There are state-owned companies that pump oil. And there are those who convey it. Here, for example, the largest of which - "Transneft", transports 93 percent of domestic oil and whose turnovers amount to billions of dollars. But, as it turned out, despite the fact that 100% of the ordinary shares (78.1% of the capital) of "Transneft" owned by the Russian State, this is the company really loves the sun ... Croatia.

And again, in connection with the "Transneft" and Croatia, I want to talk about coincidences. So random coincidences that may well raise questions in investigative and other regulatory authorities. Let's start in order of the story of the two events.

Event first. "Transneft - the Far East" (included in the structure of "Transneft") announced the winners of tenders for the construction of drainage of the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" (ESPO) to Komsomolsk "Rosneft" oil refinery. Two tenders for the construction of 146.7 km of pipeline was won by "Velesstroy", which will perform the work for 7.06 billion rubles.

In addition, "Velesstroy" is one of the main contractors of "Transneft", is involved in the construction of the ESPO oil pipeline, the BPS-2, Pur-Pe - Samotlor. The company increased its revenue to 33 billion rubles. in 2013 to 50 billion rubles. in 2014. Imagine the volume? So all in all "Velesstroy" in recent years it has received contracts for more than 200 billion rubles.

And now the most interesting. "Velesstroy" associated with businessman from Croatia Mihailo Perenchevichem, and ownership is through a network of offshore companies in Cyprus. Himself Michael Perenchevich - the identity of more than colorful. Formally, it is - Croatian tycoon, but the documents also a US citizen, but works primarily with Russia, but rather with the Russian Transneft.

And now about the second event. But first, a little about the nature and luxurious resort.

Thus, the magazine "Forbes", referring to the best European resorts, describes the bay Čikat, which is located on the Croatian island of Lošinj.

"Probably the most magical with recreational point of view of all the Croatian islands - Lošinj. The local air mixed scents of sage, laurel, rosemary, lavender and more than two hundred medicinal plants. In 1884, Professor Ambrose Harachich published the results of research on the impact of climate on health, then the towns of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj were recognized by official climatic resorts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the island planted seedlings of Aleppo pine, juniper and cypress. Professor here even a monument.

Napoleon's plan of Croatian band "Jadranka" to turn the reserve of the island into a luxury sports Resort was launched three years ago and is designed for five years - it's not only the construction of luxury hotels, but also the appropriate renovation of the entire infrastructure. It is worthy of a 5-star design hotel Bellevue with a giant spa has opened this past summer in the bay Čikat, and with him in the neighborhood this summer opened yet Villa Hortensia in the elegant Austro-Hungarian Villa, 1912 built 10 suites, with its garden, beach and swimming pool - it has already tested the legendary golfer Ernie Els, who immediately had an ulterior motive - he is engaged in the construction of the Resort golf. Perhaps, Villa Hortensia - the finest accommodation on the island, it is possible to remove not only entirely at the company (if it is accompanied by the chef and massage therapist), and floors. A month ago, opened Alhambra & Villa Augusta boutique hotel with private beach, garden and mooring - on the site of an old hotel of the same name the Alhambra, which was built in 1911 by the Austrian architect Alfred Keller. "

But back to the "Transneft" and try to build a relationship of this company, so friendly pertaining to Croatian businesses, a charming resort island of Losinj and Čikat bay. The fact that the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev has daughter Maya Bolotov (nee Tokarev), at one time married to Andrei Bolotov. Of course, the in-law Tokarev soon became a big businessman, however, like daughter.

How do I find colleagues, Andrei Bolotov in the late nineties, he worked in the "Russian-German Leasing Company" (provides equipment leasing to Russian enterprises, the main shareholder is Sberbank), and starting from 2000 -. In the "Deutsche Leasing Vostok" In 2000, "Ingosstrakh" has caused a big surprise to the market, signing with the "Deutsche Leasing Vostok" property insurance contract at 50 million dollars, without even looking at the property itself.

After Tokarev became the general director of "Zarubezhneft" Bolotov in 2001 while working in state-owned companies. In the same year he became a member of "ITERA Holding", and in 2002 - and even "Gazhiminvesta" (belongs to "Itera"), as well as a joint venture "Zarit" for oil and gas on the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea. "Zarit" created in 2002 "Zarubezhneft", "Rosneft" and "Itera". In 2003, in addition to "Zarit", Andrei Bolotov was related to the "Company ITERA Gazneftehim", and from 2005 worked at Vneshtorgbank.

If Andrei Bolotov was associated with "Itera", his sister, Olga - with "LUKOIL Overseas Service Ltd.".. Not exactly a stranger to "Lukoil" was Nikolai Tokarev. In 2005 he received income from affiliate "Lukoil" - "Russian Innovation Fuel and Energy Company" (RITEK).

The daughter of Nikolai Tokarev Maya Bolotov by 2004 had to do with the little-known companies ( "Promsvyazavto", "Stroyvip" and "industry import"), which belongs to the PSB, controlled by brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev. Firm "Stroyvip" with the same address as that of the Bank, in 2002, became one of the shareholders of the largest publishing and printing complex "Press 1" (formerly "The Truth"). By 2005, of Bolotov received income from "Caprice-Stell." At that time, the company was part of a group of shareholders (the managing company "Promsvyaz", "Promsvyazinvest", "Income Investment Company"), holding 2.28 percent of the shares of the largest Russian fixed operator OJSC "CenterTelecom".

