Despite the crisis, immigrants from Belarus father and son George Hawtin and Alex in the last year rose from 10 th to 8 th place ranking Forbes «Kings of the Russian Real Estate": income from rental of 2 million square meters. m in Moscow, according to the publication estimate, was $ 325 million versus $ 320 million a year earlier. However, cost is not cheap: in 2015 Hawtin added to the building of the former hotel "Moscow" in Okhotny Ryad, including hotel Four Seasons, shopping center "Fashion Gallery" and a business center, bought it, according to experts, the businessman Suleiman Kerimov for . $ 500 million, however Hawtin Jr. first came to the Forbes ranking with a fortune of $ 0.9 billion addition to the real estate businessmen have oil assets -. share Exillon Energy and NC "Dulisma" and "Ugra" banks involved at according to "Interfax-CEA" on April 1, 2016, 33-th place in terms of assets and 30th in terms of capital. This Hawtin one of the most secretive businessmen in Russia. All attempts to "Vedomosti" talk ended the same way. "They are aware of your problems, but do not want to talk," - broadcast "Vedomosti" Hawtin representatives and their friends.
"Negusneft" operates gold Varyngskom gas condensate field (Khanty, recoverable reserves - 20 million tons)
"Negusneft" - the last oil asset group "Synthesis", which estimated it at $ 200 million

In the past few years, it manages all asset Jr. Hawtin - Alex. As the father, according to their friends and counterparts, he retired. Hawtin of the few businessmen who continue to actively buy up the assets. In 2013, they were interested in the purchase of "BRIC" Kerimov, told people close to the company. The real estate market in 2013-2015 Hawtin. "A look at everything", say two large developer. For example, eyeing the shopping center "Atrium" on the "Kursk", Novinsky Passage, told people close to the owners of these complexes. "It is true that they offered for the" Atrium "the price is much lower than would owners, so the deal did not happen. As a result, they chose the "Moscow" in the same Kerimov, "- says one of the interlocutors" Vedomosti ". Hawtin expensive never pay and pay for purchases on credit, the survey showed their partners and contractors. The crisis in the debt financing market was reflected in them: in 2014 they began perekreditovyvatsya your bank "Yugra". As a result, they have hard to find an asset free of pledge, the study found "Vedomosti".
How to buy «Moscow»
The bank "Yugra" revealed the owners
Formally, it is only a minority shareholder with a stake of 0.5%

Buy "Moscow" Hawtin helped Sberbank and VTB, according to developers and bankers. A person close to one of the parties, confirmed that VTB Bank has financed the purchase of Hawtin Kerimov Four Seasons hotel room in the restored building of the hotel "Moscow". This property is owned by JSC "Dekmos", 100% of which controls the Cypriot company Lansgrade Holdings. In 2015, she was replaced by the owner, and in early 2016 Lansgrade, according to the data of the Cyprus Registry terminated the contract of pledge of their shares and the shares' DekMos "with the Savings Bank (formerly Bank granted loans structures Kerimov 10.9 billion rubles. And $ 130 million). The company also entered into a pledge agreement with VTB. However, this time, the loan amount was not specified, and the software were no shares of companies owning real estate and pledge right on ruble and dollar bank accounts "DekMos" VTB. Cyprus law allows the use of future business income as collateral for the loan. But in practice, such a pledge is normally used when the borrower is under the control of the lender, requested anonymity says legal consultant. This high-risk transactions, which, as a rule, banks will not approve of any third party agrees to another to ask for a lawyer of anonymity. Lansgrade Holdings ltd has nothing to do with the VTB Group, the bank never owned areas in the building of the former hotel "Moscow", said the press service of VTB.
For the Russian commercial real estate outgoing year will be the worst in 10 years
Total investors will invest about $ 3 billion

Hawtin controlled retail and office space in the "Moscow" by LLC "shopping gallery", owned by the Cyprus Iolernico Investments. The company also changed owners in 2015, but they have to renew the contract of pledge of shares of the company with the Savings Bank, committing to him the loan of $ 160 million.
Good friends

This is a common strategy for Hawtin, said one of the contractors. In the real estate and oil markets, there is talk about the power of Hawtin, behind which are supposedly unlimited financial and administrative resources, he adds. In fact, Alexei Khotin not so much money, continues the source "Vedomosti". Hawtin all negotiations is this: I have you now willing to pay 10 or 5% of the cost, further installments on credit money, and then, just when will the cash flow, the rest, said another man who worked with the businessman.

Hawtin, like many others, conducts transactions on credit. He works with about 30 banks, but the largest of its creditors - the state banks. Of course, the successful cooperation with state-owned banks, as well as the fact that its oil companies, despite the opposition of the Ministry of Finance, to easily enjoy tax privileges (see. Incision), provide the ground for such talks, admits one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". But consider that for Hawtin is one person, providing them the most favored mode is no exaggeration, he said.

