In Nizhny Novgorod, held a press conference of the Communist Party of the NRA, on the upcoming election campaign for election of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region.

Get good 'legacy'?

Among the nominees was also director of the "Military-Memorial Company" Oleg Shelyag. He should take the place of Alexander Gorshkov, which is now "in places not so remote"

Gorshkov was convicted of committing crimes under the third and fourth parts of the article. 159.2 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale, committed to receive public subsidies).

Investigation and the court found that during 2011 Gorshkov, with a view to fraudulently obtain budget subsidies for reimbursement of expenses for payment of interest on trust loans under the program of development of agriculture, concluded the agreement with the bank on opening a non-updated credit line for various large sums.

"The main gravedigger" laws?

The work of the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery (FSUE "FVMK"), which is administered by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, is a lot of questions!

FSUE "FVMK" quite closely cooperates with JSC "Military Memorial Company" (WFC).

The fact that in 2015 the head of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FVMK" Dmitry Korobtsov and CEO of WMC Oleg Shelyag signed a cooperation agreement, so that WMC retained its status as the only organization, which entrusted the preparation and holding of mourning at the main cemetery in Russia.

This agreement between FVMK and WFC, according to experts, violates the antitrust laws. At the same time before the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has already said, the two offices trite conspiracy!

Then Antimonopolschiki found that the Ministry of Defense, to put it mildly, has eliminated most of the participants of the competition for placement of state orders for the provision of services in the manufacture and installation of headstones of deceased servicemen.

As a result, it won JSC "ICH".

At the same time the Ministry of Defence assumed the obligation to "promote the WFC and its structures", "promote among the personnel of the Armed Forces of information materials about the activity."

In fact, "Military Memorial Company" for many years was the "chief gravedigger" for vinisterstva defense, military spending budget money for the funeral!

"Peace," they can only dream of?

CJSC "ICH" for many years, in fact, is the direct recipient of the public money. For example, it reached 1.5 bln. Rubles in 2007, the company's revenue.

However, the monopoly of VSC was able to put an end to representatives of the FAS and other participants of the funeral business (through the courts - Ed.).. But the head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FVMK" Dmitry Korobtsov again gave WFC "monopoly" on the "military funeral."

The agreement on cooperation between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FVMK" and ZAO WMC was signed in early February 2015.

Obviously, the head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FVMK" Dmitry Korobtsov consistently defended the interests of the general director Oleg Shelyagova WMC. The fact that by helping Shelyagovu, Korobtsov actually engaged in lobbying, chapter FVMK little interest.

It is worth noting that now FVMK is a monumental complex of office buildings, empty columbarium and only 2 dozen graves!

According to official data, the entire memorial complex FVMK located on the territory of 53 hectares in the suburban area of ​​Mytishchi and is funded entirely by the federal budget. Only the creation of FVMK (within three years) has been spent 2 billion 800 million rubles.

Overall, the need FVMK state has allocated 6 billion. Rubles, planning to post here about 40 thousand graves.

I would like to know on what management of FSUE "FVMK" spent those 6 billion. Rubles, if the cemetery has about two dozen graves?

Corruption on the bones?

Why leadership of FSUE "FVMK" so diligently uses the services is CJSC "IUD"?

Media wrote that the commercial activities of the WFC military bodies have been involved. Journalists write that WMC monthly paid "encourage" a number of Ministry of Defence and the military commissariat officials.

Now it seems clear exactly what the head of the WFC Oleg Shelyag drew the head of FSUE "FVMK" Dmitry Korobtsova. I wonder how much to offer Mr Shelyag top manager Korobtsovu as "payment for loyalty" (in the sense of victory in the tender). Maybe a prestigious place in the churchyard?

Military memorial story

Established in 1997, the efforts of the "Group of VSK" and a number of individuals WMC has long been a pioneer in the perpetuation of the memory of the dead and the dead defenders of the Fatherland by the state.

The "Group of FAC" is the OJSC "Military Insurance Company" (FAC). This structure holds Sergey Tsikalyuk.

Previously, he was an officer of the General Political Department of the Ministry of Defence and is rumored to have once enjoyed the support of the first deputy chairman of Sberbank Alla Aleshkina.

