Russian Direct Investment Fund will acquire another foreign asset - the proportion of French Luminarc glass manufacturer. Manufacturer Ars International glassware (Luminarc brands, Arcoroc, Acropal, Chef & Sommelier) agreed with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and its French partner CDC International Capital (CDCIC, a division of the state Caisse des Depots) on the sale of the minority stake, reported Arc and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Perhaps it will buy an additional issue, the spokesman added RDIF. The transaction will involve two co-investors, they do not indicate the names of the partners. RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev says only that the Russian Fund invests in Arc with the "French and Middle Eastern partners" and receives a minority stake of its shares with a minimum guaranteed income. Investment and Russian Direct Investment Fund will CDCIS parity and make up to 250 million euros.

Meanwhile, according to experts access to the Russian market for foreign companies, as we are assured anti-corruption activists, is simply not possible without the participation of Russian Direct Investment Fund and its first head of Kirill Dmitriev. According to them, the head of the fund takes for it decent "kickbacks"!

The "ideal" report

Recently, the president Dmitry said: "We have invested 165 billion rubles. in high-tech industries and infrastructure projects, more than 40 billion rubles. - In the Far East, more than 25 billion rubles. - In export-oriented industries, "- said Dmitriev.

The problem is that the investment in the CRR and the Far East accompanied by corruption scandals, which is, of course, not Dmitriev told the president. Also not discussed Dmitrieva relationship with billionaire Oleg Deripaska. But it was also touched upon the sanctions.

It is worth noting that Dmitriev was not implemented within the time frame of cottage settlement project near Kiev (up to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis), in which investors have invested US $ 60 million. At the beginning of May 2011 along local trails appeared billboards informing investors about the delay in construction.

Kirill Dmitriev himself refused to comment on anything, it's calmed down, where $ 60 million - is unknown ...

"Cyrillic" growth

He began his career ascent Mr. Dmitriev at Stanford University in the United States and the subsequent work in the investment bank Goldman Sachs (New York) and McKinsey & Company consulting firm (Los Angeles).

Then, he was the chairman of the Russian Association of Direct and Venture Investment (RAVI) in 2005-2006. And finally he led the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Now Dmitriev - a figure more than weighty. In addition, he is the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund with the planned capital of 10 billion rubles, he also holds the post of Deputy Chairman of the Investment Council under the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Dmitriev held a series of transactions: sale DeltaBank GE company; Bank DeltaCredit company SocieteGenerale; shares of the company CTC Media FidelityInvestments; 3 TV companies holding "Prof-Media"; group "NCC" holding company "Basic Element"; shares of the company "Compulink" consortium of investment funds; as well as company NTK LMWH. In general, the transaction can not be called iconic and successful for the fund.

Cyril and "things" Oleg

But with "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska Dmitriev "special relationship". In January, Dmitriev has created a consortium of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, with the structures of Deripaska's holding company and the Chinese Changi. According to preliminary data, it has won the tender for the purchase of the Vladivostok airport, owned by the "Sheremetyevo".

Oleg Deripaska. How it will be Chinese?

Note that in the framework of the Davos Forum RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said that the consortium has good expectations turn out to be the winning bidder, as its offer is "very attractive." Does it offer informal, official did not elaborate. The consortium offered the best price -. About 8 billion rubles, however, in the airport and the price payable to VEB about 1.5 billion rubles.

So that the real price was 6.5 billion. The fact that an application for auction also served holding "Renova" "Airports of the regions", "Novaport" Roman Trotsenko and "Aeroinvest" (affiliated with the holding "Sindica" Senator Arsen Kanokov).

"Team" for every taste

One of the key players on the team is Dmitrieva Vitaly Slug, who served as advisor to the Criminal Code "Russian Direct Investment Fund" (selects for the Russian Direct Investment Fund in the field of information technology projects).

Lord Slug, in turn, is considered to be part of a team of ex-Minister Leonid Reiman. After Slug was previously one of MTT's top executives, led by the Department in the Ministry of Communication (at a time when the minister was Leonid Reiman) and managed by the operator "Synterra".

It is doubtful Lysechko and Victor, who until 2012 worked in the subsidiary "Vnesheconombank", "VEB Capital". Recall that in this month, law enforcement officers have completed the investigation of criminal case on the fact of the withdrawal of state ownership of gold deposits in the Trans-Baikal region, and 250 million rubles., Dedicated to his equipment.

Mr. Shulepov made a deal with the investigation and said that he acted solely under the supervision of (now former) Deputy Director General of the other "daughter" VEB - "VEB Capital" Yuri Zhdanov.

The former head of Web-capital Yuri Zhdanov

At that time, they say, that I helped Zhdanov just Lysechko ... Shulepov claimed that the alleged 49% stake in the company, which produces gold Andryushkinskom gold mine, then (after committing the fraud - Ed.) Had to be re-issued to the wife of Yuri Zhdanov.

