co-owner of LLC was Pletosu Sergey Vasilievich, who is now co-owner of OJSC «Tsentrgazoochistka". This structure performs contracts for «OGK-3" and Cherepetskaya GRAS.

Kazieva is the founder and owner of the NPP ONIKS. There is also a lawyer Soshnikov Alexander in the company management of this structure. Soshnikov also entered in the company management of MDM-Bank and MDM-BANK Ural St. Petersburg (he headed the legal departments).

 Kazieva owns Nonprofit Partnership Support of Education, Science, Arts, Culture and Sport (NPP ONIKS) in Moscow. In addition to Soshnikov, there is Kazieva in its leadership, (Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Viktor Orlov (Vice-President). Its main driving force in Bashkiria is closely connected with the local authorities "Ural Investment Agency". Azat Fazlyev, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bashkortostan, enters in its leadership. Kazieva also associated with OJSC «Ural Leasing Center" (has been connected as with MDM-Bank). The site of the OJSC said that during the period of its activity, OJSC «UralLC» cooperated with more than 50-th lessees of the Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia. There is OJSC «Salavatnefteorgsintez» among them  - Russia's largest oil refinery, part of the structure of "Gazprom" CJSC "Ufa airlines", "Modern drilling technology" LLC, LLC “Bashtehinform”, OJSC AK "Bashkir airlines" and so forth.

Kazieva also controls an audit company LLC KVF "Orientir" and had some interests in OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez". By the way, Kirill Seleznev was included in the "Salavatnefteorgsintez" from "Gazprom".