As it became known, in the annals of raiding team led by Zoe Galeeva, add new pages. And as usual, on their side appear to play an active wards Agafevoy Natalia - Deputy Chief of Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow - Head of the Main Investigation Department. Available long-standing relationship with Artem Zuev, nicknamed "mole" - patron Galeeva Zoe, she's - "Zoe-funerals".

 This time the object of a raider attack became deprived of all licenses Depository Ltd. "Smart Capital", which contained, and most importantly - continue to be stored, the assets of the owners of Holding "Energostream" - father and son of Valery and Andrey Shandalovyh, acquired them the means, to steal from Russian energy.

Why raiders needed devoid of all depository license?

The answer will become clear soon after a brief excursion into history.


 Zoe "funerals"

 When in late 2011 the family Shandalovyh decided to implement a raider attack on the assets of the energy companies, the Holding Energostream, and at the same time to "clean" itself from the multi-billion dollar debt to the Russian energy, the project attracted famous raider Artem "Mole" Zuev with his best fighting raider wing, led by Zoe "funerals" Galeeva.

In order to, as they say in the famous joke, "to fight and to seek, and steal perepryatat" uncertified shares Raiders needed a special depository, which could do wonders "balancing act". This is - an instant opening of deposit accounts, including depositors without complete set of documents, operational transfer of shares from the accounts of some depositors to other depositors account without obtaining all necessary regulatory documents, which allows including to avoid possible arrests monetary asset sale without execution of collateral wiring operations retroactively, giving fictitious statements, and more.

As expected the raiders, Galeeva Zoe has in its arsenal, not only hand-nominee directors are not only pocket insolvency administrators, evaluators, experts and organizers of the auction, not only lured police and the judiciary, but also - "their" experts in the securities market with a special the depositary.

That turned out to be a specialist co-owner and general director of LLC "Investment Company" Tusk Quadro Securities "Vadim Kiselev, who to serve Galeeva Zoe Project held Depository" Smart Capital Ltd. ". The owner of 100% shares of the depositary of "Smart Capital" is an offshore company "Velloton Ltd.", Which is owned by Cooper Artem - trustee Vadim Kiselev. At the insistence of Galeeva Zoe staring at OOO "Smart Capital" for a period of storage assets Shandalovyh with a power of attorney from the ". Velloton Ltd." I was appointed her lawyer Neverov Dmitry, having just two nicknames - "Dementia" and "Fish Eye", which earned for the ability to save memory and pretend idiot.

The depository of "Smart Capital" filed the action following the company owned and affiliated Shandalovymi: OOO "Restart", "NPO" Archidom ", LLC" Traverse ", CJSC" Univers-technology ", LLC" Stroy Expert ", JSC" Tulaenergosbyt ", JSC" Novgorodoblenergosbyt "and - Kolora Management Inc, Arinya United Company SA, Fortiza Ltd, Kevalda Holdings Ltd., Obymen Lake Holdings Limited, Markon Tran Inc., Reeson Universal Corp., Wortley Business Limited, Nelson Ventures Inc ., Colnwall Trading Ing., NiroMaks Group Ltd., Saurim Limited, Virolina Corporation and others. All stored in the depository shares were acquired on Shandalovymi means to steal from the Holding "Energostream" nevozvraschёnnye mainly through loans and fictitious sales transactions by repeatedly inflated prices. Also, in the depository was opened deposit accounts of ZAO KB "ROSINTERBANK", owned partly Artem "mole" Zuyev, who financed the raider seizure of the Holding "Energostream".

By agreement between the Galeeva Zoe Vadim Kiselev and custody services of "Smart Capital" we had to start paying out the proceeds from the first sale of its assets Shandalovymi. However, neither after the sale of shares in OAO "Tomskenergosbyt" or after the sale of shares of JSC "Chitaenergosbyt" - promised the payment of depository services Vadim Kiselev is not received. Wanting to as quickly as possible to compensate for enclosed them in the depository of "Smart Capital 'cash Vadim Kiselev offered to buy him Depository" Smart Capital "LLC very Galeeva Zoe, but this offer is refused. Then Vadim Kiselev, decided to find a buyer for the condition of the deferred transfer of the operational control of the depositary to the full completion of the project with Galeeva Zoe, to which she did not object and gave relevant instructions to its viewer - Neverov Dmitry. So, in the middle of 2013 of "Smart Capital" was replaced by party - first the company ". Velloton Ltd." represented Neverov Dmitry decided to entering the composition of the participants of "Smart Capital" second participant companies Santarina Systems Inc., and immediately after that. - company "Velloton LTD." in the face of the same Neverov Dmitry decided to withdraw from the participants of the "Smart Capital" LLC. After completion of the transaction on the change of the depository participant, his work running Vadim Kiselev continued in the same vein.

That notarial confirmation of ownership of the offshore company Neverov "Velloton Ltd."