Hawtin - quite independent businessmen proved that the expression "do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends" - is not just a saying, but a string of business plan, says one of their creditors: "You could say it's a real Russian success story, where people possessed as start-up capital links with the security forces and skillfully taken advantage of them. "

Family Hawtin on good terms with the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Naumov, who introduced them to the former head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and ex-speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, is now providing them its support, wrote "Kommersant" and Forbes.

Interests Hawtin government lobbying Gryzlov either at the request of the former head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, confirmed a senior official. For example, Gryzlov personally sought extension of tax benefits for NC "Dulisma", assured a prominent businessman, is also interested in the benefits. The relevant departments is not commenting.

Yuri Hawtin never hid the fact that Gryzlov solve them questions, and generally always behaved like a man who is afraid of nothing and very sure of himself, says a former senior official involved in the business right now. "But I do not feel that this is one man show, a certain sense of security officials support at various levels," - adds the source "Vedomosti".
Four Seasons Hotel Moscow changed hands

Several years ago, in front of one of the first major deals in the Moscow real estate - buying MTZ "Rubin" owning "Gorbushkin yard" - in the "Rubin" the board of directors for the benefit of customers entered Ural Latypov. Last From 1998 to 2000 headed the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, and later became a member of the republic's Security Council. Belarusian media include Latypova in the inner circle of the country's president Alexander Lukashenko. We also know that Latypov was the chief of the department at the higher rates KGB in Minsk, which was terminated at the time Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergey Ivanov and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

Solve issues Hawtin helped high-ranking officials, various security forces, agrees the man, a few years ago lost property as a result of the conflict with the business structures, "They have an excellent relationship. My lawyer found himself a classmate of the man who held at that time deputy minister of the Ministry of Interior. So, I was told that the deputy minister called on the fact that his classmate makes the wrong person, "- he recalled. Here, for example, with the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin Hawtin not familiar, assures fellow Hall. They do and nowhere: all the right questions, they have successfully addressed at the level of the prefects, the official adds. And recalls that the structures Hawtin has been a lot of claims by former owners of the property was taken over by Hawtin. "But as far as I know, to show that Hawtin purchased something illegal, failed, collapsed criminal cases," - he adds.

The companies felt Hawtin army discipline and habit of secrecy, agree their counterparties. On the business work for the most part former members of agencies, offices have as bunkers, units are closed on themselves, people do not know what their neighbor is doing, and in general they all captive - up to the ISPs in the shopping center, says one of the partners Hawtin.
Good customer

Now all of the assets pledged Hawtin banks converge interlocutors "Vedomosti".

Judging by the history of the Pledge in the 2000s. Hawtin structures acquired property loans to Sberbank, VTB and the Bank "Globex", who pledged hundreds of thousands of square meters of space owned by businessmen (see more about the pledge. The table on p. 21).

"Already in 2008, my friend from VTB Hawtin represented as a class, rich customers, but they have something and nahimichili the loan agreement with the bank" - says a former top manager of one of the state banks. The word "nahimichili" hidden history, in which VTB tried to court to repay the loan at 6 billion rubles. The bank in 2008 gave the company "Equipment and machinery" 6.25 billion rubles. the security of the business center and the land on the Dmitrov highway. Guarantor of the loan was the managing company "Mega-group", which this building was in the long-term lease. She laid the bank lease. In 2009, it ceased to serve the loan, and the two companies went bankrupt. Managing bankruptcy "mega-groups" has terminated the rental agreement and returned the building "Equipment and machinery". A manager of "Equipment and machinery" passed building long-term lease of a new company - "Edelweiss". VTB tried to challenge the decision, but was unsuccessful. Nevertheless in the end the parties agreed on the world, the details of which are not revealed. "The debt of" machinery and equipment "to VTB settled peacefully at the end of 2013, and is now VTB has no claims in connection with this debt," - said the bank's press service.
Oil reserve property kings