Sergey Tsikalyuk, chairman of the Military Insurance Company

Formally, the JSC "Military Memorial Company" was established OOO "VEK-B," and four Russian citizens (croakers, Slipchenko, Solovyov and Starosadchivym). But the company "AGE-B" is connected with the FAC.

The founder of "AGE-B" is still the same Sergey Tsikalyuk previously labor in the Ministry of Defense. It is believed that due to the relations in the military, Mr. Tsikalyuk could get lucrative contracts WFC and the Ministry of Defense.

Extracts from the register by CJSC "AGE-B"

Extract from the register on the JSC "Military Memorial Company"

"Grease" the commissar?

Relationship WMC and the Defense Ministry have been based on a flexible legislative framework and friendship with the leadership of the military commissariat.

According to the federal law on burial and funeral business, departments and agencies are required to pay the production of tombstones for those who worked in their structures.

Russian Ministry of Defense pays funeral home for burial, manufacturing and installation of the monument to the deceased pensioner (formerly dress from 8 to 12 thousand. Rubles).

In addition, under federal law for veterans, military department pays the funeral services for the disposal.

In 1999, the Defense Ministry on the results of the competition for the placement of state orders for the production and installation of monuments of the dead and the dead soldiers signed an agreement with JSC "Military Memorial Company."

But, as has been said, the representatives of the antimonopoly authorities declared illegal a number of contracts WFC and the military.

Interestingly, the cases of lobbying on the part of IUD guide local military offices have been recorded in a number of Russian regions. It is known, for example, that only the Voronezh branch of JSC "Military Memorial Company" in 2002, Voronezh Regional Military Commissioner Vladimir Kalashnikov sent by district military commissariat letter with the order to pay the fabrication and installation of monuments.

In other regions, representatives of military enlistment offices also protect the interests of the WFC. This suggests that the military commissioners can receive from top managers of the branches of the WFC "envelopes of happiness"!

The cemetery on the rails?

It should be noted that the CEO of WFC Oleg Shelyag associated with the army is much smaller than the former owner of the company Sergey Tsikalyuk.

Shelyag was a member of the Board of JSC "GLOBEXBANK", served as advisor to the head of "KIT Finance - Holding Company" and the first deputy general director of "KIT Finance - Investment Bank", then was senior vice-president - Director of Directorate "TransCreditBank" regional business, and from 2012 he worked in the largest Russian non-state pension fund NPF "Welfare" in the position of adviser to the executive director, where he was responsible for corporate pension holding Railways system.

Oleg Shelyag, general director of JSC "Military Memorial Company"

Since 2012, he also serves on the Board of Directors of JSC "Military Memorial Company", which was headed in 2013.

After the FAS looked closer to the WMC and deprived her of many of the "monopoly of Preferences", the profit of JSC "Military Memorial Company" has taken a beating, and the losses, on the contrary, has increased enormously. So, for example, in 2012-2015 WMC losses ranged from 400 to 700 million rubles a year.

After the hosts WFC decided to sell the structure, the main shareholder of JSC "VMK" became the largest private foundation in the country - NPF "Welfare", controlled by JSC "Russian Railways".

Vladimir Yakunin, a former head of Russian Railways

Controlled railroad NPF bought WMC when Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin supervised. Yakunin repaired and top managers of NPF seemed attractive extensive branch network of ICH.

They decided that the last of the dead railroad pension can be spent at their funeral services through ZAO WMC, and the fund thus demonstrate the "social responsibility" of business.

Conclusion assets?

Ultimately, the NPF "Welfare" has acquired CJSC "VMK", and over the past five years, the foundation has sent more than 7 bln. Rubles for the development of pension points of sales, staff training and the endless restructuring and modernization of the cumbersome, but hopeless structure.

It turns out that a former top manager of NPF "Welfare", and now CEO of CJSC "ICH" Oleg Shelyag could do from the "funeral" campaign Railways real mechanism for "cutting."

It is interesting also that Oleg Shelyag receives 5 million per month. Rubles, and their "funeral", he turns the business with the support of Russian Railways.

As social activists claim he could share the "kickbacks" to himself Yakunin. Given the fact that the investigators have already begun searches of former top managers of Russian Railways, Yakunin loyal, the visit of the investigative group in the "Military-Memorial Company" office is expected in the near future.