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Mazepin plays against Russia

Owner "URALCHEM" trying to avoid prosecution, has teamed up with the enemies of Putin


Crimean-scam Chemezov Serdyukov

Sevastopol thieves robbed the workers of "Rostec"


Katsyv left without a "roof"?

Vice President of Russian Railways Katsyv Peter could lose his job and get under investigation?


Amber Gold of Russia

Amber for a long time could become a brand in Russia. Do not become. Despite the fact that global stocks were thought to 2000s, they are mainly here, in the village of Amber Kaliningrad region. Today the share of reserves of amber in Russia has dropped to 50-60 per cent. Due to the discovery of new deposits in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, America, Italy, Colombia. Exploration and extraction of amber in other countries is carried out monstrous rate. The process is stimulated by the increased demand. A large fraction of "solar stone" at a price equal to that of gold. For example, for perfectly carved amber ball with a diameter of 50 mm in China can give 15 thousand dollars.