The former head of the anti-doping laboratory in Moscow Gregory Rodchenkov gave a sensational interview with the American edition of The New York Times, which reported that 15 Russian medalists of the Olympic Games in Sochi, including Alexander Zubkov, Alexander easily and Alexander Tretyakov, have used doping. In an interview Rodchenkov told how rigged procedure was organized and that it took the Russian athletes.

Interview with Rodchenkova, who became director of the Moscow RUSADA in 2005, American journalists were recorded for three days. The conversation will go down in the documentary "Icarus", which removes the film director Bryan Fogel.

Revelations of former head of the Moscow RUSADA preceded ordinary rhetoric spouses Stepanovs, who left for the United States and there reveal the secrets of the Russian sports doping.

Recently the scandalous family couple, which had already appeared in the German TV channel ARD the film, made in the ether of the American CBS News.

Vitaly Stepanov, the former employee RUSADA, admitted that the Russian success at the Olympic Games in Sochi have been made possible thanks to the massive use of doping, and the main ideologist of the vicious system was just Rodchenkov.

"In recent months Rodchenkov shared information with Stepanov. But he did not know what Stepanov recorded 15 hours of conversations. What Rodchenkov said threatens the authenticity of the results of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, "- said in a CBS News film.

Journalists television, referring to the record of a conversation with former head RUSADA Rodchenkova, noted that the four gold medalists from Sochi Russia could use steroids. Allegedly, there is even a functionary in a list with specific names.

After all this it had only to wait for revelations from the Rodchenkova, which, like Stepanova left Russia for the United States, according to him, fearing for their safety.

Back in November of last year functionary he resigned from his post as director of the Moscow Anti-Doping Centre after broke teeth on edge doping scandal in athletics.

And in January, the Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko said that Rodchenkov moved to Los Angeles, where he received his own laboratory.

Confessions Rodchenkova can inflict another blow to the entire Russian sports, because under suspicion were leading Russian athletes, obtain medals in Sochi.

According to the functionary, doping consumed 15 Russian medal Olympics 2014. functionary story turned out spectacular and even detective.

Sam Rodchenkov called "director" doping system in Russia. According to him, the staff RUSADA directly during the Games changed the fresh urine to advance "clean" samples, passing the flask with liquid through a hole in the wall of the laboratory, which was closed cabinet.

After a few hours the capacity already back with "updated" analysis.

Athletes themselves, handing the sample photographed a special code on the container to make it clear exactly which change jar.

Of course, in this process, according to the interviewee participated FSB. Russian special services have repeatedly been accused of substitution of doping tests at the Games in Sochi. Allegedly they had in 2013, became interested in the capacities for analysis and even took some specimens to study.

It is in the FSB, according to the story, found a way to quietly open the bottle without damaging it.

According Rodchenkova, by the end of the Games was replaced about a hundred "dirty" samples. He himself after the Games received the Order of Friendship of Vladimir Putin's hands.

"The fans were celebrating our Olympic victory, but we did not get out of the lab, replacing the Champions urine, - said the former head of the Moscow RUSADA. -

We were well prepared for Sochi. Before this has never happened before. The system worked like a Swiss watch. "

According Rodchenkova, he received a list of Russian athletes involved in the program on January 21, 2014, two weeks before the Games begin. Especially for them functionary developed a cocktail of three anabolic steroids: methenolone, trenbonola, oxandrolone.

To drug is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, they are diluted with whiskey for men and martini - for women.

At the Games in Sochi came to a huge number of anti-doping experts from around the world, but it does not become a barrier to Rodchenkova who, by his own admission, interfered "champion cocktails", although in the laboratory was conducted constant monitoring.

And now proceed directly to the names of the 15 medalists, who, according to Rodchenkova were included in the anti-doping program for the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Functionary named among them bobsledder Alexander Zubkov, who won two gold medals, the skier Alexander cars (silver and gold), skeletonist Oleksandr Tretyakov (gold).

Also taking banned drugs, according to the former head of RUSADA, all women's hockey team, which eventually took only sixth place.

Rodchenkov admitted that he feared for his life, citing the example of former executive director Nikita RUSADA Kamaeva, who died suddenly on 53 th year of life in February.

According Kamaeva wife, the husband suddenly felt ill after skiing.

Recall that at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia took first place in the medal standings, winning 33 awards, of which 13 - gold. Based on the statements Rodchenkova, it appears that more than half the medals were taken because of banned substances.

Sports Minister Mutko had already become familiar with American film materials and called word Rodchenkova absurd.

"This is a great article, it needs to be translated, to draw conclusions in terms of the legal assessment. The names of the athletes? I believe these guys are outstanding athletes, the charges are absurd. Cocktails? Stupidity. They are part of an international testing pool. They were under control before, during and after the Olympics. They are leaders! It is not those that have come and gone. The charges against them are groundless. We will study this article and see how to react. I'm sure these athletes - quoted Minister TASS. -

I would like to add that all so concerned about the purity of our sport in many countries. Look at yourself. Just want to thank the central channels, leading newspapers simply perplexing. "

We spoke and athletes mentioned Rodchenkova. So, it is easy said the calm for himself.

"I have not seen this publication, but the phone has stopped. I can say that I am calm for himself three hundred million percent. Call my coaches Reto, Isabelle, ask how we trained that year. Where Rodchenkov sitting there in Miami, Los Angeles? Very easy to carry anything when you are far away. For me not to worry, I'm fine ", - quotes the skier" Sport-Express ".

Zubkov, who finished his career immediately after the Games in Sochi, called the information about doping slander.

"This is a complete slander against the Russian national team athletes, and me in particular. I have repeatedly handed over doping tests in RUSADA, and to WADA. I participated in five Olympic Games. And he took three medals. After each of them gave a drug test. And now, suddenly someone trying to tell me something attributed. I do not understand why this is necessary, - indignantly said bobsledder. -

Any words a real man needs something to support. And that Rodchenkova? "

Partner Alex Voivod Zubkov called the American film part of the information war against Russia and the national sport.

Assistant coach women's hockey team Yuri Novikov said that doping athletes only be prevented.

"If we imagine that a drug could be, he would have gone only harm. They're running around on the ice, and nothing but sugar, they can not be there, because sugar - is glucose, which helps think. What can there be doping in hockey for women? The basic tablet in women's hockey - a contraceptive, but it is not doping, "- said the expert.