Hawtin long been engaged in a little oil, and earning real estate, decided to invest more actively in this direction. Especially since the real estate prices and the income from it after the crisis fell, assures their old friend, "Yuri Hawtin explained my interest in oil desire to" decompose eggs in different baskets. " The first transaction took place in 2010 Alexey Hawtin bought for $ 15 million deposit Mallorcan company "Oil and Gas", which the previous owners initially estimated at $ 30 million, says his business partner.
Two years later, the company is close to Hawtin "Kraunsiti" Sberbank acquired 100% shares of NK "Dulisma" (holds the license for Dulisminskoye gas condensate field in the Irkutsk Region) for 2 billion rubles. and $ 27 million. In 2013, the president of Sberbank German Gref said in an interview with "Vedomosti" that Hawtin "offered the best conditions of the presented four or five sentences, and we needed to get out of this business."
Sberbank "Dulisma" got in 2009 from the Urals Energy at the expense of credit outstanding of $ 650 million. During the year before the sale "Dulisma" Hawtin Savings made by the government to return the company preferential export duty on crude oil. The exemption provided "Dulisma" as the owner of a promising field in Eastern Siberia. Total benefits received nine fields.
In May 2014 the privilege was extended to 2033, Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance in 2015, in a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ( "Vedomosti" familiar with its text) estimated the loss budget 92.5 billion rubles.
In order to meet the criterion of 5% depletion of the deposit, which allows to obtain a benefit, in January 2014 the balance reserves of oil "Dulisma" have been increased by 2.8 times to 23.5 million tons, based on exploration data of the 1980s., Said in the Ministry of Finance of the materials available to "Vedomosti". According to the ministry, the owner of "Dulisma" gets a windfall - an asset purchased for 10-11 billion rubles. taking into account debt, which is comparable to the amount of the benefits provided in 2013-2014. The feasibility of providing further benefits is questionable, since cash flows are sufficient to develop the field, the experts concluded that the Ministry of Finance.
In the summer of 2014, "Alrosa" sell "Dulisma" "Irelyakhneft" (produces oil in Western Yakutia reserves - 10.06 million tonnes) for 1.8 billion rubles. ($ 30 million). For this the company tax breaks - regional to pay tax on the extraction of minerals, has asked the Russian government in 2015 the Ministry of Energy. However, the ministry has proposed to introduce benefits and other deposits in Yakutia, pointing out that the initiative comes from the governor of the republic. Benefits for decision has not been made. In December 2013 Alex Hawtin acquired for $ 300 million 29.99% stake Exillon Energy, to develop fields in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and Komi, and has become the largest owner of the company. At the same time 26.7% of the shares bought under control Exillon Alexander Klyachin Sinclare Holdings Limited for $ 256 million. The representative assured Klyachin while "Vedomosti" that "it is portfolio investment in their own interests." "Interfax" source then suggested that Klyachin could act in the interests Khotina to help him avoid declaring mandatory offer to the remaining shareholders of the oil company, which arises in the case of excess of the 30% stake. The company's reserves are estimated at 69 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons, mining (2015) -. 805 000 t The company's shares in December 2009 on the London stock exchange, capitalization on May 27, 2016 - 119 million British pounds ($ 174 million) . CEO, chairman and three independent Board member Board Exillon Energy resigned a few months after the appearance of Alexei Khotin among the company's shareholders.
On "Irelyakhneft" and claimed "Rosneft" - but in a package with gas assets, "Alrosa", says one of the employees of the diamond mining company. Actually, they are the ones interested in the state-owned company, and the oil was "appendage." But during negotiations the interest in "Irelyakhneft" in "Rosneft" is missing, says the source "Vedomosti". The purpose Hawtin in the oil market - to create a sufficiently large company. And in a year or two, when the oil will grow in value is expensive to sell it to a major, said a top manager of one of the largest oilfield services companies. Now is the time to drill new fields, he says. Demand, and with it the price of oilfield services companies fell. Many work at a loss, because the downtime will build even more. Therefore, if the task is to run the mine a year or two, then it's time to do it, concludes the source "Vedomosti".
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Sberbank President German Gref familiar with Alexei Hawtin, says the man from the environment businessman. Sberbank Hawtin credited with the 2000s. But their story was flawed, some legal entities, the bank had a claim, they do not want to renew credit lines - and then called Gref, Sergei Mironov, then-Speaker of the Federation Council, and asked for Hawtin, says businessman familiar. Mironov is categorically denied. Gref said in an interview with "Vedomosti" confirmed only that he knew "a" Hawtin. In 2010, their structure for $ 95 million purchased by Sberbank assets of the company Urals Energy, which was created on the basis of NC "Dulisma". In June 2014 the owner of the "Dulisma" - the company "Kraunsiti" laid in the Savings Bank until 2017, the bill "Dulisma".

Under the credit line from Sberbank's 2010, 2011 and 2014. laid part of the premises "Gorbushkin Yard" shopping center in Bagrationovskom travel, office and warehouse centers in electrolyte transportation, on the street of Nizhny Novgorod and complex "Krasny Bogatyr" - about 200 thousand square meters in all. m (for details about deposits - see table on page 21.).

Sberbank does not comment on cooperation with Hawtin, as a policy of confidentiality in relations with customers, said a bank representative.

Now the largest creditor Hawtin is the Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank), say a few bankers and one of Khotina counterparties.

In 2010, the Chairman of the Board was Dmitry Patrushev, son of Nikolai Patrushev. In 2013, NC "Dulisma" Hawtin received a line of credit Rosselkhozbank including Sberbank to refinance loans, for which the businessmen laid the property MTZ "Rubin" in Bagrationovskom Travel - the main part of the building the shopping center "Gorbushkin yard", as well as in several business areas center. In this bank in 2014 and incorporated equipment "Dulisma". Rosselkhozbank representative did not respond to questions about the collaboration with Hawtin.

Bank "Saint-Petersburg", which Hawtin bought the oil company "Development of St. Petersburg," Hawtin mortgaged property in 2014, and in 2016 laid the 33,000 sq. m in the business center Paveletskaya.
The total area of ​​the business center (BC) "Alcon" - about 100 000 sq. m, of which 66 700 sq. m - leasable