As it became known to, the Deposit Insurance Agency, the Bank of Russia and the police launched an investigation against the former director of the sports palace "Sokolniki", a co-owner of "Smart Bank" Alexander Chinov. He is suspected in the output in offshore billions of rubles of credit institutions. Chinov comes to the attention of operatives not the first time. In particular, he participated in the seizure of the property of the banker German Gorbuntsov, worth several billion dollars.
At the disposal of appeared materials, on which the checking in relation to Chinov was initiated. They say that March 28, 2016 the Central Bank revoked the license of CB "Smart Bank". "The bank does not comply with the requirements in the field of counteraction to legalization of income from crime, and financing of terrorism, without providing information to the authorized agency timely. “Smart Bank”, according to the regulator, was involved in carrying out suspicious transactions. The owners of the company had failed to take measures to normalize its work ", - stated in the decision of the Bank of Russia.
The results showed that the "hole" in the capital of the "Smart Bank" amounted to 4.26 billion rubles.
One of the main owners of the bank was Ltd. "Robin-Invest" BIN 1035001501864, founder of which is a citizen of the Russian Federation Alexander Chinov (20% stake).
Then in the materials that are available, is pointed, that much of the money, stolen from the "Smart Bank", could "pass" through an offshore company Alban Trading Inc. It was possible to find out, who is behind this company, thanks to "Panamanian dossier" - Archives of Mossack Fonsec- that became available recently.
"Identification of Chinov Alexander Alexandrovich is made by his protocol of interrogation of 23 June 2008, left by the investigator Lopatkin B.B., in which the address of registration is noticed: Novoslobodskaya Street, b.62, h.14, apt. 11. According to the data of "Panama" offshore companies, the following data is noticed there- Chinov Alexander, registered on the address in Russia, place of residence: Moscow, Novoslobodskaya Street, 62 / 14-11 ", - stated in the materials, received by the Central Bank and law enforcement agencies

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Troubles with the police will not be the first for Alexander Chinov. He has always been considered a "junior partner" of one of the largest shadow financiers Peter Chuvilin, who was recently convicted of fraud on four years in prison. In the 2000s, the closest business partner of Chuvilin was German Gorbuntsov, who managed to take control of many banks, to become the owner of the hockey club "Sparta" and the sports palace "Sokolniki". Alexander Chinov was appointed to manage the sports palace under the patronage of Chuvilin. But then the old partners quarreled because of $ 1billion - "shadow" means of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin - missing in one of the banks of Gorbuntsov.
   During the "showdown" Gorbuntsov was selected on the role of "guilty". In spring 2009, "authorities", related to Yakunin, with support of "Solntsevo" gangsters forced Gorbuntsov and his wife to rewrite properties worth $ 1 billion to the offshore company, including the sports palace "Sokolniki". An active role in this process on the side of Russian Railways took Chuvilin and our hero Alexander Chinov.
Gorbuntsov, fearing of further "raids", moved from Moscow to Moldova. There he owned the "Universal Bank". This structure became a major center of money laundering from the CIS countries for a time. However, the hand of Russian Railways took Gorbuntsov in Chisinau. Package of the "Universal Bank" shares bought a businessman Renat Usatiy. "This is a young, but very daring guy, behind which are big people - said one businessman, familiar with Usatiy - Most of the time he spent in Moscow. It is remarkable that he is officially listed as some employee of Railways here. However, he conceals this fact carefully. "
The result was that Usatiy began just to hound out Gorbuntsov from the "Universal Bank". A series of criminal cases have been initiated against Gorbuntsov in Moldova. And then Gorbuntsov decided to eliminate Usatiy. Entrusting this operation to his friend, the former employee of the Ministry of Interior of Moldova Ion Stratulat.
He choose the performers, but in September 2011 he was shot and killed during the bandit disassembly. Immediately after that Gorbuntsov moved to London.
Molavsky transit channel came under the control of Usatiy and an active role in its operation played Peter Chuvilin and the same Russian "Smart Bank", which was owned by Chinov.
In March 2012, Gorbuntsov suffered of murder attempt in London.
Also Alexander Chinov at the time gave false evidence that allowed sending staff of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Interior, Dmitry Tselyakov and Alexander Nosenko to prison. They have long been developed channels for money laundering, which controlled Chuvilin, Gorbuntsov and Chinov. As a result, detectives during the provocation went to jail themselves. It is noteworthy that Nosenko is a nephew of Tatiana Moskalkova, recently appointed as a Federal Ombudsman.