Liksutova "razofshorili"

The world community continues to haunt the so-called "offshore scandal". They began after the network got the documents with the data about offshore accounts that are published by the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists; ICIJ) as a result of leakage of information from a large Panamanian companies Mossack Fonseca.

After the publication of the "new batch" of so-called "Panamanian documents" the Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of the city of Moscow Maxim Liksutova (head of the Department of Transport in Moscow) found another offshore.

As it turned out, at the head of the Moscow department of transport Liksutova name registered firm Sermolent Eqities Inc. Jurisdiction of the company did not specify.

"Mister," Glinka

Previously, the Department of Transport in Moscow claimed that the information in the "Panama archive" is not true, and the deputy mayor of Moscow allegedly is not the beneficiary of offshore companies.

But there is one "catch". The thing is that the list of beneficiaries and the management of the company Sermolent Eqities Inc. It appears someone «Sergey Glinka» (Sergey Glinka).

In the early 90s the same Sergey Glinka was the next door neighbor and friend of Maxim Liksutova, and later became his business partner. The media said that his "first capital" Glinka Liksutovym "earned on the transit of Russian oil through Estonian ports." To conduct its activities in Estonia, the partners established a company WorldWide Invest.

Moreover, in the future Liksutov Glinka became partners with Rustam Aksenenko, the son of the Minister of Communications (in 1997-2002 with a short break) Aksenenko.

Obviously, Sergey Glinka, was among the co-founders Sermolent Eqities Inc. not by chance, since he - a longtime partner Liksutova. Availability Glinka among owners Sermolent Eqities Inc. It gives every reason to believe that Liksutov (despite all the denials by Moscow City Hall) has a direct link with the offshore company.

Cyprus offshore

Previously Fund to Fight Corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny found the deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutova another offshore asset (in this case - in Cyprus).

According to FBK Liksutov 2007 is co-owner of the company Intellectico Holdings Limited. He owns 1,275 ordinary shares (12.75%) of the company, a shareholder of the company was listed as "an old friend Liksutova" Sergey Glinka (another 1275 common shares). 5,950 shares (59.9%) owned by Falterec Partners, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The list of beneficiaries and the management of the company Sermolent Eqities Inc. taken by reference

In Cyprus register Liksutova company listed as "active", and the shareholder has not changed since 2012.

According to the FCO, some time ago Intellectico Holdings Limited is a shareholder in ZAO "Transmashholding", including supplying cars for the Moscow underground.

Contact Transgroup Invest AS

Besides? Liksutova associated with large metropolitan carrier "Aeroexpress". According to data for 2012, Liksutov was the owner of 25% shares of the company "TransGroup AS" and 25% of the company "Aeroexpress", through which owned shares in "RailTransAuto and" Transmashholding "(TMH), as well as in several other companies.

After Liksutov divorced his wife, his formal business assets passed to it. So in early 2014, it was Tatiana Liksutova bought 25% of "Aeroexpress" at one of the state-owned corporations. This transaction was closed in February 2014.

These shares were purchased by the company "Delta-Trans-Invest", which is owned by the Estonian company Transgroup Invest AS. And now the company on a parity basis owned by Tatiana Liksutova and the same Sergey Glinka.

Liksutov Maxim, head of the Moscow Transport (Vice Mayor)

Thus, through his wife Liksutov can control at least half of the "Aeroexpress". At the same time, according to experts, Liksutova divorce has all the features of fiction, as is rumored, he supports with his ex-wife a pretty close relationship.

Friends oligarchs

It is known that, along with ex-wife owners Liksutova "Aeroexpress" Ltd. is a longtime business partners vice-mayor of Moscow - Iskander Makhmudov (17.5%), Andrei Bokarev (7.5%) and Alexei Krivoruchko (4.16%) which at the same time holds the position of general director of the company.

By the way, Mr. Liksutov previously sold its stake in ZAO "Transmashholding" (TMH) in the same Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev. Prior to that, they owned 50% minus one share.

Tatiana Liksutova, ex-wife of Maxim Liksutova

Moreover, Liksutov got a deal for more than paid for the unit-package the French concern Alstom. Recall that "Transmashholding" is the largest Russian manufacturer of rolling stock for the metro. And the purchase of new cars for the subway in Moscow allocated 41 billion rubles.

Experts believe that Liksutov sold his shares "Transmashholding", not to be accused of direct communication with Bokarev whose structure is now winning tenders for the purchase of cars and subway construction.

Lobby foreign business

In addition, the vice-mayor Liksutova previously accused of supporting American companies. So, Liksutova suspected of lobbying the interests of the American company McKinsey. As it turned out, McKinsey company continually wins competitions for the development of the transport system in the capital.

At one time owned Liksutov engaged "coal business" by Transgroup Invest, whose office was located at Jõe street in Tallinn, and an Italian restaurant Gianni (in Tallinn).

It seems that Maxim Liksutov controls a number of foreign institutions. However, officials are prohibited from engaging in business. But it seems that for Liksutova the ban - means nothing. So is not it time for him to voluntarily leave the post of vice-mayor to stop breaking the law and monitor business assets?
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