That is, in the history of Tokarevs-Bolotovs family reflected the theory that in Russia, almost all government officials and businessmen from large state-owned companies are among the relatives of very talented businessmen and entrepreneurs. Genetics probably.

But back to Croatia, and more specifically to a luxurious resort located in the bay Čikat Losinj island.

As has been said, and the coast is conveniently located a 5-star hotel Bellevue and huge villas, surrounded on one side of the line the beaches and on the other - from the Aleppo pine forest, cypress and juniper.

One of the villas has a proud name Villa Carolina. Here she is:

Handsomely? It's true? Remember, as in a children's tale, "Who owns the meadow?" "Marquis Carabas?" And now some documentary details that shed light on who the best Croatian Karabas-Barabas.

All of this multi-million dollar property, which lie in a bay on dozens of acres, officially owned by four Croatian companies - "Katina doo", "T.G.A. doo "," Magnum XP Nova doo "and" Jadranka dd ".

And now expose the magic session. So Villa Carolina (in the photo) is owned by the company "Katina doo" and founder of "Katina doo" is offshore "Ksereyt Investments Limited." Then the most interesting: When you purchase shares of "Katina doo" on behalf of the offshore "Ksereyt Investments Limited" performed by proxy or anyone other than the son-in-head of "Transneft" Tokarev - Andrei Bolotov. He, Andrei Bolotov, and subsequently became a director of the company "Katina doo."

Incidentally, the very power of attorney issued in a certain action, but on a very broad mandate, equal powers of an owner. Something like that. And the size of the property, in particular the Villa Carolina has a very significant volumes:

But then the situation becomes even more interesting. The founder of the Croatian company "T.G.A. doo "it was a kind of Tokareva Galina, 24.09.1951 year, and all the data of the founder match the data spouse of the head of" Transneft "Mr. Tokarev.

And in 2012, Tokarev GA share transfers in a single member of society Bolotov Maya. And it was said above, Bolotov Maia (Tokarev-nee) is the daughter of the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev and his wife of the owner of the "Katina doo" Andrei Bolotov. It turns out that multi-million dollar property, including luxury Villa Carolina, is in possession of the daughter-in-law and president of "Transneft" - Maya and Andrew Bolotovs.

Oh yes. And another surprising fact. 5-star hotel, the Bellevue, located next door to Villa Carolina, belongs to the company "Jadranka dd", whose largest shareholder is the kind of company "Beta ulaganya doo", which is owned by the Russian company "Managing company" Promsvyaz " . This is the "Promsvyaz" is not just a company, but "the trustee ZPIF long-term direct investment" De Fund ", ie the office just manages someone else a lot of money by investing, for example, in the Bellevue Hotel.

By the way, another strange coincidence. Member of the Supervisory Board of the company "Jadranka dd", which belongs to the hotel is the Bellevue, as well as the main part of a property in the bay Čikat Croatian island of Lošinj is one Kresimir Filipovic. He, quite by accident, works ... first vice-president of the company itself "Velesstroy", which is one of the main contractors of "Transneft", is involved in the construction of most of the oil and in 2014 increased its revenue to 50 billion rubles. Strange? Is not it?

And if someone has any doubts, here are some more amazing facts that speak of the close family ties Tokarevs-Bolotovs with expensive real estate on the Croatian coast.

Both companies, and "Katina doo" and "TGA doo" registered at the same address. Later, "TGA doo" change of address, moved to the location of the company "Jadranka Trgovine doo" - subsidiary company "Jadranka dd", owned by LLC "Promsvyaz". Moreover, "TGA doo", officially belonging to Maya Bolotov, was located at the given address free of charge. And Accountant "Katina doo" and "TGA doo" was the same - it's a kind of Milenka Vidulich. Why the extra spending in the family business.

And yet another "coincidence". In 2005, of Bolotov received official income of some kind of "Caprice-Stell." At that time, "Caprice Stella" was part of a group of shareholders holding 2.28 percent of the Russian fixed communication operator of the largest shares of OJSC "CenterTelecom". And this group was present ... it is the same management company "Promsvyaz", which, through the Croatian company "Beta ulaganya doo" and "Jadranka dd", owns the Hotel Bellevue and other real estate in the bay Čikat on the island of Losinj.

And now a question for connoisseurs. Could it be a coincidence that the company "Velesstroy" became the main contractor of "Transneft", winning two tenders for 7 billion rubles, and participating in the construction of other pipelines, to the fact that her daughter and son-in-head of "Transneft" Maya and Andrei Bolotov have related to the multi-million dollar real estate on the coast in Croatia?

And the second question. And as the possession of the family agreed offshore companies and foreign real estate undeclared immediate family (wife, daughter, son in law) to the position of president of the company "Transneft", in which 100% of the ordinary shares (78.1% of the capital) belong to the state?