"Clouds are gathering" more and more on one of the most controversial top-managers of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. According to Rumafia.com, in the near future an investigation may be initiated upon him, as by the gas monopoly itself, as well as by law enforcement agencies. Moreover, the latter did not even need to start a new case, but rather to renew the old, already in production. This time Seleznev is suspected in organization of transferring contracts to controlled structures at prices, inflated by eight times. And then "laundered" money was being spent on a buying of real estate through offshore firms, including several buildings of OKB behalf of Yakovlev.

In the materials at the disposal of Rumafia.com, and which are now in "Gazprom", the FSB and the Prosecutor General's Office, is stated that Seleznev arranges favorable contracts for a long time for structures, led by his close friend and part-time junior business partner on the media "Gazprom", Vladimir Karatashyan. Last, with the curatorship of Seleznev, recently became the CEO of CJSC "Stroytransgaz" and member of the board of directors of JSC "Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat".

According to materials of the check, the cost of delivery on contracts of structures of PJSC "Gazprom" directly with JSC "Gazprom Salavat StroyTEK" or through subcontractors, of ballasting devices, constructions of pipes, encased in concrete, as well as a variety of materials and constructions, was being inflated up to 8 times. In particular, the following facts were found: at the construction of underwater crossing of the Kuibyshev reservoir (code 401, the investor is OJSC "Gazprom Invest Yug", the customer is LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Samara"); in the repair of vehicles of the capacity of the heat exchange equipment of the at the facilities of LLC "Gazprom processing"; the implementation of contracts with JSC "Gazprom Elektrogaz" and CJSC "Yamalgazinvest".

"We are talking about the theft of hundreds of millions rubles of state funds, causing a substantial impact on the economic security of Russia, and also casts doubt on and undermining citizens' confidence to the productive activity of management of PJSC" Gazprom "," - it is said in the materials at the disposal of Rumafia.com.

Huge amounts, earned in such a way, were being legalized through offshore companies, which formal owner is the half-brother of Seleznev, Ivan Mironov, but in reality the top-manager of "Gazprom" himself. In particular, the money was being invested in the purchase of real estate in Moscow. So, on them were purchased from the NPK "Irkut" several buildings, included in the Corporation OKB named after Yakovlev on Leningradsky Prospekt. The official amount of the transaction amounted to 25 million Dollars. However, the real value of buildings amounted to 75 million Dollars. As a result, $ 50 million were successfully "cut" between all people, interested in the transaction. As a result, the building came under the control of Mironov-Seleznev through a company "Oberon Estate". It belongs to Ivan Mironov (consider to Kirill Seleznev) through a complex scheme, in which there are also unnamed minorities. Mironov has - 100% in the company Frimon Overseas, and that one has - 92.24% in the CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund Ltd. This fund, 7.76% of which is controlled by the minority shareholders, owns 99.92% of another offshore company - Terramart Development Ltd, which, in turn, owns 100% of "Oberon Estate".

Purchase of assets of the enterprise of strategic importance was carried out in order to use the area of the complex for commercial purposes (all the territory of the new owner is already leased, including filming of the TV show "Stars on Ice"). In the building on Leningradsky Prospekt 68 is also situated the office of "Oberon Estate" Ltd., the official activity of which is stated the "Leasing of the own nonresidential real estate."

Earlier, on the fact of illegal privatization and the conclusion of real estate on Leningradsky Prospect, b.68 h.22 of the OJSC NPK "Irkut" was initiated a criminal case. However, later the investigation was suddenly suspended. It happened after the personal intervention of Kirill Seleznev, having friends among the high-ranking security officials.

This is not the first corruption scandal around Kirill Seleznev and his family.

Ivan Mironov directly and through companies, controlled by him (CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund on the Cayman Islands, Terramart Development and Exlaribo Holdings Cyprus), became a co-owner of seven companies in recent years that provided "Gazprom" and its enterprises a wide range of services - from reconstruction and overhaul to transporting pipes and fuel trade. Their turnover exceeded 100 billion rubles for these years. This is the largest of these companies.

TD "Alfa-trade" controls the gas station network of "Gazprom" (registered in 2010 in Rostov-on-Don). Its revenue in 2010-2012 exceeded 98 billion rubles.

Ltd. "Gazenergoservis" is engaged in reconstruction, modernization, overhaul and maintenance of oil and gas complex. "The bulk of the orders accounted on the subsidiaries of "Gazprom", - is said on its website. In 2010-2012 the revenue of "Gazenergoservice" amounted to 30.24 billion rubles.

"Spetsenergotrans" was the operator for transportation of pipes of "Gazprom" on the railway. "Spetsenergotrans" was one of two companies that have received a direct contract with the general forwarder of "Gazprom" - "Gazpromtrans", created in 2010. That time, the revenue of "Spetsenergotrans" amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. In early 2011, more than 63% of "Spetsenergotrans" bought "Stroygazkonsalting", which was then owned by Ziyad Manasir.