Discovering the elite St. Petersburg real estate seems to have ended with decent loss for the State Duma deputy Vladimir Golovnev. Top managers his international holding company "Vostok-Service" spent about $ 10 million belonging to the MP's company under the guise of a prestigious construction. The St. Petersburg project participants say: people of Golovnev refused to discharge their financial obligations, citing the high costs of his election to the Russian parliament.


Back in 2005, Vladimir Golovnyov was not a deputy, he led a major international holding company for the production of clothes «Vostok-Service» that he had set up. And one can assume that investing money in building a large attic, of the size of a house in the heart of St. Petersburg was at least agreed upon with him. Still, that was a building with the area of approximately 1000 square meters, which was visible from the windows of Savior on Blood.

Investment agreement with KUGI for the construction of the attic was concluded by Peterburger Natalya Grigoryeva. But she did not plan to pay for the construction herself, and through the mediator met with the then top-manager of "Vostok-Service" Sergey Tsukankov. Tsukankov served as First Vice-President of the Association of Textile and Light inductry "Vostok-Service" and CEO of «Vostok-Servis Ukraina" and at that time he was considered a man from the inner circle of Vladimir Golovnev. Apparently, he made the impression of a businessman, one can trust.

On September 23, 2005 Natalya Grigoryeva signed a contract with him, in accordance with which Sergey Tsukankov was to build a loft at his own expense, after that it would become his property. Natalya Grigoryeva counted on the interest. However, the events took an unexpected turn, that the contract had not covered at all.


December 15, 2006 Sergei Tsukankov suddenly became the owner of the attic in the building # 7 on the Griboedov channel. This decision was taken by the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg. This court's relation to the loft, located in another district, remained a mystery. The way Tsukankov managed to convince Judge Sedovicheva to take such a strange decision was a mystery too. Moreover, Natalya Grigoryeva learned she had been taken away a property worth of millions of dollars quite by accident. She received a letter from St. Petersburg Department of the Federal Registration Service in connection with the fact Tsukankov attempted to register the right of ownership in such a strange way.

Naturally, the St. Petersburg City Court overturned the decision of the Leninsky court. But the former top manager of «Vostok-Service" was not satisfied with that.


December 2, 2008 the investigator of the Vasileostrovsky police department opened a criminal case for fraud committed in an especially large scale. According to investigators, an unknown person abused the trust of Sergei Tsukankova and signed a contract with him on the ill-fated construction of the attic, but he did not fulfill his obligations under the contract causing a crushing damage to Mr. Tsukankov. The criminal case was opened under the statement by Sergey Tsukankov who got an unusual status of a victim.

Supposedly, the "unidentified person" was Natalya Grigoryeva - we do not know about anybody else having concluded a contract with Sergei Tsukankovym to finance the construction of the attic in the building # 7 on the Griboyedov Channel in St. Petersburg. No wonder, Natalya Grigoryeva is now going to the Main Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg police department like at work - she is interrogated as a suspect.

However, the former confidant to Deputy Golovnev seems to hasten to appeal to the police, and the police showed a questionable credulity: November 30, 2009 St. Petersburg City Court found the contract which Natalya Grigoryeva concluded with Sergei Tsukankov in 2005, and which formed the basis for a criminal case -to be unconcluded. The reason is simple: the contract did not comply with the law, and, moreover, Grigoryeva prooved in court that she had been building the loft on her own money, and Tsukankov had nothing to do with the construction.

In general, the prospect of that criminal case was questionable — it is interesting how the police is going to explain their activity.

However, another aspect of this story is also interesting, namely the fate of the money that "Vostok-Service» allocated for the construction of the attic.


Former Director General of OOO "Redubt" Igor Serdyuk believes that about $ 10 million was allocated to the construction of the attic on Griboyedov Channel under the personal instruction of Vladimir Golovnev. Of course, Igor Serdyuk can not prove it, but, apparently, he has reason to think so — it was "Redut" which built the odious attic. Moreover, "Redut" had participated the project from the very beginning: when its construction was to be financed by Sergey Tsukankov, and when it became clear that he was not going to do this.

In the end the loft turned out to be built on personal funds of Natalya Grigoryeva. And in this regard, Igor Serdyuk made a curious observation.

According to him, just for the period from December 2005 to July 2006 there had been 4 agreements signed between «Redut” and OOO “Mansarda” belonging to Tsukankov; under those "Redut" received from " Mansarda "about 12 million rubles. According to the documents, all the money had been earmarked for the construction of the attic. Moreover, according to the documents, the contracts had been successfully executed, and the loft had been built.

