On the eve of the 2018 offensive, the Moscow City Court sent a former spetsnaz officer Yevgeny Yashkin to be forced into custody, charged with complicity in 25 murders committed as part of an organized criminal community of Aslan Gagiyev (Jaco) criminal organization. Now the TFR is completing the investigation against the whole brigade, which was part of the OPS. On her account such a resonant crime as the murder of former first deputy director of OAO "FLC" Andrei Burlakov. It was done by the ex-operative of the threat to Ruslan Yurtov.

In the case of the murder of Burlakov, a major figure was the head of the Energia fund, Igor Khanukovich Yusufov. Rucriminal.com wrote about this in detail and quoted the interrogation protocols of Yusufov. In 2008, FLC decided to purchase two Wadan shipyards from the Norwegian concern Aker Yards, located in the German cities of Warnemund and Wismar. As a partner in the transaction, Andrei Burlakov attracted the President's special representative for international energy cooperation and a member of Gazprom's board of directors Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaly. Then there was a conflict between the Yusufovs and Burlakovs, during which the latter was killed.

At Rucriminal.com's disposal was a detailed reference-memorandum of one of the special services about all the large-scale activities of Yusufov. Rucriminal.com publishes the second part of this document, in which he continues to explain for what all the same deal with Burlakov.

"On July 28, 2008, a transaction was made to acquire S.a.r.l. by FLC-West Holding. (Luxembourg) part of one of the world's largest shipbuilding companies Aker Yards (Norway, Oslo). Company FLC-West Holding S.a.r.l. was controlled by Russian citizens. Subsequently, the company was renamed Wadan Yards group as. The company owned two shipyards in Germany - Wismar and Warnemünde and the shipyard in Ukraine - in Mykolayiv, as well as a number of design and construction bureaus blocking a stake in Aker Arktic in Finland (owning about 90% of the world's patents in the area of ​​t ice shipbuilding).

The production capacity of Wadan Yards was more than twice that of the entire Russian shipbuilding industry. Design bureaus owned unique and exclusive own technologies for exploration, production, processing, transportation of oil and gas, as well as technologies for work in the northern latitudes, including the production of superheavy icebreakers with a capacity of up to 100 kW with a Russian-made nuclear power plant. The project was focused on the interests of the Russian Federation. The aim of the project is the creation under the auspices of Russia of the "European Shipbuilding Group", which would be based on the Wadan group of shipyards and enterprises belonging to the United Shipbuilding Corporation. The project led the Russian Federation to the top five of the world's largest shipbuilding powers.

At the time of the transaction, the value of shares confirmed by PWC was € 250 million, and the price of the entire transaction was € 291.6 million.

The initiative to acquire this asset and develop the project in the interests of the Russian economy and defense capability belonged to a group of Russian investors and scientists headed by Andrei Burlakov.

Funds for the acquisition of the company Wadan Yards Andrei Burlakov drew from two sources. The first source of financing was OJSC "FLC", led by Nail Malyutin. The second source of financing was the company Tamplestowe (BVI), the owner and representative of which was Igor Yusufov. JSC "FLC" financed a small part of the transaction. The main funds in the amount of 200 million euros were paid by Igor Yusufov, from the accounts of his company Tamplestowe (BVI). At the same time, European intelligence services and the financial monitoring service of Luxembourg were interested in the origin of the money on the accounts of this company. They did not understand where, from the point of view of European legislation, a Russian official might receive such a sum. Yusufov tried to explain, based on the principles of Russian "notions", that money belongs to the "secret fund of Dmitry Medvedev." The financial monitoring of Luxembourg was not satisfied with such a response, and therefore the intelligence services initiated an operational check to determine the origin and source of this money. The audit did not receive reliable data on the origin of money.

