Savior Warsaw

Lately trouble just hit the head of the former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky, the controlling group "Estar". For example, recently the assets Warsaw were arrested in France.

According to media reports, security measures were imposed on four French wine company with registered capital of about 400 million euros, which Vadim Varshavsky owns jointly with his wife, as well as on the company Etoile 06.

Earlier, a petition for the arrest of Russian businessman's assets to the French authorities asked the VTB Bank, which Vadim Varshavsky as a personal guarantor owed almost 2 billion rubles.

Now the owner of "ESTAR" an urgent need to address issues with creditor banks. Experts do not exclude that Vadim Varshavsky will resort to the help of a co-founder "of the Academy of Boxing" and the president of the National Association of Timber Kurgina Timothy, who is called "representative Vadim Varshavsky in the banking community."

Recall that Timothy (Teimuraz) Kurgin - a former boxer (archived copy), I went to the Ananiev brothers who finance some of its projects. Apparently, through Warsaw could get access to the "Promsvyazbank" Ananyev brothers. Other banks are afraid to give credit to him.

Boxer with links

The media mentioned about Mr. Kurgin as a professional "reshaly" (most use the term "reshalschik"). It was he who, according to rumors, is engaged in "problem solving" Mr. Warsaw. It is possible that this Kurgin Timothy uses his wealth of experience, "a military solution to the issues" gained even in the "dashing 90".

Now, generally known in the business Kurgin field, although the sport (especially boxing) he forgets. After he became a co-founder of "Boxing Academy," Mr. Kurgin had grown even more relevant links to it.

Timothy Kurgin, president of the National Association of Timber (pictured right)

The fact is that in this "Academy" train the various VIP-persons. For example, in the "Academy of Boxing" they spend their workout member of Gazprombank's board of directors Andrey Montenegro and the director general of the state joint-stock company "Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" Alexander Braverman (archive link), which was previously a long time was the CEO of the Federal Fund for Housing Development construction.

Friendship with Chemezov

In addition, Timothy Kurgina suspected of having links with the leadership of the State Corporation "Rostec", which supports a number of initiatives co-founder of 'Boxing Academy. "

For example, in December 2015 Kurgin was the organizer of the event, when the legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather open workout arranged directly in the concert hall "Russia". So, in the organization of this event was attended by "Russian Timber Group", which is a shareholder Kurgin and state corporation "Rostec".

Sergei Chemezov, the head of "Rostec"

But the March 5, 2016 in Moscow HSS "Friendship" there was a meeting of boxing between the youth teams of Russia and Cuba. Organized sports activities "Academy of Boxing" and the Boxing Federation of Russia, with the support of "Russian Forest Group" and the corporation "Rostec".

In a number of Internet resources it said that the head of "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov is the president of "Boxing Academy" and the master of the sport of boxing (archive link). His son won the open championship of the force of impact in his age category.

Of course, with the support of Sergey Chemezov, Timothy Kurgin can easily solve the issues related not only to sports, but also with the business. By the way, for the president of the National Association of Timber boxing and business have always been linked.

For example, he did not just invited to Russia famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, but actually made it his business partner. Thus, in February 2016 the media reported that Floyd Mayweather could become co-owner of a network of wholesale and distribution centers (CRC) "Four Seasons", owned by Timothy Kurgin and Ananiev brothers, and eventually become their partner even in the forestry business. Journalists wrote that Mayweather is going to buy 10-25% of the "Four Seasons" for $ 20-50 million, based on the valuation of an asset of $ 200 million.

Obviously, Kurgin combines business with sports, extracting from it a lot of advantages for themselves. Basically, a former boxer looking for in the "sports and economic cooperation" profitable connections for him.

In connection with the Ananyev

One of the main partners Kurgina business are already mentioned above brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev, owning "Promsvyazbank". So Kurgina Ananyev and wood processing have a joint business - this is the above-mentioned holding "Russian Timber Group" (LRH), combining two plants in Irkutsk region a total capacity of 2.2 million cubic meters. per year. Annual revenue is approximately 10-11 billion rubles, and profitability on EBITDA -. 25%. According to recent reports, LRH plans to acquire three more assets in the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territories.

Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev, the owners of "Promsvyazbank"

Also (as mentioned above) and Kurgin Ananiev own two wholesale distribution centers (CRC) long-term storage of food in the Moscow region with the capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORC and are called "Four Seasons."

These ORC are on the balance of LLC "Finans Invest." This company is owned by three shareholders: by 47.17% in Cyprus Iontis Investments and Contirta Holding, another 5.66% in Russian "Terra Invest".

All three of the owner "Invest Finance" owned by another Cypriot company Jakardis Holdings, which, in turn, owns Saltinnes with the British Virgin Islands. Kurgin Timothy says that "The Four Seasons" on a parity basis, belong to him and "Promsvyazkapitalu" Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. On a number of informational resources Kurgin Set as General Director of "Invest Finance".

