In addition to the head of State Property Minister Alexei Pyankova, his two deputies and the head MUGISO Directorate, the claims to which it became known from the statement of the RF IC, on the investigators' questions will meet the former deputy of the City Duma Pervouralsk Vladimir Vladimirov Andrey Anisimov - the brother of the head of the executive committee of the federal ONF, the former deputy head of the Office internal policy of the Presidential Administration, Alexei Anisimov.

Both businessman from Pervouralsk were detained at the same time officials. The investigation sent to the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg request for the establishment of collateral in relation to entrepreneurs. This milder preventive measure: Pyankova Minister and his first deputy Artyom Bogachev investigation requests to arrest, Deputy MUGISO Nikanorova - take under house arrest.

Pervouralsk Andrei Anisimov engaged in construction activities for many years. He - the former CEO of the bankrupt "Uraltyazhtrubstroy" where in his time, even before the start of his political career, he worked Boris Yeltsin. Later it worked ex-deputy of Ekaterinburg Administration Volodymyr Kritskii. He was deputy Anisimov and supervised social programs.

He is the founder of several companies: LLC "Pervouralskaya Housing and Construction Company", LLC "Pro-Invest", OOO "Investment project". But a few years ago, he has diversified the business and began the funeral service: Yekaterinburg cemetery was established for the "Memory Enimals" animals, a little later appeared ritual company "Resurrection" and the group of companies "Ascension".

We are talking about the very structure that was at the center of the loudest "funeral scandal" last year.

Ritual house "Ascension" established public easement on the land, cutting off access to the Bureau of forensic Seraphim Deryabina on the street for the funeral of competing agencies. To get there, their staff dragged the bodies through the fence. Shocking footage broadcast by all federal channels. The notorious land easement, said sources with the assistance received Anisimov MUGISO. It is believed that the agency has repeatedly assisted entrepreneurs in solving land issues.

Which deal caught the attention of the Federal Security Service in connection with the "business MUGISO" is not reported.

Sources explain that the investigation is not only building on Repin, 5c, where, according to investigators, were bought from individuals square meters at an inflated price.

Recall that one of the owners of square meters of the building was demolished in Yekaterinburg businessman Vitaly Sivolap, which is a partner Anisimov and one "Ascension" of the owners of the funeral home.

Sources say that Anisimov who does not have a personal administrative tool used his name for the address. For example, it is believed that it was for his patronage of the head of the post of head of the Office of Housing and Construction of Pervouralsk was appointed Arthur Guzairov, whose wife - Natalia - was the director of a funeral home, "Ascension".