continues to talk about the circumstances and the customer of the murder of the deputy general director of the FLC Andrei Burlakov. The perpetrator of this crime was Ruslan Yurtov, a killer from the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). But who gave the command to eliminate Burlakov remained unknown. SKR, comparing the collected data, decided that the “customer” is the former general director of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC) Nail Malyutin. He received a sentence for embezzlement of funds of the FLC, after serving which he left for Austria. Indeed, there was a conflict between Burlakov on the one hand and Malyutin and Aslan Gagiev on the other. The latter under the name of Sergey Morozov was one of the leading employees of the FLC. The conflict was due to an unsuccessful investment in the purchase of three shipyards: two in Germany and the Ocean shipyard in Ukraine.

Malyutin did not wait for the charges of the murder of Burlakov, and recently transmitted to the FSB audio and video recordings made in the office of the FLC. Often, the Jaco group committed the killings right there. According to the sources, among others there was a recording of the conversation of Malyutin with the ex-Minister of Energy Igor Yusufov. Yusufov was the main investor in the purchase of shipyards, which Burlakov instructed to manage. He did not manage, and Yusufov wanted to transfer the shipyard to other managers. The ex-minister was able to get German shipyards under his control, but Burlakov held on to the Ocean very tightly. In this he was helped by the common-law spouse of businesswoman Anna Etkina. As a result, Yusufov at the FLC office asked Malyutin to arrange a “landing” of this pair. Well, if everything is going to turn out badly, then the issue can be resolved even more radically ...

And then the plan began to be implemented. In December 2009, Burlakov was arrested for embezzlement of funds of the FLC. But Atkina remained at large, who was not going to part with the Ocean. Then, right on the street, militants from the Jaco gang kidnapped her and forcibly brought her to the FLC office. There, Malyutin tried to convince a woman to sign the documents necessary for the transfer of the "Ocean" under the control of Yusufov. She refused, and then she was loaded into an SUV and taken to the suburbs. There they planned to force the woman to put their autographs, under the necessary documents, and then kill them. Saved her case. The car with the bandits and the hostage was stopped by the traffic police, the police saw a woman with her companions in a foreign car. And the bosses of the attackers decided that after such a "flare" Anna should be released. And just a couple of days later, detectives came for Etkina. She was arrested in a case involving a FLC asset fraud.

According to sources at, when Burlakov and Etkina ended up in jail, Yusufov had already taken control of the Ocean. He even replaced the CEO. But soon Burlakov and Etkina were released and won back everything. However, the couple understood that it would be difficult for them to wage a war with Yusufov for a long time. And Burlakov began to look for a powerful ally. And he found one in the person of the authoritative St. Petersburg businessman Ilya Traber, better known as Antiquary. Then it was the turn to begin to get nervous Yusufova. If the "Ocean" came under the control of Antiquar, Yusufov could not have done anything.

And then the second, “more radical option" was involved, which was discussed at the meeting between Yusufov and Malyutin in the office of the FLC. The corresponding request of Yusufov was transferred to Aslan Gagiev, and he gave the go-ahead to his staff killer, employees of the metropolitan police Ruslan Yurtov. He tracked down when Burlakov and Etkina arrived at the Khutorok restaurant in Moscow and opened fire on them. Burlakov died of his wounds, and doctors saved Etkin.

 To be continued

Zakhar Belotserkovsky