Surprisingly, the recent scandal with detention of Deputy Governor of the region Kulikov got a new turn. Now he is in a temporary detention facility.

As previously reported in the press service of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the region, against Kulikova was a criminal case under Part. Article 6. 290 of the Criminal Code (bribery in especially large size).

"According to investigators, in 2014, received an official from the former head of the city of Ivanovo, Vyacheslav Sverchkov bribe of 5 million rubles for the resolution of issues related to the trafficking of land in the city of Ivanovo," - said in a statement TFR.

As part of the investigation of the case carried out the necessary investigations, and leave the security forces are right on the newly appointed governor.

After Kulikov is a close ally of Konkova and has a close relationship with him since 1997.

In connection with the governor

According to preliminary reports, the part of the "rollback" of 5 million rubles could ostensibly target the head of the region. Recall that since 1996 Kon'kov served as chief of the department, then - the technical director, and after the president of the company "Megapolis".

There he became acquainted with Kulikov, who from 1997 to 1998 worked in OJSC "Company" Megalopolis. "

First, the head of the Corporate Finance Department, then Deputy Director of Forecasting and Marketing, then head of the financial-economic department. Subsequently, OJSC "Company" Megapolis "became the chief accountant.

Kon'kov Paul, the governor of the Ivanovo region

"Dmitry Kulikov in the latter part of the government is working since December 2015. Prior to this, we have worked together with Mr Medvedev in various positions for several years. I, like many colleagues, had the impression about him as a man of honesty, initiative, good manager, a strong leader, "- he said after the scandal skates and sent a" brother "to resign, in order not to" gloss over ".

Ivanovo press writes that Kulikov was appointed inexperienced, freshly baked official who find themselves in the power of his friendship with the governor.

Dmitry Kulikov (left), First Deputy Governor of the Ivanovo region

No real connections and opportunities, especially for the allocation of land, he did not. In other words, skating pushed Kulikova. But why? Perhaps, to carry out the "dirty work."


Ivanovo opposition say that skating - is not just a follower of the past in the Ministry of Construction of the previous governor Mikhail Men, but his "support" to the government. Pavel October 2008 - First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ivanovo region, Head of the region's economic development, in the same year was reinstated in the party.

Earlier Kon'kov resigned as speaker because of disagreements with other MPs, was expelled at the same time of the party "United Russia". Shortly afterwards he headed the Ivanovo textile association.

Men had a very "pleased" Konkova appointment as his successor, politicians have been as well-informed sources say, a certain agreement. Perhaps it touched me close relationship with the owner of "Capital Group» (Capital Group) Paul Cho.

Mikhail Men, the minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, the ex-governor of the Ivanovo region

After all, it helped to go Men Capital Group in the construction market of the Ivanovo region. Rumor has it that Men friends with Cho when he was still at Luzhkov deputy mayor of Moscow.

In turn, Cho had serious connections in the criminal structures. There are data showing that business Paul Cho was responsible for the most authoritative kingpin Aslan Usoyan nicknamed "Grandpa Hassan".

Paul Cho, businessman

There is information that "Grandpa Hassan personally covered the business of Mr. Cho. So, Aslan Usoyan allegedly helped co-owner of Capital Group «resolve a problem" in Moscow and in the Ivanovo region, where Cho mass commercial projects. Many even called Cho "right hand" Usoyana.

Aslan Usoyan, crime boss killed in the course of the "thieves 'wars'

Of course, if this information came to light, the menu position of minister in the Russian government would not have went. But, apparently Kon'kov its closed "chuck."

While in Ivanovo was hurt on the ridge just for the fact that he has not allocated 550 thousand rubles for the replacement and restoration of memorials of the Great Patriotic War, the 70th anniversary of the victory. But now it matters much worse. If Kulikov going to deal with the investigation and give testimony to their superiors, can "fly" not only Kon'kov but Minister Men!