The former head of the Tax Ministry of the Russian Federation and the governor of Kaliningrad region Georgy Boos in the near future may become the object of investigation of law enforcement agencies. Having lost all his posts, he decided to focus on their business (which he was engaged into even when he was an official) - a holding company "BL Group", engaging in the production, delivery, installation and technical support for lighting systems. Through his connections (sometimes having an openly corrupt character) Boos established flows of billions of budgetary funds to the holding structure. How did the staff of FTS find out, financial schemes were built at the same time, using firm-by-night, through which a significant portion of state funds were kidnapped and "laundered". The results of their work "tax employees" handed over to the police. They also became available for

The "BL Group" of Georgy Boos consists of several factories for the production of lighting equipment, and the center of the holding is the company "Svetoservis" and its "daughter" structures, located in the Krasnodar region, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, in the North Caucasus, Sochi, and Kaliningrad. "Svetoservis" and his "daughters" are literally overwhelmed with state contracts for millions, tens and hundreds of millions of rubles. So, in Moscow, the firm arranged an outdoor lighting at the following sites: in SAD for 470 million rubles, in the North-East for 272 million rubles, in the South-west for 171 million rubles, in the CAO for 240 million rubles, in two areas of the Garden Ring for 1.5 billion rubles, on Novy Arbat for 730 million rubles, on Prospekt Mira for 488 million rubles, and so on. The list goes on for long. State contracts, no less "juicy" on the amounts, go to the "Svetoservis-Saint Petersburg" in the "city on the Neva" and the Leningrad region. In other regions, "daughter" of "Svetoservice" also "swim" in the budget money but the sum of a few more modest than in the two capitals.

Such an abundance of public funds for Boos structures is noted since 2011-2012, when Georgy ceased to be the governor of the Kaliningrad region (this occurred after mass demonstrations in the region) and took up for their business closely. More precisely - for establishing of corrupt ties with corrupt, which organize all of these billion-dollar contracts. But that, as they say, is another story.

Let us now turn to the other "tax authorities" documents, at the disposal of It follows from them, that in 2011, when the budget funds flowed to the "BL Group", Boos created schemes that allow inflating the cost of the equipment, supplied under state contracts, artificially. It is done in a banal way: in the chains of recipients of budgetary are included firms of "BL Group", which doesn't produce any work and products, but still they get a "piece" of the state money.

Thus, the RF Federal Tax Service employees analyzed the activity of LLC "BL Trade", LLC "Svetoservis", LLC "Svetoservis Moscow", LLC "Lihoslavlsky Plant" and LLC "Plant Kadoshkinsky lighting products" (all are included in the "BL Group").

Having studied the movement on the accounts of LLC "Svetoservis-Moscow" in the bank "Otkrytie", representatives of the Federal Tax Service found that the company of Boos mainly received funds from the state bodies: in 2011 from PKU UPRdor "Russia" under the contract for the lighting device 543 million rubles; in 2012 from the Moscow Finance Department under the contract for construction and installation work 634 million rubles; in 2013 from the Moscow Finance Department under the state contract 3.6 billion rubles and from FKU Ring-Road Building "St. Petersburg" an0 advance payment in the amount of 660 million rubles; in 2014 from the Moscow Finance Department on state contracts 193 million rubles and from FKU Ring-Road Building "St. Petersburg" for construction work 425 million rubles. Considering that all the products, necessary to perform government contracts, is made on factories, belonging to the "BL Group" of Boos, and "Svetoservis-Moscow" by its own forces should carry out their installation and so on., then the transfer from the latter company should go to thereby plants predominantly, with the exception of not large sums for subcontractors. But Georgy Boos built a complex chain of budget travelling, which passed through other structures, included in "BL Group".

According to the report of the Federal Tax Service, "Svetoservis-Moscow", received state money, was disposing them as follows: in 2011, 347 million rubles were transferred to LLC "BC Trade" with the purpose of payment "for materials"; in 2012, 488 million rubles were transferred to LLC "Reliance Engineering" for "materials"; in 2014, 538 million rubles were transferred for "materials" to LLC "BL Trade" and 125 million with the same purpose shipped to LLC "Reliance Engineering".

