Building of the "Golden Island"

Recently, at a meeting of urban planning and land commission city government under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin was approved by the construction of the second section of the so-called "Golden Island" - the territory of possessions 18/8 and 20, building 1 on the Sofia Embankment, as well as holdings of 6-8 on Bolotnaya Square .

The application for the issuance of the urban plan of the land plot (GPZU) filed a franchisor site - LLC "International Park of Entertainment and Tourism", part of the holding Capital Group. During the meeting, the commission approved the issuance GPZU.

Previously, the company Capital Group has acquired the rights for the construction of a multifunctional complex on the site of the Sofia embankment on the "Golden Island".

According to co-owner of Capital Group Paul Cho, in the area it planned to build low-rise mixed-use complex land area of ​​37 000 sq. m, which will include a boutique hotel, housing and offices under the representation of Russian and international companies.

The cost of the project, Mr. Cho is estimated at 15 billion rubles. However, they can be easy to "recapture" as income from property built on the "Golden Island" can be simply enormous.

Under the wing of Husnullina?

Rights for the construction of a multifunctional complex on the site of the Sofia embankment on the "Golden Island» Capital Group received in March 2015.

Then the total amount of the transaction amounted to 10 billion rubles, and one of the investors of the project called Paul Cho.

Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for the construction of

Rumor has it that the co-owner of Capital Group can be a good relationship with the vice-mayor of Moscow for the construction of Marat Khusnullin, which approved the Capital Group participated in the construction of a multifunctional complex on the site of the Sofia embankment.

Deal with Gusev

At the end of January 2016 it became known that the holding company Capital Group has bought an additional area of ​​1.63 hectares on Bolotnaya Square, who was in a long-term lease of the Corporation of the territories (MCT).

Legal rights to this territory belong to the company "International Park of Entertainment and Tourism", owned by CMT.

According to the register, in October 2015 it became the general director Konstantin Lancers, who also directs the company "Mitten". She, in turn, holds the rights for another two sections on the Sofia embankment with a total area of ​​3 hectares, on which the Capital Group plans to build a multifunctional complex of 45 600 sq. m.

President of CMT (and its owner) Yuri Gusev has confirmed the sale of the 1.63 hectares of Capital Group entities.

The arrest of the landowner

Incidentally, in December 2015, Yuri Gusev was arrested. According to the investigation, Gusev has developed a fraudulent scheme, as a result of which he stole 333 million rubles.

Earlier (in autumn 2015), a statement on Gusev in metropolitan MOI appealed Honorary builder of Russia, familiar Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, head of the development group NBM Michael Babel. In business circles of the capital claim that Gusev and Babel has long been a conflict.

As follows from the criminal case, in 2013, between the "Eco-City" Gusev and firm "TehStroyMontazh" (included in the NBM Babel) contract - for him Babel buys one of Gusev firms with the right to lease a plot of land in 2049 1.4 ha on the "Golden island".

Yuri Gusev, president of investment company "Corporation of development of territory - MCT"

Gusev got the deposit from Babel, and land assets, he had not sold. But Gusev sold the rights to rent directly on the two sites with a total area of ​​3 hectares in the "Golden Island" Paul Cho.

Rumor has it that at the time of his arrest on Gusev could be pressured him to part with his assets. In the end, the land on the "Golden Island", formerly controlled by Gusev, is now controlled by the representatives of the Capital Group.

Cho uses to help business crime bosses?

According to several news sources, Paul Cho is not only engaged in buildings of the capital, on the other business areas related to the metropolitan government. It is known that a relative of Paul Cho, Dmitry, is the founder of the company "TCL Group", which not so long ago took up the modernization of the capital.

In 2013-2014, the firm has signed lucrative contracts with the Moscow government in the amount of 2.9 billion rubles, and in the summer of 2015 went bankrupt. It is possible that some of the assets in this case was derived (ie steal)

According to media reports, Cho Dmitry contracts could help his influential relatives and companion Boris Lee, Rostov reputable businessman.

Paul Cho, co-owner of Capital Group

In 2002, Boris Lee was accused of organizing the assassination of a leader of the Chechen diaspora. The court of the Rostov region declared its customer.

In 2007, Boris Lee, already released to freedom, was arrested with a pistol "Walter". In 2009, the court sentenced him to a year in prison for illegal possession of weapons. Upon his release in 2010, Boris Lee co-founded the "TCL Group".

Thus, "Cho clan" has total assets of representatives of the criminal world.

"Right hand" Ded Hasan

As you know, Paul Cho has serious connections in the criminal structures. In particular, the media reported that the previous business Paul Cho himself was in charge of Aslan Usoyan (aka kingpin Ded Hasan). It Ded Hasan before his assassination was considered the king of the underworld.

Aslan Usoyan (Grandpa Hassan), the late kingpin

There were rumors that Hasan personally "krysheval" Mr. Cho business. In particular, Aslan Usoyan allegedly helped co-owner of Capital Group «resolve a problem" in Moscow and in the Ivanovo region, where Cho mass commercial projects. Moreover, according to rumors, Aslan Usoyan could protect the interests of Paul Cho even the former Soviet Union.

By the way, April 27, 2010 Father Hassan was detained in Kiev trying to enter the territory of Ukraine on forged documents. He is rumored to be in Kiev something just had to settle the case of Paul Cho and company Capital Group, gathered in the Ukrainian capital to build six three-star hotels.

