What is hidden in the Ministerial Declaration

Despite the fact that the declaration of dlohodah which the law requires to file civil servants, are increasingly a formality, and they can find a lot of interesting. Real estate officials mysteriously appear out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Someone draws a fictitious divorce, rewriting the entire business and assets to a spouse. And someone even resorted to a formal divorce procedure.


Welfare wife Medina


For example, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, recently famous for the idea to tax the cinemas, the new property is framed on his wife Marina. Last year, she appeared in the ownership of several non-residential premises. As found Sobesednik.ru, in September businesswoman became co-owner of the Moscow office center in Neo Geo "Kaluzhskaya" metro station. At the same time among the partners of the company were "Encore Development", "Avatar" (both belong to the same Medinskiy) and "Art Bureau L" (it runs another company Medinskiy - "NA Immobilare"). Directly on the marina and its Medinskiy "Encore" in Neo Geo recorded office area 1178 m2. The market value of similar premises - about 200 million rubles. The office of the same size on the 2nd floor (other analogues in the building is not registered in Rosreestra) shall now rent for 1,963,333 rubles per month. This 23.5 million profit a year.


By building supposedly has nothing to do with the minister Medina


Another five offices with a total area of ​​more than 1000 m2 and a market value of about 175 million rubles Marina Medinskiy last year bought the business center "Brent City" to "Paveletskaya". The premises of the same square footage as hers, there is now also available for rent - it is also a potential 20.5 million annual profit. Interestingly, from June to September, the couple shares in Neo Geo possessed himself Vladimir Medina, but after began to gain momentum the investigation into the theft of the Ministry of Culture, the documents were reissued on his wife.



This gives an extra reason to think, from the relatives of officials taken funds to purchase real estate and why ministers prefer to register ownership of the parents and spouses.
Bustle Khloponin


That the declaration immediately catches the eye, so is the appearance of new massive land at the head of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov (114 acres) and Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin (96 and 142 hundred square meters). Given that we are talking about is not the cheapest land near Moscow, it can be concluded that officials seriously forked. But everything is much more prosaic. For example, Alexander Khloponin, merged the two put on, he owned already in 2002, in a full-fledged 96 acres. At the same time the neighboring plot of 142 hundred square meters, according to the documents Rosreestra, does not belong to himself and his wife. And all this is a family estate on the ruble - in Zhukovka.


Father Manturova also moored in the yacht golf club "Pirogovo"


But Denis Manturov took a fancy to the coast of the Pirogov reservoir in the Mytishchi district. Last May, he too joined Pirogov land in a single array, and now he's in there the quiet bay as much as two guest houses with a total area of ​​over 1700 m2. What is not the minister, it's mentioned in his declaration that the minister last fall on the father's name - Valentine Manturova, ex-diplomat who now heads the nonprofit National Center for heritage care - were issued nearly 2.5 hectares of land in the neighborhood. Hectares of land close to the same access to the water is sold today for a billion rubles. Where did the retired diplomat pensioner such denzhischi? Of course, the material could help her own son, but even Manturova Jr. income (145 million rubles a year) on such an acquisition would not have sufficed. Anyway, the official income.



"Pine" and "Beech" Prikhodko family


Prikhodko came under caterpillars government chief of staff, Vice-Premier Sergei Prikhodko still hides his personal life in the shadow of "The Pines". So called private mini-village in the Istra district of Moscow region, where an official has his own estate the size of almost 3 hectares and is home to 1.5 thousand. M2. The farm is large, and, of course, we must support it afloat. Probably for this reason, the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Natalia Prikhodko rid of the first one, and last summer, and the second of his plot in the village golf club "Pestovo" on the shores of the reservoir, near the marina. Based on its revenue, said in a declaration for the 2.3 hectares in the prestigious area of ​​the woman was saved about 230 million rubles. Whether it confused with numbers, whether true bad bargain - on the basis of the proposals on the market, it had to be put on at least three times



Prikhodko family could not resist the "Buck"


However, it is interesting here and the one who was acquired from the ground Prikhodko - Mytishchi machine-building plant, which produces tracked combat special equipment. For example, it is GM-569 is used for self-propelled units fire thundered throughout the world complex "Beech". How does the purchase of land in the golf club will strengthen the country's defense, it is not very clear, but with a strong rear our army is certainly not lost. Tkachev very zaarendovalsya Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov his villa on the French Riviera did not change on saklia on the bank of the Terek (house in Antibes, apartment and three garages - all French property the minister fully preserved). However, Kuznetsov property in Russia, too, there is - a small house area of ​​563.6 m2 in the forest in Nikolina Gora, which is called district near Moscow Switzerland. Here, apparently, the Minister settled the long haul: last year he designed the ownership of the local power supply cable, fencing and other infrastructure. Worth the estate may be more than half a billion rubles.



Lev Kuznetsov

If Kuznetsov came into the power of business and can therefore afford a luxurious life, Alexander Tkachev hit the ministers from his post as governor of the Krasnodar Territory, which has kept faithful to and after moving to Moscow. According to the declaration, he continued to rent a hectare of land in a blue bay under the Tuapse. The lease term will expire only in 2060, and officials have otgrohal currently there are two houses. Similar areas of the sea in Tuapse region shall be long-term lease at a price of 100 million rubles. By the standards of 2011, when there was a rented property in the declaration Tkachev, it was more than 60 annual governors' salaries. It is possible that most Tkachev his seaside villa could get a little bit cheaper, because the Krasnodar authorities have given the green light to rent land here at the very time when those authorities charge him. Today there is no sense to look for mention of the weaving property - all the information about the controversial lease is removed from the base danyh Rosreestra.