Beneficiary Neverov

 However, in early 2014 with the Depositary "Smart Capital" LLC began to occur strangeness. First - Depository moved to the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk, and at the same time replaced by the Director-General on some of Maxim Korsun blind area in the Krasnodar region. After some more time - in the office, Vadim Kiselev, there is another new CEO Yevgeny Kharitonov, and accompanied by a group of Caucasians, which later Galeeva Zoe would call "evil Chechens". In the absence of Vadim Kiselev, LLC "IC" Tusk Quadro Securities "passed the new director of the depositary of" Smart Capital "all documents and computer base of data on depositors and operations with their securities. Since then Depository Ltd. "Smart Capital" has ceased to perform their functions, without giving any new statements and not making any new disclosure, resulting in late 2014 for systematic violations, and was stripped of all 4 licenses for operations with securities.

Around the same time, Vadim Kiselev became a defendant in a series of high-profile criminal cases involving embezzlement depositors' share of headed by him LLC "Investment Company" Tusk Quadro Securities ". According to information from the publications in the media, he was committed to the security of the securities depositors drew expensive loans and invested in dubious projects. This illegal investment activities was economically inefficient and ended in financial disaster. Fearing reprisals creditors, he wrote a confession and was placed in custody.

In this situation, the only member of the depositary of "Smart Capital." - Company Santarina Systems Inc., apparently recognized the investment in depository business failed and took the decision to liquidate the company of "Smart Capital", for which he was appointed liquidator Natalia Mikhailova.

All this, of course, could not arrange a raider group Galeeva Zoe and her customers Shandalovyh - in the depository of "Smart Capital" continued to be assigned Shandalovymi assets. Besides, now that Vadim Kiselev became a defendant in a number of criminal cases, the raiders had the unique opportunity to dig in his case and his own sins and the sins of their customers Shandalovyh.

 Well, except for a raider attack can take the Raiders? Moreover, they have been in the hands of a power of attorney - such as "unloaded gun" that sooner or later, but be sure to "shoot". Just at this moment in the history of the depositary of "Smart Capital" began a "new" story.

22.01.2015 years, ie nearly a year and a half after the release of "Velloton Ltd." from the participants of "Smart Capital" company spokesman "Velloton Ltd." citizen Neverov DA It refers to the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia with the claim (case number A26-10851 / 2014) on the recognition of the company's output Velloton Ltd. from the participants of "Smart Capital" null and void, claiming his statement that he (Neverov DA) never signed a statement of withdrawal of Velloton Ltd. "Smart Capital" from the participants in an LLC.

It is important to note that a month before the 15.12.2014 was still the same representative of the company "Velloton Ltd.» Dmitry Neverov citizen turned in LLC "Smart Capital" with the requirement to pay the actual value of a share of $ 300 000 000 and with a claim to the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia for the recovery from OOO Smart Capital actual cost share in the amount of 334 279 166,67 rubles (case number A26-10227 / 2014) than actually recognized his will to withdraw from the participants. But, even without waiting for the pre-meeting, he had sent the court a waiver of that its initial claim on that 29.12.2014g. Arbitration Court issued an appropriate definition.

In connection with the activities of "IR" Tusk Quadro Securities ", director and co-owner of which is Vadim Kiselev, an investigator of the 1st Division midrange SU ATC CAO Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Dmitry Meshcheryakov (currently under investigation for taking bribes ) I was excited a number of criminal cases on the fact of theft of another's property. It is no secret that the success of raids is based on a close relationship with the Raiders corrupt law enforcement agencies and courts - with this, the raider Galeeva Zoe and her patron Artem "Mole" Zueva had no problems ever. "Contract", apparently with the investigation, and Zoe Galeeva Neverov Dmitry gave in his testimony false and distorted information than artificially created the basis for excitation of the desired new criminal case they number 315,880.

For example, a senior investigator 1 MF SU Department of Internal Affairs for the Central District Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Moscow a senior lieutenant of Justice, Maria Smirnova, Inspection carried out by staff 9 3 card CFP Webb and PC GU MVD of Russia in Moscow 09.21.2015 was prosecuted case number 315 880 into the theft of the share capital of LLC "Smart capital" worth 300 million rubles, as well as - for the theft of shares in OAO "Novosibirskenergosbyt" owned companies Arinya United Company SA, Kolora Management Inc, Fortiza Ltd, and Markon Tran Inc., and the theft of minority interest in other issuers belonging to JSC "Novgorodoblenergosbyt" Grounds for initiating the criminal case are blatantly contrived. But nothing is impossible for werewolves.

p.1 Regulation

Resolution p.2

But first, I want to note that almost all related to the raiding activities of the group Zoe Galeeva criminal cases, sooner or later, and even in violation of the rules, get to the CSO in the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow, where "successfully investigated." What surprised because Artem "The Mole" Zuev, chuck Galeeva Zoe, well received in the office of the Agafevoy Natalia - Chief GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow. Thus, all criminal cases involving Vadim Kiselev, Natalia Agafeva safely picked up from ATC CAO to his native GUS GU MVD of Russia in Moscow. I must say that the GSU Research Affairs of Russia are able to "creatively" in Moscow to solve their tasks. And, if necessary, they can even do "with a twinkle," from which even the newest burn fireproof safes and all stored in their criminal cases on economic crimes. But it is a separate, very painful for Natalia Agafevoy history.

