Ambitious and adventurous policies are included in the fight for the presidency of the republic of North Ossetia-Alania, which is February 29 temporarily occupied the regional government chairman Vyacheslav Bitarov. While acting Head of the Republic on the recommendation of the Russian president proved Ossetians that meet their expectations, his opponents formed the front of the trenches which is about to start bombing of compromising. According to informed sources, "Crime in Russia," especially interested in the "elimination" in view of its prospects Bitarova shows a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Zurab Makiev, which, apparently, believes that coveted position to buy. Details - in the article "Crime in Russia» .df01bb5ac651b4ba17d4ac97c9f47678.jpg

19 February from oncological disease in a Moscow clinic died the former head of the North Ossetian Tamerlan Aguzarov. At a meeting with Bitarova Vladimir Putin said that Agouzarov trusted him, treated with respect and offered to lead the republic. As it turned out, not everyone shares the opinion of Russian President regarding Bitarova, considering his candidacy more suitable for this position. For example, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Zurab Makiev Gayozovich, which, apparently, ready to eliminate even the most vile ways of competitors such as collecting and stuffing compromising information, as well as bribery of the "right" people who put in a good word for him.

From sources we learned that Makiev was able to enlist the support of one of the main Russian edinorosov, having presented him a gift of a gun made of pure gold. To send a veiled bribe Makiev and his equally enterprising father, which we will discuss later, played the whole performance. So, Makiev ordered the golden gun in his native Georgia, and were able to negotiate with the head of South Ossetia that precious gift will be awarded to the vice-speaker of the State Duma, the Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Sergei Neverov, which is what happened. In what format is discussed a "deal" condition is unknown, but clearly Neverov whispered in your ear, saying, Say a Word.

Note that earlier "Criminal Russia" has found out that under the guidance of the head of the South Ossetian Republic weapons premium fund has been turned into a supermarket with the sale of gift pistols "the Glock» and «Beretta». With the participation of Minister of Internal Affairs Akhsar Lavoeva channel there was organized as a marketing weapon, and its acquisition of the "black market" in Georgia, where it manages all cost three to four thousand dollars. Weapons are imported illegally into South Ossetia, then issued a seized or voluntarily surrendered by citizens of the republic. Weapon "shop" works there as a conveyor, and one of those out of the gun was handed to Sergei Neverov.

Plan golden gun worked, and soon from the list of candidates for the election of deputies of the State Duma of the VII convocation in September 2016 he was expelled Tajmazov Arthur B. - the world famous Russian and Uzbek wrestler. A native of North Ossetia and one of the most titled athlete in the history of wrestling, of course, enjoys wide popular support at home and makes competitors pretty nervous. One of them - Zurab Makiev to eliminate popular rival, has a much more powerful authority, and hence - a great chance of winning, resorted to is not quite fair and noble tactics.

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The fact is that after the presentation of a corporate gift in the North Ossetian branch of "United Russia" there was a call from Moscow. At the end of Sergei Neverov strongly I asked to make a small castling - replace Taymazov Makieva on which, by the way, the list of candidates to the State Duma did not pass. So Makiev once deprived Ossetian public opportunities to honest and will vote for a truly distinguished man in the country.

Arthur Tajmazov Ossetians - most titled athlete of Uzbekistan in all sports at the Olympic Games, winner of three of the six Olympic gold awards in the history of the country was born 20 July 1979 in the North Ossetian village Nogir. During his athletic career has managed to become a three-time Olympic champion (2004, 2008 and 2012), silver medalist of the 2000 Olympics, a two-time world champion (2003, 2006), a two-time Asian champion (2000, 2011) and three-time champion of the Asian Games (2002, 2006, 2010). UryaSTfrb8w.jpg

His opponent Zurab Makiev ¬- 39-year-old native of Georgia, the deputy of the State Duma and the son of a famous Ossetian policy Gaioz Makieva. It Makiev elder son helped implement a plan to eliminate Taymazov. Publication political officer wrote that career path Makieva Jr. is very intricate: it began in 2000 in the newly embassy President in the Southern Federal District, then he worked in the Ministry of Justice, where moved to the government of Kostroma region, and then re-worked in Moscow - Deputy Head of the Secretariat first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. At the end of 2012 in Makieva career comes a new twist - he is the first vice-premier of North Ossetia and the authorized representative of the Republic under the Russian President, and from the post in October 2014 transferred to the State Duma.

Ups Zurab increasingly associated with high lobbying potential of his father Gaioz Makieva, head of the Federal Road Directorate for the North Caucasus, now the head of the Stavropol branch of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza Russia." According to the source "Criminal Russia", the creation of this self-regulatory structure occurred with the direct participation and approval of the head of the "RTN" Alexey Aleshin - friend Gaioz Makieva. At the beginning of April 2015 Makiev was appointed head of the Stavropol branch of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza Russia", which deals with checking construction documents and engineering survey results, is traversed by all estimates and financial estimates of future construction, that it gives the conclusion about the prospects of investment and the reasonableness of the budget of a property of a project. The jurisdiction of the new agency - the entire North Caucasus. According to the resource Abos, a new appointment Makiev cost of two million dollars, "listed" the former businessman, now Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. The publication notes that the surprising scale bribery is not necessary - in fact over the years, "the master of the Caucasian roads" Makiev could "earn" several times more. Previous to his position PKU "Management of the North-Caucasian highway" in 2013, when it still remained Gaioz K., it costs $ 13 million, according to Abos.

It is worth remembering Makieva incident during a video conference on the situation in the road sector with the participation of Vladimir Putin. The president tried to find out from Makieva how much it actually costs the construction of one kilometer of road. Makiev managed twice "fade" with slippery threads, leading Putin in a jungle-thinking about what will be built in Gudermes road, Beslan and other cities of the North Caucasus. The President had to be persistent and at the third attempt, he heard:

- If you divide the amount of money in the long bypass around Nalchik, it turns out that one kilometer is slightly more than 100 million rubles - Makiev said.

In fact, the 27-kilometer detour was worth 3.5 billion rubles, which in terms of the enormous amount of about 130 million rubles per kilometer. It should be borne in mind that the track was not built from scratch, a significant part of it, including six bridges, interchange and overpass, which account for the lion's share of spending, put into operation a few years earlier.

- Rising prices sometimes maloobyasnimy "- shared his opinion then participated in the conference, Vice-Premier Sergei Ivanov.

Then Makiev left unscathed.

Despite the fact that Georgia Makiev chose North Ossetia as a political platform, at home they were strong ties to the Government and law enforcement circles. At the same time over the years in North Ossetia nor Gaioz Makiev nor his son Zurab could not gain the trust of local residents. Simply put, unlike Arthur Taymazov Makiev Ossetians - Vikings and strangers, have the same goal - to cash in on the budgets of North Ossetia. The coming to power of Zurab may cause resentment on the part of society and, as a consequence - to destabilize the social situation.

Talk about that Makiev Jr. nurturing long-term plan to win the post of head of the republic went a long time, and a new wave of exaggeration of this information "covered" Ossetia after the death of Tamerlane Aguzarova. The disappearance of the Arthur Taymazov of lists of candidates to the State Duma of the Russian Federation it is advisable to consider only as the embodiment of this concept, says a source, "Crime in Russia." After the focus from Taymazov Zurab Makiev switched to its direct competitor - the popular and successful businessman Vyacheslav Bitarova, which Vladimir Putin entrusted the management of the republic. Now Makiev busy searching and collecting compromising Bitarova information that are likely to be made public in the X hour.