Absolutely the same situation with public funds, derived by LLC "Svetoservis": the firm transferred to LLC "BL Trade" 77.9 million rubles in 2011, and to the LLC "Reliance Engineering" 129.5 million rubles; in 2012 - to the LLC "BL Trade" 283.3 million rubles, and to the LLC "Reliance Engineering" - 193.8 million rubles; 2013 to the LLC "BL Trade" - 283.3 million rubles, and to the LLC "Reliance Engineering" 16 million rubles; 2014 to LLC "BL Trade" - 86.9 million rubles, and to the LLC "Reliance Engineering" 3 million rubles

In turn, "the BC Trade" and "Reliance Engineering" were "chasing" the state money each other on the "fake" contracts for the supply of materials and services, creating the appearance of activity and some activities. Here is an excerpt from an act of "tax authorities":

 "The analysis of the cash flow on accounts of "Reliance Engineering" showed that the bulk of the proceeds of the payment, received from the LLC "BL Trade" for materials, realized in its address, and the cost of production of LLC "Reliance Engineering" a significant proportion of the cost falls on payment for goods, supplied by LLC "BL Trade".

For example:

In 2012, total revenue of "Reliance Engineering" in the amount of 1.4 billion rubles, the share of revenue, attributable to the Company "BL Trade", amounted to 766 million rubles.

In turn, in the total net cost of goods, products, works (services) in the amount of 1.04 billion rubles, the share of costs, attributable to the Company "BL Trade" amounted to 766 million rubles. "

As a result, FTS comes to a disappointing conclusion for Georgy Boos: "Analysis of cash flows on the current account of "Reliance Engineering" shows that this organization was established only for the artificial rise of the cost of performed works on the installation of lighting sources. Independently LLC "Engineering Support" operates in small volumes. The main share of cash flow are payments from LLC "BL Trade" and payments to LLC "BL Trade" with the change of the purpose of payment, carried out at 1-2 operating days. "

The same conclusion (of the artificial rise in the cost of production of the plants of Boos and works, performed under state contracts), come "tax authorities" and the analysis of the cash flow of LLC "Svetoservis" and LLC "Svetoservis - the sub-Moscow."

Even more interesting destiny, as FTS found out, was waiting for state funds that were still getting to LLC "Lihoslavlsky plant" and LLC "Kadoshkinsky factory lighting products" - they were corny transferred to "ephemeral" and withdraw in cash.

In particular, in the schemes, created by Boos, the role of "transit" firms performed LLC "StroiServis" and LLC "Construction Company" Level-M."

Only from November 7, 2013 to July 31, 2014 LLC "Lihoslavlsky plant" transferred to LLC "StroiServis" by "fake" contracts for the supply of "management protection unit" and so on 328,4 million rubles.

In turn, LLC "Strojservis" within 1-2 days after the receipt of funds from the factory was transferring them in the following companies: "Dess", "Lance", "Azur", "Viteri", "Magica", "Sheltie" "Cascade", "Arsenal", "OptTorgMaster" and "Azurite". During the inspection it was found that all these firms are "ephemeral" and do not represent the accounting and tax reporting.

Since January 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014 Lihoslavlsky plant transferred to "Level-M" 267 million rubles. "Level-M" was instantly sending funds to the accounts of these "ephemeral": "Warehousing", "Hand" and "VAN".

After getting funds to "ephemeral", they were cashed and, as might be expected, were going to Georgy Boos in cases. Who shared these funds with those who help "BL Group" to obtain lucrative contracts.

Thus, the Federal Tax Service concluded that the structures of Boos are involved in: artificial increase of prices on their products and services; tax evasion; "Laundering" of "shadow" funds, obtained in this way.

Now, the case remains for law enforcement officers, who have already received the Federal Tax Service Act, and may begin an investigation in the relation of the structures of Boos and Georgy himself in the near future.