The TFR expects that Aslan Gagiev (Djako), the leader of the most bloody killer group, on account of which 80 murders, will still be extradited to Russia from Austria in the near future. While in Vienna, Jaco denies his guilt. However, as soon as he steps on Russian soil, his position will clearly change. It's one thing to refuse in Austria, where there are still ghostly hopes of avoiding extradition of the Russian Federation and go free. It is quite another matter when he finds himself in the Russian SIZO with the prospect of a life sentence. Here, Jaco will undoubtedly "pierce" and he will speak. Frankness promises Gagiev good conditions of detention and serving time. For examples, it is not necessary to go far, in the same situation, ex-Senator Igor Izmestyev became extremely frank with the investigators. And Gagiev can tell a lot of interesting things. First of all, on the circumstances of one of the most high-profile crimes of the grouping-the shooting of Andrei Burlakov, deputy director of Financial Leasing Company.

In 2008, the management of OAO "FLC" in the person of the first deputy director of the company Andrei Burlakov decided to purchase two Wadan shipyards from the Norwegian concern Aker Yards, located in the German cities of Warnemund and Wismar. As a partner in the transaction, Andrei Burlakov attracted the President's special representative for international energy cooperation and a member of Gazprom's board of directors Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaly. Then there was a conflict between the Yusufovs and Burlakovs, during which the latter was killed. As established by the TFR, the crime was committed by members of the grouping of Aslan Gagiyev (aka Morozov). Clearly, they were not "customers". Yusufov himself, during interrogation, whose protocols previously published, categorically denied any involvement in the deal with the shipyards and related criminal events. However, questioned in Oslo at the request of Russian investigators, Tom Einertsen denied such evidence Yusufov. He said that the then special envoy of the president was one of the main characters in the deal - Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaly Yusufov became owners of Wadan Yards. publishes the protocol of interrogation of Tom Einertsen. If the testimony of Aslan Gagiyev is added to these statements, then Igor Yusufov, in connection with the execution of Burlakov, will have huge problems.

Source: Ruciminal