The richest family bureaucratic Petersburg became the chairman of the couple KGA Vladimir Grigoriev. As it turned out, his wife owns Architectural offices. Fighters with corruption say that the head of the CCA is lobbying the interests of the couple.
Town-planning corruption Grigorieva?

Mr. Grigoriev and his beloved wife Yekaterina Grigoryeva earned 28.2 million rubles. Of course, most of the "brought into the house," wife - 21.3 million rubles. But maybe she helped her husband.

Recall that Grigoriev in 2015 ceased to be the owner of "Grigoryev and Partners" he founded the architectural bureau, and 100% of OOO "Grigoryev and Partners" in March 2015, was owned by his wife Catherine Grigorieva.

Thus, the net profit of the company, according to SPARC, in 2014 amounted to 88.9 million rubles.

Several media wrote that Grigoriev and his wife have friends and federal circles. It is worth to recall the history, when, according to "Kommersant", convicted of corruption, Evgenia Vasilyeva had to get it in, "Grigoryev and Partners." But after the scandal of the former official has not got a job in a company and its owners have decided to sue the newspaper.

It is said that due to the ties the company was able to design a number of sites within the State Complex Palace of Congresses in Strelna, Bank complex of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and other projects. Interestingly, the company's site is temporarily stopped working.

Grigoriev did not just become the head of the CAC. In the lobby say that the choice of the new head of the CAC architect influenced by the proximity to the "state", which was a permanent contractor Vladimir Grrigorev.

Another point: as a member of Gradsoveta, Grigoriev sometimes defended the projects that have raised questions gradozaschitnikov.

"Today drove in Sverdlovsk embankment. In my opinion, nothing Smolny Cathedral is not obscured. A photo can be removed at will. I am sure that everything that is built in the center of the city - is being built in accordance with the law and zoning laws ", - so the architect commented on the addition of the residential complex" Smolny Park ", which obscured view of the Smolny Cathedral from the right bank of the Neva ...

"If someone and allow to build high-rise buildings in the center, only for administration. People will be able to watch from afar as it works: If there is at night the lights are burning, it means that the power does not sleep, "- he spoke about VTB Grigoriev, who planned to" Nevsky town hall "in the form of two 20-storey towers.

It seems more useful to Grigoryev Poltavchenko. In general, the governor of St. Petersburg surrounded himself with loyal people. Thus, a family friend of the governor Alexei Korabel'nikova head of the region illegally appointed to the post of head of the Finance Committee.

Father Korabel'nikova - head of the department of the Research Enterprise hypersonic Company "Leninist" Anatoly Turchak systems (father of the Pskov region governor Andrei Turchak) and is familiar with both the son and his father. By the way, in the "Leninists" he began his career as Governor Georgy Poltavchenko!

By the way, attracted Korabel'nikova Poltavchenko in the preparation of "special" projects based on public-private partnership. In particular, it is very important for the governor of building waste recycling plant in Levashovo. This is the plant that is scheduled for the construction of a Greek billionaire Bobolas Leonidas, who took the son of the governor as a partner - and Alexei Poltavchenko has received 110 million rubles from the city!

Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petreburge

Note that Poltavchenko was unable to act or the Ministry of Finance nor the local parliament, and the city's prosecutor said in defense of the governor, that the regional law above federal.

Rumor has it that the chief of staff of the head of St. Petersburg, David Adam, who came under suspicion because of the secret possession of the restaurant business, opened a restaurant without the involvement Poltavchenko, Jr.! The fact that the opening of new restaurant networks Georgian cuisine "tavern on the Neva", which is located in a respectable neighborhood on Suvorov Avenue, is associated with Adam. By the way, in 2014, Adam "earned" 124 million rubles! However, some colleagues had to get rid Poltavchenko. For example, "left" the vice-governor Vasily Kichedzhi, which, according to independent experts, hides property abroad.

I had to retire and Marat Oganesyan - Deputy Governor supervising the building block. He was suspected of having links to organized crime groups. If the fighters against corruption will find a shady deals, the company of his wife head of the CAC, you will have to leave and Vladimir Grigoriev, despite the fact that he was appointed in 2015.