On May 18, the city government held a meeting under the leadership of vice-governor Igor Albin dedicated to the proposal of "sports complex" Jubilee "," by the radical reorganization of the territory adjacent to the Palace of Sports. Management of the complex offers to build a parking lot, hotel gyms. However, it will have to make room for the neighbors.

Currently, he sports complex "Jubilee" is in 100% ownership of the city. And the operational management of the management company - LLC "SC" Jubilee "." Until the autumn of 2015 the share of it owned on a parity basis Smolny and the Federation of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Then, the trade unions have sold his part of the hockey club "Dynamo St. Petersburg» (http://www.fontanka.ru/2015/09/23/152/).

One of the founders of the club is Skarlygina Natalia - a close friend of the famous businessman Arkady Rotenberg. Bank "Northern Sea Route", owned by brothers Rotenberg, is the general partner of the club. Finally, the color of "Dynamo" to protect Russian junior national team player Paul Rothenberg - son of Arkady Rotenberg.

On the eve of the World Hockey Championship Smolny seriously invested in the reconstruction of the "Jubilee", highlighting the management company the size of the grant is 900 million rubles. With this money had been purchased a new refrigeration equipment, replaced by ventilation and lighting were modern VIP lodge. Finally, redecoration was carried out. All this has increased the attractiveness of the complex: the number of requests for concerts and events has increased, admits director general of "SC" Jubilee "," Anton Shantyr.

And now the management company has transferred its expansion outside of the Palace of Sports. In March, she went to the governor Georgy Poltavchenko proposed to create on the basis of "Jubilee", "sports and cultural core." For this purpose, according to the authors, it is necessary to build next to the Palais des Sports indoor and outdoor parking, hotel for sportsmen, as well as modern gyms. Half of the total expenditure of "SC" Jubilee "," ready to take over. Given the fact that the company and so is partly owned by the city, it turns out that the hockey club "Dynamo" will finance only a quarter of all possible costs.

Apparently, the governor liked the unusual term "sports and cultural core": at a meeting assembled on May 18 at the vice-governor Igor Albin had to figure out how to help the management company "Jubilee" to expand the infrastructure of the complex. According to "Fontanka", the meeting discussed two adjacent plot.

Parking unions

Next to the "Jubilee", if you go along the avenue in the direction of the Exchange Dobrolyubova bridge is a three-storey car park for 300 cars. In the early 2000s he gave it Smolny Federation of Trade Unions. Last subsequently attracted to the management of the building company "Yalta", owned by Andrey Koshkin - former partner developer O2 Group. Since 2007, the area in 2,5 thousand square meters. m under the car park is in the ownership of partners. Recently it became known about their intention to rebuild the land under the garage apartment hotel. That is a hotel with the opportunity to purchase apartments in the property.

Management Company "SC" Jubilee "," ready to take parking yourself: is now next to the Palais des Sports are only 50 parking spaces. Or do rebuild them into a hotel for athletes and gym workouts. At a meeting with Igor Albin discussed ways of how to peacefully collect parking trade unions and "Sailboat". One of the options - to provide partners with equivalent land in another area under the same project. Previously, we recall, in the same way Smolny agreed with the company "Likostroy" Vagif Mamishev abandon the building of the former territory of Farforovskaja cemetery, providing in exchange of land for Yahtennaya.

"Yes, this option is discussed, - confirmed the" Fontanka "the head of the local Federation of Trade Unions, Vladimir Durbin. - If we really give a good area, then we can agree on barter. But while there is nothing concrete. "

Rent Prigogine

Outdoor parking may appear on the other side of the "Jubilee" - at the beginning of Tuchkov Bridge, next to the filling of "Lukoil". Back in 2003, the Committee on City Property Management gave it to the rental company "Concord" famous restaurateur Eugene Prigogine for the construction of cultural and sports complex. Prigogine later ceded the right to lease real estate development Setl Group.

Setl Group prepared a project for the construction of two six-story buildings are for commercial purposes. However, unable to return to work, as part of the territory was occupied by the mine station under construction "Sport 2". According to "Fontanka", at the meeting it was announced that the Smolny agreed with the developer to terminate the lease agreement, which expires in 2018. According to one version, the company went on such a step, knowing that any construction in the immediate vicinity of the Tuchkov bridge can be controversial.

"For many years we were preparing this project and now we have all the documents in order to start building. However, the city plans for the territory of the "Jubilee" has changed. As a major investor and and socially oriented company, we are certainly not going to oppose our interests to those of the city. But the city should further consider our steps taken to meet him ", - commented," Fontanka "decision to head Setl Group Maxim Shubarev.

Thus, the "sports-cultural core" may be formed at the expense of parking unions and "Yalta" and section Setl Group from Tuchkov bridge. Avenue Dobrolyubova can build a hotel and training center, closer to the Neva - much needed parking.

Andrey Zakharov, "to Fontanka.ru"