Returning to the case № 315880. Initially it fell to 12 experienced investigative department GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Irina Zineevoy that "could not understand" the problem and began to wonder "unnecessary" questions, in connection with which it was replaced by a less experienced, but more "understandingly" the investigator from the Division 8 GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow George Sagotelova. Tom immediately became all clear and without "unnecessary" questions, he immediately sent two officers to Novosibirsk from 6 Division 2 CFP UEBiPK Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Police Major AE Bronina and police captain, MA Solovyov. Tactics mining task "Pressed" management of "Novosibirskenergosbyt" within the investigated GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow criminal case number 315 880 was probably agreed Sagotelovym personally Galeeva Zoe. Was searched, seized important documents, interviewed top managers - as it put things in horror.

Of course, the investigators GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow can not see all the oddities of this case, but in the office of Mrs. Agafevoy strict rules - "the customer is always right." So what turned out to be noticed?


As noted above, Neverov Dmitry acknowledged the will of the company "Velloton LTD." On the withdrawal from the Depository of "Smart Capital", referring to the Company and at the same time to the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia with the claim (number A26-10227 / 2014) on the payment of the actual value of the share, personally paying the state fee in the amount of 200 000 rubles.

If Neverov not designed the company's decision to withdraw from the company members' Velloton Ltd. "LLC" Smart Capital "then why he stated requirements for the recovery of the real value of shares in the amount of 300 000 000? From the words of the Neverov Dmitry, sounded in the court under the post - he was wrong - or rather, a mistake by writing the requirement in the Company itself, and three sheets of the statement of claim in the Karelian Arbitration Court mistakenly sent a copy of the claim to the defendant by mail, and even mistakenly paid the maximum amount of duty .

  Given the good traditions of "give" law enforcement agencies and judges bundles of US dollars, it is not surprising that this and other similar explanations Neverov Dmitry judges and law enforcement agencies seem quite convincing - indeed - "who does not happen?".


During the court proceedings in the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Karelia, Neverov Dmitry a record made a number of other amazing applications, including - declared himself the sole beneficiary of the Company "Velloton Co., Ltd." In this regard, let us remember the subject of criminal and applications - the theft of the company "Velloton Ltd. . "share in the charter capital of LLC" Smart capital "with nominal value of 300 million rubles. The amount of theft is impressive - more than serious charges, given the aggravating - a group of persons by prior agreement, and the "client" is already ready - just waiting for stenochkoy, referring to Vadim Kiselev.

But, probably, Neverov Dmitry forgotten that the December 5, 2012 he, acting as a representative of the company "Velloton Co., Ltd.", Personally took the decision to increase the charter capital of LLC "Smart Capital" in the amount of 219.8 million rubles and the same decision he approved the results of the increase in the authorized capital of the Company up to 300 000 000 - the most he had stolen.

And was there any increase in the authorized capital in the amount of 219.8 million rubles? From seemingly an ordinary lawyer Dmitry Neverov (it turned out now - the beneficiary) 219 800 000 rubles? And how these funds were the company "Velloton Ltd." - The company does not even have a bank account?

Any answers Mr Neverov such as: "I do not remember", "forgot" (justifying the nickname of "dementia", given to him by his colleagues), or "charge of these issues Vadim Kiselev" - go away with him, but for the time being. It turns out that someone and somehow increased the share capital by 219.8 million rubles in favor of Dmitry Neverov, and who and what he is not conducted. Interestingly, it is thought wards sighted "blind Themis" Natalia Agafevoy? In this regard, it is interesting opinions and tax authorities, as this increase the share capital, or was a fiction, and fraud, or we are dealing with a major tax offense committed by Neverov Dmitry on a large scale, as part of a group of persons upon prior agreement - as the -That way.

So what's a citizen Dmitry Neverov stolen? What kind of such a theft of 300 million rubles in question? Probably Neverov Dmitry again accidentally made a mistake or something messed up - incorrectly prepared a solution incorrectly somewhere found a bank statement confirming the application of funds, mistakenly went to the notary, mistakenly received a tax statement, approved the charter in the new edition, and so forth?

  According to preliminary estimates the fictitious increase of the authorized capital of "Smart Capital" LLC and entering this information in the Unified already contains actions Neverov Dmitry least two of crimes under Art. 170.1 and 159 of the Criminal Code, not to mention the false denunciation (Art. 306 of the Criminal Code).

So where to look in the face of major consequence of Justice George Sagotelova? Maybe the time has come, dear George Lyudvigovich "skate fingers" citizen Neverov Dmitry Anatolyevich? Do not rule out a bad heredity - in fact the name of the ancestors speaks for itself - "do not believe it!"