Moreover, Mr. Cho bloggers even called "right hand Usoyana". Here he writes blogger «garnizov» about Mr. Cho: "The Ivanovo regional Duma deputy from the" United Russia "was the same Paul Cho - the right hand of Ded Hasan".

In addition, Paul Cho's name is mentioned along with the late thief in law Skif (Andrey Golubev), as well as the uncrowned Korsakov crime boss, nicknamed "Korsak".

In this case we are talking about business activities of criminal elements in the Ivanovo region, where Paul Cho have very significant financial interest for him.

The story of the "book-home"

Now one of the main "protectors" of the capital business Paul Cho is considered to be the vice-mayor of Moscow for the construction of Marat Khusnullin. Rumor has it that using Husnullina Paul Cho easily acquired the famous "house book", which is located at Novy Arbat, building 15. It is a 26-story high-rise, located in the territory of more than 28.9 thousand sq. M. meters.

Previously, the purchase of this' laptop at home "was filed only one application of the LLC" Group Apart ", which, through the" Development Holding "owned by Paul Cho (90%) and Sergei Morozov (10%).

As a result, the only participant received an offer to conclude an agreement on the starting price, which was announced at the level of 2.4 billion rubles. Rumor has it that the city authorities deliberately "played along" Mr. Cho, and other potential buyers even not admitted to the asset.

"Roof" of the City Hall

This business is now Paul Cho, according to rumors, the "roof" Marat Khusnullin, as before (when the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov) from Mr. Cho had other patrons.

Back in 2009, the press reported that the then head of the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's press service and his personal press secretary Sergei Tsoi by Paul Cho holds a considerable share of this business. The media reported that a former Luzhkov's press secretary may be co-owner of Capital Group. It seems clear now why when Luzhkov in the capital as "blossomed" Business Capital Group.

Experts do not exclude the corrupt relationship between Mr. Cho and Mr. Tsoi. The fact is that in the promotion of the well-known singer and wife of Sergei Tsoi Anita Tsoi not less than $ 30 million was invested in 2007-2009. They say that the money Luzhkov's press secretary could give the co-owner of Capital Group.

Sergei Tsoi, a former spokesman for the mayor of Moscow, and his wife, Anita Tsoi

By the way, in the distant 90th firm Paul Cho, "Profit", was registered at the same address with the security company "Gulf Stream". Co-owner of the company, was the wife of Sergei Tsoi Anita. Now Paul Cho has a "Gulf Stream-2000", co-founder of which was listed Dmitry Cho.

It is obvious that with the change of the capital's mayor, Mr. Cho has not lost his touch with the mayor's office. It is possible that not "honorable position" his "chief lobbyist" instead Choi came Khusnullin.

Who is behind the Capital Group?

Recall that in 1994, Mr. Cho is a shareholder and a board member of the Russian holding company Capital Group, owning a share of 33.3% of the company. This company in 1991 organized Vladislav Doronin.

Vladislav Doronin, the founder of the Capital Group

Now through offshore Capital Investments Limited (C.I.T.) company owned by Capital Group Vladislav Doronin, Paul Cho and Edward Berman. Each of them has a share of 33.3%. By the way, Mr. Doronin is known to many as the companion of the famous supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Of course, holding Capital Group could not be so cool to turn in Moscow, if not due to the Municipality. They say it is due to a government lobby company Capital Group «snap off" the most tidbits of the capital.

Now one of the most impressive complexes erected Capital Group, may include business centers Capital Tower and "Pushkin House" country residence Barvikha Hills, a multifunctional complex "Legend of Tsvetnoy" and "Capital City", as well as residential complexes "City Yacht" "Avenue 77", "ECO" and many others.

A friend from the Ministry of Construction

Experts believe that the construction business Capital Group as is actively developing not only because of the ties of Paul Cho in the Moscow mayor's office, as he is credited with good relations with the minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Mikhail Menem, who was previously the deputy mayor of Moscow (at Luzhkov), and then from 2005 to October 16, 2013 held the post of governor of the Ivanovo region.

Mikhail Men, the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction

"By a strange coincidence," it helped to go Men Capital Group in the construction market of the Ivanovo region. However, what is there to wonder if Cho called the "sponsor" of the former governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men.

By the way, Mr. Cho, as far as possible, tries to participate in political life "fiefdoms me", as he was a member of the Board of Verkhnelandekhovsky District of the Ivanovo region.

For Paul Cho investigators come?

Most recently, Paul Cho "lit up" in the scandal connected with the attempt by the authorities to withdraw from the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy 101.58 hectares, located near the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" in the north of Moscow. These lands, which are now gardens and experimental fields, intended to convey-controlled Ministry of Construction of the Russian Fund for Housing Development (RHD) for development.

Rumor has it that the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Construction (Alexander Tkachev and Mikhail Men - Ed.) "Squeezed" the land from the Timiryazev Academy in the interest of Paul Cho, but President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to leave "Timiryazevku" alone, and scientists do not touch the ground.

Apparently, after the recent major scandals associated with the name of Paul Cho on the co-owner of Capital Group have already turned their attention to security officials. This means that soon it may be brought to justice, both for suspicion of corrupt ties with the City of Moscow and the Ministry of Construction, and for his "mischief" with "criminal bosses". It seems that Mr. Cho is not long walk to freedom.