A cunning combination of cash withdrawal On October 24, 2014, AHML in the Tyumen Region (general director Rustam Samkaev) posted a protocol on procurement from the sole supplier of the building and land plot on the official site of state procurements to the address: Moscow, 2nd Spasonalivkovsky Lane, 7, at a cost of $ 8,294,010. The building is a two-story mansion of the beginning of 1990 built, with a total area of ​​962.6 square meters. The building was put up for sale right away in several Moscow real estate agencies as a B + business center equipped with all necessary life support systems for comfortable and safe operation, including central ventilation system, a number of autonomous air conditioning systems (on the basis of split systems) and individual thermal paragraph. But the most interesting thing is that the building for a long time unsuccessfully stood on sale at a price of 6,720,000 US dollars, when suddenly appears a joint stock company owned by the Government of the Tyumen region and buys it for its own needs by almost 1.5 million dollars more. Just like that, not bargaining! The seller of the transaction was OOO "Promturbogaz", owned by the Cypriot offshore company "LIROIT FINANCE LIMITED", where the money went to AHML. Two months later, after a strange deal, AHML will announce to the defrauded co-owners of PSC "Continent" that it stops buying shares in long-term houses, due to the lack of financial opportunities. Now that the money from the sale of the building has returned to AHML at a profit, a procedure for bankruptcy has been introduced against "KPK" Continent ", the deceived interest-holders no longer count on any compensation. Moscow, lane 2-nd Spasonalivkovsky, 7 Moscow, lane 2-nd Spasonalivkovsky, house 7 Optimization of expenses in Tyumen. One and a half year, nothing was heard about the fate of the building. In July 2016, the website of the news agency URA.ru reported that the representation of the government of the Tyumen region in Moscow changed its address. Instead of the old office at: ul. Pyatnitskaya, 47, building 2 Tyumen officials moved to a two-story mansion in the 2-nd Spasonalivkovsky lane, 7, which is adjacent to the representation of Yamal, which is located in house number 5. The officials explained their choice to journalists at URA.ru by the fact that the new building is "a little bit bigger". If you translate from bureaucratic language to technical, then "a little bit more" will be more than twice as much, because The total area of ​​the old office, apparently, was 416.9 square meters, and the new one - 962.6 square meters! At the request of "Our VERSION", the first deputy head of the Government of the Tyumen region Natalia Gaskova replied that "the change of location is justified by the need to improve the working conditions of the staff and the fulfillment of the powers vested in the Delegation". According to Gaskova's response, as a result of a change in the office of officials, the average area of ​​office space per employee increased to 7.8 sq.m. In this case, the natural question arises: how many employees work in the representation? Assuming that the useful area of ​​the new office is at least 50% of the total (481.3 sq. M.), It turns out that 62 people work in the representation! If we assume that the data posted on the official website of the Government of the Tyumen region, constitute a complete picture, in his Moscow office only 15 people work. Moreover, the quality of the representation is also impressive. The government of the Tyumen region in Moscow is represented by the head of the mission and two of his deputies, the governor's adviser, the chief accountant, six department heads, one deputy head of the department and two senior specialists. That is, one average employee has about seven leaders? By the way, more than six months before the acquisition of his new office by his Moscow colleagues, Vladimir Yakushev said that 320 people will be reduced from the regional government in order to optimize budget expenditures. "We reduced the number of accountants, personnel officers, reduced the number of servicing cars, transferred them to the dispatch service. The bulk of officials, with the exception of certain categories, go on business on cars, calling them through the dispatcher. In addition, they optimized communication costs by setting strict standards, "Yakushev's IA Tyumen Line quoted. About how the personnel optimization took place in Tyumen, the editorial staff is not known, but apparently the Moscow representative office not only did not affect it, but it also acquired the opposite effect. Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 47, building 2 Moscow, st. Pyatnitskaya, 47, building 2 Shilo for soap In December 2015, two official documents appear in the offices of the Government of the Tyumen region. December 8, 2015. Vladimir Yakushev signs government order No. 1893-rp "On the acquisition of property in the state ownership of the Tyumen region." According to this order, the Finance Department is entrusted to allocate 396 000 163 rubles to the Department of Property Relations. 60 kopecks. At the expense of the regional budget, provided for under the section "National Economy", for the purchase of a non-residential building located at: Moscow, Lane. Spasonalivkovsky 2 nd, 7. The Property Relations Department is instructed to purchase from a single supplier - the Joint-Stock Company "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending in the Tyumen Region" of the said non-residential building with a land plot, by concluding a state contract. The order was executed quickly and on December 21, 2015. The state contract No. 9 / n was signed, and after another week the money was transferred to the account of the seller. A month later the building was handed over to the Government of the Tyumen Region in the city of Moscow on the basis of the Agreement on Gratuitous Use of 27.01.2016 No. 1a. But the old building did not work so well. According to the order of the Department of Property Relations of the Tyumen Region dated 25.12.2015 No. 1045/12, the privatization of the building was appointed at the address: Moscow, ul. Pyatnitskaya, 47/2 in the form of an auction with an initial price of 300 million rubles. Such people as AHML, buying up the overpayment of the building in the secondary market, was not found. Based on the protocol of the State Treasury Department of the Tyumen Region "Property Fund of the Tyumen Region", the sale of property at the auction was declared invalid, due to the lack of applications from the applicants. Thus, on balance in the Tyumen region there were two buildings in the center of Moscow and expenses for the maintenance of each. "Efficient" economy AHML Recall that the functions of the founder in "AHML in the Tyumen region" on behalf of the Tyumen region is the Department of Property Relations. Its head and deputy governor, Andrey Kiselev, is on the Board of Directors of the joint-stock company. The deputy director of the department, Irina Chudova, signed a state contract to buy a building from AHML. According to the federal law No. 44-FZ on the contract system, the customer seems to have justified the initial (maximum) cost of the contract, as a result of which the amount of 396 000 163 rubles was born. 60 kopecks. But the questions to the formation of this price still remain. AHML bought a building and a land plot from OOO "Promturbogaz" for 8 294 010 US dollars. If you convert the amount of the transaction at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of the transaction (on October 21, 2014 was 40.88 rubles for $ 1), it turns out that the joint-stock company property in the center of Moscow cost 339 059 128.80 rubles. Thus, the AHML's margin from the sale of the building to its founder was 56,941,034.80 rubles. Or just about the same $ 1 million that AHML overpaid for the transaction of the offshore company. Only this time the joint-stock company, established by the Government of the Tyumen region, received a profit at the expense of the regional budget, i.е. Taxpayers. Thus, while Vladimir Yakushev, according to Dmitry Medvedev, works "like St. Francis, providing the Tyumen region with substantial economic growth," the governor's subordinates manage to earn as much as they can. In addition, at the beginning of December 2016, Vladimir Yakushev personally had to intercede for his offspring and act, in fact, as an intermediary in the settlement of the economic dispute. And this dispute was held in the arbitration court, between AHML for the Tyumen region and the Federal Fund for the Promotion of Housing Development. It seems that the Fund provided in 2013 on the basis of auctions for the lease AHML several plots of land for complex development. The situation seems to have developed as follows: a joint stock company instead of paying under lease and building contracts, turned into a real estate agency and began to earn money on buying and selling real estate (and making profit on its own founder).


Source: https://versia.ru/kak-tyumenskaya-oblast-kupila-imushhestvo-u-samoj-sebya