A director of the center of attraction of investments in the regions of the Russian Federation Natalya Borisova was a member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, which for the inefficiency of simply eliminated at the end of last year.

Senior Advisor Dmitrieva Richard Ogdon organized a private placement of shares in companies "NOVATEK" and generally helped Leonid Michelson build his empire. Note that Leonid Michelson seen in a number of dubious financial transactions.

In favorable to Timchenko and Michelson 2010, the company controlled by shareholders "Novatek" Leonid Michelson and Gennady Timchenko, Dellawood Holdings Limited acquired 95% stake in "SIBUR Holding" from Gazprombank.

The transaction amount was not disclosed with Gazprombank. However, the first 25% of "SIBUR Holding" for the bank sold 37.5 billion rubles, as reported in its IFRS report.

From this amount, the whole "Sibur" was estimated at about 150 billion rubles. Some observers believe that Michelson bought "Sibur" to "money left" and "Gazprombank" knowing this, did not disclose the information. Selling "LUKOIL" 66% work in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the company "Geoilbent" Michelson only portrayed the appearance of the tender.

Perhaps he was trying to obtain from the heads of corporations not considered by anyone (even offshore accounts) additional payments "live" money.

What makes Dmitriev? In fact, he simply buys shares of companies that place their assets on the stock exchanges, such as the recent acquisition of a little less than half of the total shares of the retailer's "Tape".

A consortium of Russian Direct Investment Fund, Baring Vostok Private Equity and UFG Private Equity has acquired a controlling stake in KARO Film. Nothing special. But Kirill leads friendship with questionable billionaires, which allows them to claim victory in the tender ...

"Feeder" for Dmitrieva

After the Russian Direct Investment Fund will be independent from the bank, Dmitriyev will allocate finances Fund without regard to the opinion of management of VEB. Recall that the capital under the control of Russian Direct Investment Fund of $ 10 billion.

Since its inception, Russian Direct Investment Fund has invested and approved for this purpose more than 760 billion rubles, including 70 billion rubles - means RDIF and more than 690 billion rubles - means of co-investors, partners and banks.

Most margin RDIF brought "sale" of assets, arranged Kirill Dmitriev lately. For example, the sale of shares in "Rostelecom" and part of a package in the Moscow Stock Exchange and "Alrosa" in the years 2014-2016 provided the ruble yield fund at 33, 23 and 35% per annum.

Experts fear that as soon as the Russian Direct Investment Fund will become an independent structure from VEB, it will turn into a real feeder Dmitriev and his subordinates.

SALOedny interest?

Experts point out that the public questionnaire from Kirill Dmitriev data available on the Internet, have recently become the data that he is a native of Kiev.

The place of birth and Ukrainian relations Kirill Dmitriev not written on the official website of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, or Wikipedia or other popular biographical resources.

As it turned out, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, not only spent his childhood in the Ukraine, but also received an influential Ukrainian politicians. For example, in the late 2000s, Kirill Dmitriev was president of private equity fund Icon Private Equity to assets in excess of $ 1 billion, which is the main investor in Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk (in-law of ex-President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine).

This oligarch is a business partner (in the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant - Ed.), The owner of the group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky, who is considered one of the main sponsors of the "euromaidan" and "investor" destroyer battalions conducting aggression against the population of Donbass.

A Ukrainian TV channels ICTV and STB belonging Pinchuk, constantly "throw mud" Russia, as a whole, and Putin in particular. And Kirill Dmitriev is often referred to as "manager Victor Pinchuk."

Ukrainian tycoon Viktor Pinchuk. The former "boss" of our hero?

However, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund and was able to "take". After all, when Dmitriev (during his work on the Ukrainian oligarch) was not implemented within the time near Kiev cottage settlement project in which investors have invested $ 60 million. Then, many Kiev residents seriously feared that the finances allocated for this project could be "sawed" .

Of course, after the deterioration of relations between Russia and Ukraine Dmitriev tried to "clean up" their biography. By the way, the relationship with the Ukrainian oligarchs can prevent him to retain the post of head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund after the "reform" of the fund.

Ukrainian "conclusions"

Previously, Kirill Dmitriev was involved in bank scandal in Ukraine, directly related to the Russian Federation. This is due to the activities of Ukrainian Prominvestbank, which from 2009 to 98.60% owned by the Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank.

Judging by the official website of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev is a member of the Board of Directors of Prominvestbank. In August 2014 Ukrainian portal «» appeared scandalous article about the Chairman of the Board of Prominvestbank Viktor Bashkirov.

It was written that Bashkirov allegedly have accounts in Austria in an extremely precarious foundation, which regularly withdraw money from the Ukraine (probably from Prominvestbank - Ed.), As well as accounts in Cyprus. In fact, this kind of "common fund" to manage the funds that may himself a banker, and, according to the «», his friend - "Kremlin financier" Kirill Dmitriev.

Based on the information Ukrainian journalists, there is a version that the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund may be involved in the withdrawal of assets from the "daughter" VEB. It seems that this conjecture is already worth checking security officials.

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