State Duma deputy Dzhamaladin Hasanov sent a personal request to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika c demanding an investigation on the subject of the relationship between the auditors of the Accounting Chamber (AC) of the Russian Federation and the managers of the companies involved in pricing in the construction industry.

The fact that since 2013 Mr Roslyak is the auditor of the Accounting Chamber. Earlier, Yuri Vitalievitch already suspected of corrupt ties with the bank "Moscow Lights". In the case of his daughter received a prison sentence suspended.

At this time it is more serious: the issue of pricing in the construction sector have raised the deputies of the State Duma Konstantin Fedorov and Anton Romanov.

"The servants of the people" were asked to check the affiliation auditor Yuri Roslyak with monopoly pricing in construction in Moscow, which is headed by his close friend - Larisa Piedmont.

These deputies were sent requests for Chairman of the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Chairman of Accounting Chamber Tatyana Golikova.

The reason for the same was that the mechanisms were opened overpricing large federal construction projects and traceable persons involved in it.


Prices of construction works to be financed from the federal budget, forms a "Federal center of price formation in construction and building materials industry" (FAA FTSTSS). At the end of 2014 as a result of claims to the validity of the rates and methods of work organization head FTSTSS Eugene Ermolaev he was fired.

What does Roslyak? The problem is that Yermolaev argued - the scandal around the estimates initiated Yuri Roslyak JV auditor in order to put in place the head of his man!

After February 15, 2015 approved the new composition of the Supervisory Board FTSTSS, which included Larisa Piedmont, which is associated with Yuri Roslyak as media reported, "a long and strong business relationship."

Until 2002, she was the CEO of LLC "Stroyproektinvest-3", whose owner, is an ex-deputy head of the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development Yuri Petrov - slave Roslyak. Currently Petrov owns a large package "NS Bank" specializing in work with construction companies. But Piedmont has been on the board of directors "of the National Assembly of the bank", being and its minority shareholder (3.44%).

Since May 2016 led by Irina FTSTSS Lischenko previously worked in "Olympstroy". Larisa Piedmont thus became part of the Scientific Expert Council at the Ministry of Construction on pricing, which deals with the reform of pricing and budget normalization in the construction.

And now the Ministry of Construction guides Mikhail Men, as well as Roslyak, formerly deputy mayor of Moscow. Roslyak worked with Yuri Luzhkov, head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development, the first deputy mayor in the Moscow government. Experts note that Roslyak had the protection of the then owner of "Inteko" Elena Baturina.

It was said that even then Roslyak supervised in the capital a number of commercial and government agencies. For example, "Mosstroytseny" - is close to Roslyakov organization dedicated to creating standards of Moscow estimates used to determine the cost of construction projects.

In 2010 Roslyak even named among the potential candidates for the post of mayor.

The claim that the validity of the regulations in the formation of prices in some cases doubtful. The regulations originally laid great opportunities for corruption.

So, there is a graph that allows you to write off the "other expenses" up to 50-70% of construction budget!

According to official information, the Chamber of Accounts, in charge of Yuri Roslyak construction is not included, it is engaged in "means intergovernmental transfers to the budgets of Russian Federation subjects and municipalities, and the expenditure of funds for housing and utilities and regional investments."

"My family"

Recall, the ex-president of the bank "Moscow Lights" Roslyak Maria - the daughter of Yuri Roslyak. This capital of the bank "Moscow Lights" had problems when there disappeared 6.2 billion rubles. And the most interesting part of the money was stolen from the deposits of depositors.

Maria Roslyak pleaded guilty, went to deal with the investigation and began to testify to everyone who was involved in the withdrawal of funds from the bank.

Only, as it turns out, according to security officials, in 2010-2014 Maria Roslyak, using official position, gave out loans to companies controlled by the bank's management. So she stole more than 6.2 billion rubles!

Mary figured Roslyak long enough in this case as a witness. However, this status could not save her. Now it has become the accused. But the most unusual is that in the end the court found the daughter of Yuri Roslyak guilty on all three counts of crimes and sentenced her to four years' imprisonment in a penal colony. But, given the extenuating circumstances - the presence of two minor children and pregnancy, delayed execution of punishment for 10 years !!!

On the sidelines saying that "Roslyak hand" felt in the verdict. But directly he could not act. But in 2010 he defended the deputy mayor of Moscow Alexander Ryabinin, oversees the city's investment, against whom criminal proceedings were instituted. He extorted businessman non-residential premises, the press in the UPC. By the way, Ryabinin was close to Yuri Luzhkov and Elena Baturina.

Not so good

Recently, 29 June, the Council of the Federation was approved a bill radically changes the system of the estimated valuation and pricing in construction. The Urban Development Code for the first time introduced the concept of estimated norms.

This means that no longer will mahinirovat prices. But does this amnesty Yuri Roslyakov, if it does, he inflated the price for the construction of their own selfish interests? Before the election, the TFR and Prosecutor General's Office will not ignore the requests of deputies. Roslyak have to check, despite all his influence.