I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Deripaska Oleg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element

Alleged FBR informer

Navalny Alexey Position: Coordinator of "minority of the Union", a...

His actions look like a promotional event

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Hakamada Irina Former leader of Our Choice party

She calls herself a female samurai

Torlopov Vladimir Senator representing the Republic of Komi

He sold the richest region.

Nogotkov Maxim Owner of the network "Svyaznoy"

In February 2010, "Svyaznoy" has established a bank "Svyaznoy Bank".

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“Prince Artamonov” distributes positions - for trout

General Armageddon's neighbor "drowned" the Lipetsk region in family corruption


Vice Governor of Kuban "23 centimeters"

How Anna Minkova "put in her place" the leader of the "SR" Sergei Mironov


“He will shoot him on the spot with an unregistered pistol”

General Shamanov and ex-prosecutor Chistyakov against a mother with children


How Putin was killed in Saratov

“A bunch of executioners, tormentors and scum. Some of them wear epaulets."


"You wanted to scare us? We were ready for it"

A member of the "Police Ombudsman" team transmitted an appeal from the pre-trial detention center


A slap in the face at the price of a fortune

Father from the Foreign Ministry, as the main trump card in a divorce


Bloody Robin Hood. Part 4

From "blue" brothers to academicians


Let's all at once!"

Zakharchenko demanded an examination of an apartment with a warehouse of money


"Bitch, not enough cartridges"

The proceeds from the presidential plane were divided with the shooting


Who do Russians say thanks for the "left" fines worth billions

To Israeli citizen Lev Gurevich and Vyacheslav Smirnov - ex-policeman and Liksutov's partner


Moscow Attorney Bills Apple $ 1 Billion

Who is behind the suit for the gigantic amount of the American company


Crabs and champagne for bankrupt

The state defense order was exchanged for a buffet at the Central Department Store


Bloody Rustem under Vyacheslav Bitarov

Details of the murder of the “right hand” of the head of the North Ossetia Republic


Roman Trotsenko relied on criminal experience

AEON Corporation "taxis" convicted bully-robber Dmitry Starostin


Came for the Roman Rotenberg?

Nikolai Patrushev accused the company of "Sportconcept" the failure of the Federal program


Sobyaninu OEKnet theft?

The structure of "OEK-Finance", created by the Moscow government, could steal 300 million rubles ....


"Prince Yusupov" prefers offshore

Businessman Vitaly Yusufov stole from the state hundreds of millions of rubles?


"Gazprom", "sells" dreams Kirill Seleznev

Top-manager of monopoly pumps billions through the "investment" schemes of his half-brother Ivan Mironov


Gluschenko looking for a whipping boy

In St. Petersburg, the legal investigation of the murder of the deputy of the State Duma Galina Starovoytova proceeds.


Partially blind Themis

Elena Baturina accused Dmitry Medvedev of raider seizure of land belonging to her business