Andrei Burlakov categorically did not like the lack of information about the origin of 200 million euros Yusufov and he wanted to abandon the partnership with Igor Yusufov. Then Igor Yusufov decided to remove Burlakov from the Wadan project and in March 2009 the Wadan group underwent a powerful raider attack from his side. Through preconceived and planned actions, Yusufov and his son Vitaly, constantly referring to the fact that they "follow personal instructions" and "act on behalf of and in the personal interests of the President of the Russian Federation," deliberately bankrupted the Norwegian shipbuilding group Wadan Yards and in the period from August 2009 to March 2010 transferred all existing assets - shipyards in Germany and Ukraine to their controlled companies. The raider seizure was carried out by falsifying documents in Germany, Ukraine, Holland, Norway, Luxembourg. As a result of illegal actions by Yusufov, the chairman of the board of directors, Wadan Burlakov, filed a series of lawsuits in five European countries for intentional bankruptcy, protection from raider seizure, document fraud, deception of shareholders and creditors, etc. Yusufov and his son were prosecuted Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and Ukraine. Only under German law the punishment is up to 7 years imprisonment. The trials were due to start in December 2009. However, this did not happen. To eliminate the "unnecessary witness" Burlakov Yusufov in Russia, criminal case No. 304061 against Burlakov and his wife, the president of the Wadan group, Anna Etkina, was instigated. November 30, 2009 Burlakov and Etkin were arrested on trumped-up charges. This allowed Yusufov to stop the prosecution in Europe, withdraw the last significant asset of the company - the shipyard "Ocean" in the city of Nikolaev, worth more than 40 million euros for Dagestan companies controlled by Yusufu for a sum of 100 (one hundred) dollars. On this fact the criminal police of Norway instituted criminal proceedings. In October 2009, Anna Etkin was kidnapped and she spent 14 days as a hostage under the protection of the armed staff of the Osten-Standard private security company (Voskresensk). At the same time, the employees of the Private Security Company (private security company) impersonate the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers from the Witness Protection Department. At the same time, they did not even conceal that they acted on the orders of Igor Yusufov, who allegedly complied with Dmitry Medvedev's instructions. Pregnant Anna Etkin was guarded every day under various guards and forced to sign documents on the transfer of all the assets of Wadan to Yusufov's structures. And also demanded to withdraw legal claims in Europe, etc. Then Etkin was transferred to the hands of investigators. As a result, Etkin spent 8.5 months in the detention center, Burlakov, who had suffered 12 heart operations, was released on bail almost a year later.

In February-March 2011, Yusufov takes a targeted loan in the Bank of Moscow in the amount of 1 billion 130 million US dollars "to guarantee the return of advances on shipbuilding contracts and deposit them in special accounts." The loan is approved by the credit committee of the Bank of Moscow one day before the flight of former bank president Andrei Borodin to London. However, credit funds are not received for a special account, and, in violation of all norms of the Russian legislation and documents of the Central Bank, Yusufov Vitaly buys 19.91% of the shares of the Bank of Moscow. As of July 6, 2011, the official security in the Bank of Moscow has not been formalized. This is due to the fact that Yusufov does not legally own a shipyard in the cities of Wismar and Warnemünde (Germany), which are still owned by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the external administrator, Mr. Odebrecht, and valued at $ 950 million by Ernst and Young USA. In a fraudulent manner, having received a loan secured by property that is not his property, Yusufov is negotiating with Vneshtorgbank about selling its "own" stake at a market price of $ 1.5-2.0 billion. Issue of unsecured targeted loan to Yusufov aimed at acquiring shares of the bank itself threatened the "Bank of Moscow" with the creation of a reserve for loans in the amount of the loan itself, which would lead to a decrease in the Bank's capital, violation of mandatory banking standards and, as a consequence, revocation of the license.

As a result of Yusufov's actions, the Russian Federation lost the prospect of becoming the leading country in the development of the Northern Sea Route and shipbuilding. When implementing the project to create a "European shipbuilding group," Russia could receive about $ 400 billion in net profit. Also, the highest political authority of Russia and Germany was discredited before the people of Germany. Wismar, where one of the Wadan shipyards is located, is German Chancellor Angela Merkel's hometown. In her speech to the voters, referring to Yusufov as the official representative of the President of Russia and a member of the board of directors of Gazprom, Merkel promised voters that the German shipyards in Wismar and Warnemünde would be provided with multi-billion orders from Russia. However, the promised billions went not to the well-being of the Russian and German people, but to the whims of the Yusufov family. "

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal