The closer the term, when the leader of the largest group of killers Aslan Gagiyev (Djako) is delivered to Moscow from Austria, the more nervous is the head of the "Energy" fund Yusufov Igor Khanukovich. Jaco is accused of organizing the murder of Andrei Burlakov, deputy director of Financial Leasing Company. The crime took place after Burlakov and Yusufov faced a major financial conflict. Previously, Yusufov was already interrogated in the case of the removal of Burlakov and published the records of the interrogation of the head of the Energy Foundation. It turned out that Yusufov openly lied to the investigators. This was clarified from the testimony of Norwegian citizen Tom Einertsen, who were also published by

At our disposal was a detailed inquiry, a memorandum by one of the special services about the large-scale activities of the former official. will publish it in parts, and we will start with the part that concerns the removal of Burlakov. From the document it becomes clear what Burlakov did not please Yusufov.

"In March 2011, the management of VTB Bank decided to acquire a controlling stake in the Bank of Moscow. In these negotiations, unexpectedly for all parties, Igor Yusufov took an active part. Yusufov said that as an intermediary in the negotiations on the sale of shares he was personally sent by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, allegedly for Yusufov to monitor compliance with Medvedev's personal interests in this transaction, as well as to create a certain "pension fund", which, according to Yusufov , was also intended for Dmitry Medvedev. While Andrey Kostin, President of VTB Bank, discussed with the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin the amount for which it would be reasonable to buy out a stake in the capital of the Bank of Moscow owned by the Moscow mayor's office (about 46%), Yusufov decided to hold his own negotiations with the former president " Bank of Moscow "Andrei Borodin. The essence of the negotiations was reduced to the proposal to sell Borodin his share in the Bank of Moscow (about 19.91%) to Igor Yusufov's son Vitaly. At the same time, Igor Yusufov assured Borodin that in fact, this proposal is personally President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Yusufov knew perfectly well that Andrei Kostin from the Russian president had a clear indication that he did not have to pay money for the shares of the Bank of Moscow. Moreover, in order to exert effective pressure on Borodin and get him to repay debts on his obligations to the Bank of Moscow, Kostin initiated a criminal case in the Criminal Code of the MVD for the Central Federal District regarding fraudulent actions by Borodin as the President of the Bank of Moscow. Kostin expected that Borodin would pay off the debts of the bank's shares with the value of about $ 1200 million. Having access to this information and understanding a clear algorithm of further actions on the part of Kostin, Yusufov turned to Borodin and said that for Borodin there is only way to receive at least some money for his shareholding in the Bank of Moscow. For this, Yusufov suggested that Borodin implement the following scheme: Borodin from the Bank of Moscow was to issue a $ 1 billion or $ 130 million loan, allegedly for the development of German shipbuilding. The loan was to be issued to a structure controlled by Yusufov's son Vitaly. As security for this loan, two German shipyards, valued at 950 million dollars by specialists, owned by Nordic Yards, whose only shareholder is V. Yusufov, and 7% of shares of Kuzbassrazrezugol owned by Igor Yusufov, acted as collateral for this loan. The loan was to be distributed among the participants as follows: $ 800 million - to Borodin's account as a share of the Bank of Moscow in the amount of 19.91%, bought from him in favor of Vitaly Yusufov, and the remaining $ 330 million - to the personal accounts of Igor and Vitaly Yusufovs (companies Fiorentino Optima Ltd, Trustworthy Service Ltd, Escalibra Corporation, Megawealth Finance Ltd. SA (all British Virgin Islands), Anda Management Ltd.Inc (Panama)), allegedly to create a "pension fund "For Dmitry Medvedev. As a tribute from Medvedev, Yusufov promised Borodin to neutralize the criminal prosecution against him, while taking another $ 50 million from Borodin. Yusufov told Borodin that the decision on this issue was personally agreed with Dmitry Medvedev. Borodin, having thought about it, agreed, and the loan was given to Yusufov. In April 2011, realizing that no promised criminal case closure would occur and the investigators were already ready to present official charges to Borodin, Borodin left Russia and is still hiding in London.

April 8, 2011 Yusufov was removed from the post of special envoy of the President of the Russian Federation by a personal decree of Medvedev. At the same time, the post itself, previously invented and approved by D. Medvedev specifically for Yusufov, was abolished. At the same time, the former owner of the Wadan Yards shipyard, Andrei Burlakov, publicly stated that two German shipyards involved in the acquisition of a stake in the Bank of Moscow by Igor and Vitaly Yusufov were captured by raider in 2009. Moreover, the scheme of raider seizure, in fact, repeated the scheme used by Igor Yusufov to acquire a stake in the Bank of Moscow. Yusufov demanded the sale of Burlakov's stake in the shipyards "Wadan Yards" for a symbolic sum of five million dollars. Yusufov also told Burlakov that he acts exclusively in the interests of Dmitry Medvedev and on his personal instructions. In the event of Burlakov's refusal, Yusufov promised to bring a criminal case against him and put him in jail. Burlakov did not agree. Then Yusufov for 3.5 million. dollars through the head of the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, Ivan Glukhov opened a criminal case against Andrei Burlakov and arrested him. At the same time, Yusufov, through forgery of documents of deliberate bankruptcy and other fraudulent actions, transferred the assets of the Wadan Yards to the company owned by his son, Nordic Yards. But Yusufov really was really scared only when Burlakov declared that he was ready to make public in the media and submit it to law enforcement bodies (namely, investigator Nikolai Budilo, known to the general public as a figurant of the Magnitsky List, who was investigating the criminal case against Burlakov at that time ) all the materials at his disposal regarding the fraudulent actions of Yusufov, namely: a statement on the initiation of a criminal case against Yusufov in Germany on the fact of forgery of documents, information concealment and deliberate bankruptcy, the proceedings of the financial investigation of Luxembourg on the origins of several hundred million euros from the civil servant, who was Yusufov, the materials of the criminal case in Norway and Holland on the fact of deliberate bankruptcy. Yusufov realized that not only could he lose the shipyards of Wadan Yards, but the whole transaction for the acquisition of shares in the Bank of Moscow, where shipyards served as collateral, could be declared invalid. Then Yusufov turned to Nail Malyutin, the general director of OAO "FLC", with a demand to resolve the issue with Burlakov. Malyutin, this turn of events was extremely beneficial, since with the removal of Burlakov, he could write off to him all the thefts made by Malyutin himself to OAO "FLC" in the amount of 12 billion rubles, revealed during the bankruptcy of the company. Through the police officer Alexander Andreev, who carries out operational support of the criminal case against Burlakov, Malyutin collected information about all the movements of Burlakov, his connections, places of residence and overnight stays. This fact was confirmed by the lawyer Burlakov, Mikhail Khallilulin. He said that the day before the murder of Burlakov, Andreev informed him about the video shooting of Burlakov by him and his people in the restaurant "Khutorok", where subsequently the murder of Andrei Burlakov occurred. The very murder of Burlakova was planned and carried out by the Ossetian criminal authority Valery Gagiev. Gagiev is a longtime partner of Malyutin and Yusufov in business, dealing with the provision of criminal services for them. At his disposal there were several killer brigades working on the territory of Moscow. Gagiev worked in OAO "FLC" on a fake passport for the name Morozov Sergey. September 29, 2011, Andrei Burlakov was killed in Moscow, in the restaurant "Khutorok". An hour after the murder, Igor Yusufov and Andrei Kostin told the media that VTB Bank bought a stake in the Bank of Moscow, owned by Vitaly Yusufov. "

To be continued