Besides Timothy Kurgin is a shareholder "Mosselprom-Domodedovo". In February 2014 Ananiev with Kurgin purchased from OFK Bank structures the company "Finansinvest", which managed to build on the site near Moscow, in 19 hectares of two warehouse complex is 43 000 sq. m. The new owners have registered for the project management company "Mosselprom-Domodedovo" and increased the land area to 30 hectares.

The murder of the deputy Sergei Skorochkina

Of course, right now Timothy Kurgin much better known as a businessman, but in the "dashing 90" this gentleman, then known as Teimuraz Kurgin, associated primarily with the world of crime. Moreover, Kurgin even featured in the famous in the 90's documentary series "Criminal Russia". In particular, Teimuraz Kurgin was a member of the scandal with the murder in 1995 of the State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkina.

According to the official version, on the night of February 2, 1995 Sergei Skorochkina kidnapped in one of the bars near Moscow Zaraysk. Then the gunmen brutally killed him. During the investigation it became clear that Sergei Skorochkina killed because of the conflict with his business partner Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneur Nikolai Lopukhov.

Back in 1994, the deputy Skorochkin sold merchant Lopukhov distillery. But then I decided that Mr. Lopukhov underpaid him $ 380 thousand., And began to demand the return of the debt.

Sergey Skorochkin killed the deputy of the State Duma

As a result, Mr. Lopukhov attracted to the "conflict resolution" with Skorochkina "reputable merchant" Oleg Lipkin, who organized the kidnapping and murder of the deputy. Investigators found that the direct perpetrators of the crime were Teimuraz Kurgin Alexey Evseev Sergey Zorin Victor Moskalev.

It is known that the November 29, 1998 Mosolbsud sentenced the accused in the murder of Oleg Lipkin and Teimuraz Kurgina to 5.5 and 4.5 years in prison. Both were found guilty in the kidnapping of the deputy.

However, then the jury acquitted Lipkin and Kurgina and their accomplices (Nikolai Lopukhov, Victor Moskalev, Sergey Zorin and Alexei Yevseyev). Rumor has it that all the defendants "otmazatsya" their "protectors". This Mosoblprokuratury was strongly disagrees with this acquittal and appealed it to the Supreme Court.

In the early 2000s there was a new trial for the murder of Sergei Skorochkina. But Teimuraz Kurgin was released from criminal responsibility "for the lapse of time." It turns out that the re-examination of the "case Skorochkina" Kurgina was released not because he is innocent, but only in connection with "time-barred". Thus, we can not exclude the version of involvement in the murder of Kurgina Skorochkina.

On this version of the evidence and testimony, voiced in a series of "Murder Skorochkina deputy" of the TV project "Criminal Russia".

Timur (Timothy - Ed.) Kurgin, deputy murder accomplice Skorochkina (this photo is shown on the video "Criminal Russia" for 21 minutes 46 seconds via the link)

Timothy Kurgin (right), owner of LRH, with coach Michael Kozlowski

"The murder of the deputy Skorochkina" series of TV project "Criminal Russia" is taken from YouTUBE. On the 20th minute a comment begins Alexey Evseev, which tells about the role of Timur (Timothy - Ed.) In the murder of the deputy Skorochkina

In this video Aleksey Yevseyev tells of involvement in the murder of Sergei Skorochkina some of Timur, a 21-minute 46-second video shows the picture of a young Timothy Kurgina (Timothy and Timur - this is one and the same person - Ed.). Thus, the version of the involvement in the murder of Kurgina Skorochkina not only can not be excluded, but, on the contrary, it is possible to recognize it as the basic.

It turns out that the president of the National Association of Timber was implicated in the murder of State Duma deputy, but resigned from liability.

Contact Timothy Kurgina with the "thieves in law"

The details of the "way of life" co-founder "Boxing Academy" can be read in the blogosphere. So, for example, recently in the blog "Notes Observer" published an article entitled "" Criminal biography "Timothy Kurgina" authored by Theodore Severova. In this article the author asserts that Timothy Kurgin was supposedly a disciple of the famous crime boss Sergey Timofeev (better known as Sylvester), the late leader of the gang Orekhov.

Sergey Timofeev (aka Sylvester), the late leader of the gang Orekhovskaya

The article also reported Severova communication Kurgina and kingpin Shakro Young (aka Zachary Kalash). The blogger claims that Kurgin Shakro and were at one time (in 1999) in an investigatory insulator №1, better known as the "Sailor's Silence". Fedor Severs also writes that Timothy Kurgin spent in prison 5 years (until he was acquitted).

Rumor Shakro bet on sports outgoing 20-year-old boy and put him "staring" for the prison. At the same time, according to Fedorov, Shakro made Kurgin so-called thieves approach (translated in the status of "thief in law" or the coronation). Kurgin refused, citing the conflict Shakro and leader of the "Izmailovsky" Sergei Aksyonov (Aksena). With the latest Kurgin not only trained as a boxer in a sports hall in Lyubertsy, but was friendly.

Zachary Kalash (aka Shakro Young), kingpin

Upon his release, Kurgin, apparently, decided to engage with the crime. Fedor Severs writes that it (Kurgina departure from crime - Ed.) Was the reason for the conflict and the rupture of relations with another "thief in law" - Mr. Lipkin (Oleg Lipkin law enforcement authorities relate to the leaders Izmailovskaya-golyanovskoy groups - approx. Ed.).

In expert circles it is believed that Timothy Kurgin has long been personally involved in the "warring", but still reportedly still maintains his connection with the underworld. By the way, according to rumors, the same Shakro Young secretly involved in the management agroklasterom "Food City".

I wonder whether the activity does not meet "kurginskoy" base "4 Seasons" in Domodedovo with the "thieves 'business' Shakro Young? It seems that the answer to this question is to look for the investigators.

Warsaw Business can not be saved?

Using the services of Timothy Kurgina as "authoritative reshalshika" Vadim Varshavsky, according to experts, is trying to save his business. But it is doubtful that he will be able to do it. The fact is that the assets of Warsaw is now experiencing enormous difficulties. For example, a crisis situation at the Rostov electro-metallurgical plant (REMZ), which monitors Warsaw.

Local residents and officials are extremely dissatisfied with malodorous emissions from this plant. And recently, Warsaw demanded to prosecute, as REMZ malicious way violates the rights of residents of the Rostov region to a safe environment. Earlier, by the way, Warsaw already drove their companies in crisis situations and in the "debt trap".

Vadim Varshavsky, owner of "ESTAR"

For example, in Warsaw debts Guryev Metallurgical Works (GMZ) has doubled. In 2013, GMZ loss amounted to RUB 684.6 million. When GMZ has entered the Metallurgical Holding "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky, its assets were laid structures of "Mechel" of the loan of $ 945 million. As a result, "Estar" lost GMZ. It seems that it will soon lose control of Warsaw and of its other assets.

By the way, inside the "Estar" groups often occur "dubious machinations' of debt. Take, for example, the story of "Metallplat" - modest Dagestan company that has managed to increase the debt to "Estar" to 5 billion rubles. Despite the fact that we are not talking about bills, but the real, according to "ESTAR", supply of the metal. In this case, the representatives of "Metallplata" may be suspected in the withdrawal of assets.

Also remember the "debt scandal" from Rostov mine "East". In 2012, it declared bankrupt, and the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region has entered into bankruptcy proceedings against the mine, which is then repeatedly extended.

Accounts payable of the enterprise included in the register, was then already more than 1.8 billion rubles. Last time extension to the debtor issued in mid-November 2015. Surprisingly, the mine owner Vadim Varshavsky revenues grew parallel to the sum of the debt of his enterprise. This fact is clearly hints at withdrawal of assets.

According to experts, a special talent manifested in the destruction of Warsaw. When investigators understood the role that the current at the time the State Duma deputy Warsaw has played in the fate of the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant, in their field of vision came and laid under the loan mobilization reserves, and the mass withdrawal of the released to the plant resources, and the threat of bankruptcy of the main enterprise with six thousand workers.

By the way, Warsaw already bankrupt and was even for this reason, restricted to leave. In 2009, the Warsaw property seized, and he was very limited travel abroad.

Novosibirsk Metallurgical Works and trading house "Estar", belonging to Warsaw, while the Bank of Moscow owed more than 364 million rubles, and the businessman acts as a guarantor for these loans. The district courts of Moscow and Novosibirsk sanctioned the arrest of non-residential premises owned by the Warsaw and Moscow imposed a penalty on half of its earnings in the State Duma.

In addition, Vadim Varshavsky was involved in other scandals. So he was suspected of control «VIP-den" under the guise of an exotic "Golden Dragon and K", which is lodged right in the historic building of the Club "rubber" of the plant. According to press information, control over this brothel belonged personally to Mr. Warsaw.

More Vadim Varshavsky suspect that he has committed raider attack on the leadership of the coal mine "Steppe", which is located near the town of the Montenegrin in the Republic of Khakassia. In this capture on the host side "ESTAR" participated crime boss with Dmitri Kuzbass Cellular and another 40 armed fighters.

Apparently, a passion for the use of force "in common" Kurgina and Warsaw. Now they both can come siloviki. Obviously, if Kurgin and Warsaw will have to answer for their "mischief", then both of them waiting "state house".

However, it seems that the president of the National Association of Timber is no stranger to the realities of the prison, but the ex-deputy of the State Duma will only get prison experience. Contact with "places not so remote," according to experts, is the logical outcome of the activities of the two "bosses business" using the methods of the "dashing 90".

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