As it became known to, there is another loud figurant in a loud story about alleged fraud of the Rostec head Sergey Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova - General Director of Onexim Dmitry Razumov. Senior spouses built a "noble nest" on the "tasty" Moscow plot for themselves and businessmen, belonging to the "family". Interiors for the huge and most expensive mansions were entrusted to the VIP-architect Nana Hernandez-Getashvili. It was a huge sum in euros. However, according to the results of the work, they chose not to pay woman, but filed a criminal case on her.

History around the birth of "noble nest" of the family Chemezov-Ignatov is like a "not plowed" field for prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. However, considering persons of heroes of this story, there is no doubt, that security officers will not "plow" this field. Back in 2007, a representative of LLC "Inter-Hals" Daria Myasishcheva appealed to the leadership of the rural settlement Gorskoe with a request to change the type of permitted use of land of 35000.0 square meters, located near the village of Gorki-2, 7-quarter of Pioneer forestry of Zvenigorod Forestry, Odintsovo district, Moscow region, cadastral number 50:. 20 004 06 48: 0010, owned by LLC "INTER-GALS" on the right of ownership, on the category "for individual housing construction."

The story about the further development of this story requires serious explanations. What is the "Inter-Gals" LLC? This company was founded by two offshore- Battard Holding SA and Jamila Property SA. However, we know that the ultimate beneficiary of the LLC is Ekaterina Ignatova - the wife of the head of "Rostec" Chemezov. Who is Darya Myasishcheva? This is one of the most active inhabitants of Rublevka, which was most often mentioned in mass media as the wife of actor Paul Derevyanko. However, in one of the articles it is the following about her: "Myasishcheva - a lawyer by training - is from a wealthy family, her father does business. A mansion-house, in which lives Daria with her daughter and her parents, is in the exclusive village of Nikolina Gora. Among the neighbors is Nikita Mikhalkov's family." By this you can still add that Daria is a girlfriend of Ekaterina Ignatova.

What is this mysterious land on the Rublevka, with an area of 35 thousand meters? It is the former land of Zvenigorod forestry, rights to which the "Inter-Hals" got for a "country house construction" category in 2002. It's another story, about how a piece of the forest on Rublevka was given to the structure of Ignatova.

To her petition for change of land category, Daria Myasishcheva put a certificate of the ownership on the ground, in which it was stated "in black and white": the type of permitted use is a "country house construction." But in words (this follows from the minutes of the public hearings in the village administration) Daria explained that "in the certificate of ownership of land is made a mistake, as the basis of decision of the head of Odintsovo municipal district the type of permitted use from "country house construction" was changed to "housing construction." Considering that the construction of apartment buildings is not planned on the demanded plot, it is necessary to agree changes of the permitted use from "housing" to "individual housing construction."

It is clear that the village "public" immediately voted "yes" without even checking, if there really was a mistake or if the land remained with the purpose for the construction of cottages.

Thus was the beginning of construction by Chemezov and Ignatova of the cottage settlement "Lyubushkin farm." Village "for the chosen ones", who will not even drink one water with mere mortals. "Inter-Hals" immediately conducted a study "of groundwater resources near v. Gorki-2 Odintsovo district, Moscow region", in order to the inhabitants of the "Lyubushkin farm" can enjoy the purest artesian water from wells.

Even the presence of billionaire financial state could not provide the hit in the number of inhabitants of "Lyubushkin farm." Chemezov and Ignatova personally conducted the "face control" and took only people from the inner circle to their neighbors - with close financial ties with the family. General Director of ONEXIM Dmitry Razumov was good for this role as no one else. ONEXIM of Mikhail Prokhorov is a co-owner of the bank IFC. Another co-owner of which is Ekaterina Ignatova. Chemezov and Ignatova included in IFC's Board of Directors. Chemezov is also a chairman of Uralkali's Board of Directors, member of the board of directors is Razumov.

When the huge and luxurious mansions of "Lyubushkin farm" were built, Nana Hernandez-Getashvili was instructed to make their interior. She had to buy decoration and furnishings in Europe, bring them to Moscow and equip "nests" of Chemezov, Ignatova, Razumov and other inhabitants of the VIP-village. The payment with the architect was made in cash; there is no doubt that it was "black". Ignatova and Chemezov "shipped" Nana 9 million euros, Razumov handed over not the lower amount. Everything possible was purchased in Italy with this money, including the design of mats for dogs, and dozens of trucks brought the goods in Russia.

And the results, all parties felt cheated. Hernandez-Getashvili insisted that Ignatova and Razumov didn't pay to her for the "customs clearance" of goods and her work. A spouse Chemezov and the CEO of Onexim assured, that the architect "cheated" them. Considering the millions of euros, transferred to her, the amount of "the cheat" was considerable. A dispute ended with the fact that the DIA CAD initiated a criminal case on Hernandez-Getashvili under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). A female investigator immediately classifies the investigation and did not let anyone to it. And the architect was forced to flee from Russia to Europe.

It is noteworthy that recently Dmitry Razumov felt the "skin" of Nana. In mid-April, the FSS raided the Moscow offices of the IFC-Bank, the company "Renaissance Capital", the corporation ONEXIM, insurance group "Consent" and "Quadra" energy holding. At the time of these events Razumov prefer to leave Russia.