Internet shops are a lucrative and successful business. However, unfortunately, in the crisis everything is changing, the same thing happened with the online store of household appliances. The head of the company left the business "in English" leaving behind a bunch of debts and troubles.


Valery Kovalev - the founder of the online store The famous store was left without its founder. The reasons for leaving Valery Kovalyov's business are unclear. For the place of OOO Edil-Import, the Internet shop of is now owned by a nobody-known company TradeService LLC headed by businessman Vladimir Riger. Note that the company Valery Kovalev only in 2015 was estimated at 380 million dollars. Only here later the audit showed that the revenue of Edil-Import Ltd. for all documents for 2015 was 0 rubles and 0 kopecks. By the way, the new owner, the company TreydServis for 2014 revenue and did away with the minus. How, it turns out, that the company to which the well-known investors in their segment were eyeing: Yulmart, Summa Capital, VTB-Capital has sunk into oblivion. After all, all of the above companies simply refused the deal. So what's wrong with the Internet shop Auditing and consulting company is called Ernst & Young (EY), one of the largest and most authoritative in the world. It was she who in 2014 compiled a financial and tax report on the work of "Edil-Import" and other companies belonging to the group. Publishing House The Moment of Truth managed to get acquainted with some data of the report from which it was found out that the company were engaged in payments to employees of state structures, naturally, unofficial. Also, from the documents it follows that the company of the entrepreneur Kovalev often did not pay taxes and was cashing in the funds.


Photo: MI Providers unofficially returned 40% of the advertising bonus.


In the company, almost everything was problematic, for example, the fictitious expenses of the Edil-Import company which were assiduously paid for allegedly technical companies, receiving a tax deduction for this, respectively. Thus, Valery Kovalev, in total, withdrew from the state for several years 549 million rubles. Almost the same amount received an entrepreneur for the payment of gray wages (588 million rubles). Part of the cash payments (interest on loans, payment for installation of equipment, etc.) Edil-Import also did not reflect in its financial reports. All received funds were withdrawn or cashed through financial transactions between companies. It seems that the online store simply became useless to anyone and used it for illegal financial transactions. EY specialists also noticed multiple inconsistencies with EBITDA. In plain language, EBITDA is revenue before taxes, interest, etc. Only in the company, the EBITDA in each of the periods under review is negative and amounted to (125.3) million rubles. (1.59% of revenue) in 2012, (43.7) million rubles. (0.44%) in 2013 and (97.4) million rubles. (3.76%) in the 1st quarter of the year 14 ". From the above, it follows that the store worked for a minus, and for a long time. Debt as of the end of March 2014 amounted to 2.3 billion rubles.


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Bribes in the audit report are noted in a separate column The company was so neglected that all the property, which at least somehow related to the store was in a long lease. Also, it becomes interesting what documents were provided by Valery Kovalev to the bank's employees when he collected numerous loans. After all, by the end of 2015, the company's debt exceeded profits by about 100 times. The security of the loans was the goods in the warehouse, but it was also received on credit. Still, justice exists, and this year, several criminal cases have been instituted against Edil-Import. The bailiffs tried to recover from the company Valery Kovalev all debts for many years. And at the moment the situation is really absurd, the court ruled that the company Edil-Import should pay two debts of 422.8 million rubles and the second - 300 rubles of state duty. And if the first really pay heavily, then the state could already pay. Is it really so bad in the company that there was not 300 rubles? Now it becomes obvious why no one buys Just online store was really with huge skeletons in the closet, naturally large investors will simply run away when they see the report. What prompted the acquisition of this business owner of the company TradeService, too, is unclear. But it is noteworthy that the companies are registered in the city of Zhukovsky. Apparently, it is there that they teach you how to steal money. At the same time, if you go to the official site of in the column of suppliers, we will see the name of the company TradeService, it turns out that the supplier has moved the company's management? And also, on the well-known Internet service Yandex.Market, TradeService company was registered as the owner of an online store on December 12, 2016. Only here the day before the bailiffs, just had to write off a large sum from the accounts of Edil-Import. Thus, Valery Kovalev did not quit the business, but ran away with a shame from debts and criminal responsibility. After all, now, Edil-Import officially has no debts. According to the calculations of specialists in total, Valery Kovalev owes 1.220.850.000 rubles to the state.


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