A scheme depicting the way of top managers from “Vostok-Servis’ attempted to obtain the attic in St.Petersburg

But Igor Serdyuk says: this is a complete fabrication, because in fact those 4 agreements were merely a formal cover for another transaction launch, having no relation to the construction of the attic.

Head of "Redut", as they say, knows better; we can only note: all the 4 odd contracts had been concluded and executed before the operation of the attic construction began in accordance with the Act of acceptance. It is doubtful that Tsukankov built the loft, and Grigorieva destroyed it to build another one on her own expense again.

One more nuance is curious.

In the autumn of 2008, the Officials of Tax Crimes of the St. Petersburg police department conducted an audit of financial documents in 2006 of OOO“Mansarda” belonging to Mr. Tsukankov. It turned out that the money sent by the company to "Redut" had been obtained from «Vostok-Service». Moreover, some of the money came at the bank accounts of companies with nominal leaders.

Igor Serdyuk says that when he asked Sergey Tsukankov and his St. Petersburg colleague General Manager of ZAO “TD Vostok-Service" by Alexander Sterkhov about the reasons for refusal to finance the construction of the attic, they cited the cost of the campaign of Vladimir Golovnev. Perhaps, for that purpose OOO “Mansarda” used the services of firms with 'nominal' heads?

Generally, the impression appears that Mr. Tsukankov and Sterkhov were too independent when using the money of Vladimir Golovnev for the reconstruction of the attic, but now they are trying to get the attic in all sorts of creative ways. Otherwise it will probably be difficult to explain for what they have spent the money.

It is a pity that Sergey Tsukankov and Alexander Sterkhov refused to communicate with journalists.


This is the decision by the Leninsky District Court undone by the St. Petersburg City Court, with which Sergey Tsukankov tried to become the owner of the attic ( Page #1 и Page #2)


The business, to which Vladimir Golovnyov had been directly related for many years, is represented by the holding company "Vostok-Service". It has been present in the market since 1992 and is currently one of the leading manufacturer of labor safety means.

According to the press, «Vostok-Service» cooperated with the Federal Penal Service. As in 2006 the newspaper "Kommersant" reported, the company ordered a significant part of the cheap mass products such as boots and cotton suits from the colonies,.

According to figures posted on the website of "Vostok-Servis”, its activities began, in particular, with the resale of property sold off by the Defense Ministry, including tarpaulin boots. But according to the magazine of RBC, the development of the company was stimulated by the sale of random parties of padded jackets. Then Vladimir Golovnyov allegedly tasted this kind of business, so the orders from large companies replaced the boots and jackets.

According to "Vostok-Servis”, today it works with the 186 out of 200 largest Russian companies, among them there are «Gazpromneft," Severstal "," Railways», TNK-BP, "MMK", RUSAL, LUKOIL, «Norilsk Nikel». To date, the company has six sewing and 2 shoe factories, as well as 260 shops in Russia, the CIS, Baltics and Asia.

The company "Vostok-Service-Ukraine" had been headed by the hero of one of our publications, Sergei Tsukankov for a long time. Eastern Europe resigned to «Vostok-Service" in 2006, when the company purchased «Cerva" - the largest producers of safety in Czech Republic and Slovakia. And that company, in turn, became the owner of the Hungarian company «Vektor" and the Italian producer of working shoes «Panda". Thus, s"Vostok-Service» said of itself without false modesty, that it became a leader in the domestic, the Eastern and European markets of labor protection.

On one hand, in 2007, the press spoke of "Vostok-Service" as a firm with low transparency of ownership structure. On another hand- it is called one of the few Russian companies that have succeeded in light industry.

According to the site, referring to data of the CEC, before getting engaged in legislative work in 2007, Vladimir Golovnyov earned not only on "Vostok-Servis". He also had 50% share capital in "Vostok-Servis-Spetsodezhda”, 100 percent - in" DorTehnoKomplekt», 50 percent - in "Argus", 900 actions of ZAO "Perspectiva", 4125 actions of ZAO «Vostokstroy», 400 000 actions of ZAO "Starkad».

According to the law, after becoming a deputy Vladimir Golovnyov can not participate in the business. Meanwhile, according to press reports, his departure to the State Duma did not affect the dynamics of "Vostok-Servis". A brother of the deputy, Dmitry Golovnev, is the Company's Vice President and Director of production.