"Fininvest" Completion of the case

St. Petersburg police have completed the investigation of the criminal case of the former chairman of the bank "Fininvest" Natalia Gromova. BelTA The Moscow Post in MIA.

This criminal case was initiated following a statement by the bankruptcy trustee bank, claiming that the audit revealed the facts of theft of securities owned by the "Fininvest". This case was opened for fraud on a large scale (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

Within the framework of the criminal case were detained by the bank "Fininvest" co-owner of Valentin Landgraf and former Chairman of the Board Natalya Gromova.

Conclusion assets

According to investigators, in the summer of 2013. "Fininvest" bank issued deliberately non-refundable loan of 487 million rubles. As a result, the money stolen.

A few months "Fininvest" has concluded with a fake commercial structure a contract for the sale of 156 thousand. Treasury bonds, the value of which is a consequence of estimated more than 162 million rubles. But the buyer is not transferred money to the bank for securities.

Another episode took place in July 2014. Then "Fininvest" has concluded an agreement for the sale of an office building on Vasilyevsky Island to a certain individual. But then it was simulated the introduction of money in the cashier of the bank in the amount of 307 million rubles. to conceal the gratuitousness of the transaction. Once this has been formalized the transfer of ownership of the building above the buyer. Rumor has it that in the future this building several times been resold to third parties.

In addition, on behalf of the bank two more illegal transactions were concluded - credit agreements for the provision of cash shell companies in a total amount of about 990 million rubles.

Gromov's "surrender" Vanchugov?

Experts believe that the withdrawal of funds from the "Fininvest" is not only an ex-chairman of the bank "Fininvest" Natalia Gromova, but also the former co-owners of the credit institution.

The Central Bank believes that the beneficiaries of "Fininvest" was Valentin Landgraf and Maxim Vanchugov. But Maxim Vanchugov is the brother of a State Duma deputy from the party "Fair Russia" Roman Vanchugov.

Financial market participants believe that it is the deputy Vanchugov took all the major decisions related to the "Fininvest" activities. Obviously, without his participation has not done and the process of asset stripping.

Maxim Vanchugov, chairman of the board of directors of GC "City"

By the way, in the course of the investigation detectives persuaded Gromov to confess. That soon the former chairman of the bank "Fininvest" is expected to tell the investigators about the role of the brothers in Vanchugov withdrawal of funds from the "Fininvest". So recognition Natalia Thunder can cost Roman Vanchugov not only the deputy's mandate, but also freedom.

The collapse of the "Evrosib" bank

At the time, the brothers Vanchugov was associated another bank - "Evrosib". The bank lost its license July 7, 2014.

Bank "Evrosib" led high-risk lending policies and did not create adequate risk-taking reserves for possible losses on bad debt. In this case a credit institution does not comply with the requirements of the supervisory body of an authentic reflection of the accounting and reporting of its financial position.

Experts do not exclude that Vanchugov brothers could withdraw assets from "Eurosib".


Recall that the deputy Roman Vanchugov, who was previously CEO of LLC "Lensotszhilstroy" is a well-known entrepreneur, as in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg.

Rumor has it that it controls a number of assets. In particular, Vanchugov brothers own construction business.

Here it is worth recalling, in July 2014 in Vanchugov controlled group "City" companies, houses which were attributed by the authorities of St. Petersburg to the problem, there was a change of CEO. Place Bryzgalina Dmitry, who led the company since its inception, has taken a little-known financier Alexander Ivanov.

Roman Vanchugov, State Duma deputy

According to experts, the owners of "Cities" wanted to take away from Bryzgalina claims subordinate Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, and put in his place Ivanov. But the appointment was purely technical, because all the solutions in the construction companies take Vanchugov brothers. It seems that this is the deputy Vanchugov could "negotiate" with the now former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Marat Oganesyan, who threatened to "city" termination of government contracts, but then suddenly "died down somewhat."

The searches

By the way, in October 2015 the chairman of the board of directors of the Civil Code "City" Maxim Vanchugov was detained by police on suspicion of misuse of funds of equity holders of the company. Among the applicants cheated, there are about four thousand people.

Also, the police tried to enter the St. Petersburg businessman foster brother - State Duma deputy Roman Vanchugov. Then there were rumors that in relation to him may be prosecuted.

Patron of the State Duma

Rumor MP Vanchugov enjoys the patronage of the leader Sergei Mironov SRs.

Sergei Mironov, the leader of "Fair Russia"

The thing is that Vanchugov long time due to its commercial activities sponsored party "Fair Russia", for which he received a prestigious post in its leadership.

Roof of the Central Bank

In the media there is information about the connection with the Roman Vanchugov deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank Alexei Simanovsky. The fact is that before the faction "Fair Russia" (which is Vanchugov), never in its history did not vote so suddenly unanimously endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Simanovskiy.

Experts believe that "someone" lobbied in support Simanovskiy "Fair Russia" and that "someone" could well be the deputy Vanchugov. So Do not Simanovskiy "covered" banking Vanchugov? But if this is true, then spravedlivoross MP and deputy chairman of the Central Bank may soon lose their jobs. It seems that the security forces will be able to lay claim to both of them.

It is possible that the former chairman of the bank "Fininvest" the Board Natalya Gromova "surrender" siloviki, not only of the Roman Vanchugov, but also its high-ranking patrons. In this case, investigators can enter the central bank's management.

It is obvious that after the scandal with the theft of money from the "Fininvest" Roman Vanchugov not only left without his parliamentary mandate, but also fall under the investigation.