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Abramovich Roman Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District

Roman Abramovich began to engage in commerce in 1992, within a few years he established five companies on production of petroleum products and...

Blavatnik Leonard (Leonid) Councilor of directors of

He was in the center of the largest oil scandals

Giner Yevgeny The owner CSKA

His partners are a millionaire and a criminal authority

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On Board the Russian Dissidents' 'Kleptocracy' Bus

It was the British version of a Hollywood celebrity homes tour.


Prolonged "trip" in Monaco

Which seemed finally disclosed the case of the murder of General Director of JSC "Neftekhimik" Eugene Panteleimon can be resumed.


Oligarchs Antonovs will purchase football club “Portsmouth” using the money from Russian Railways and Central Bank of Russian Federation

In mid February Russian businessmen, father and son Alexander and Vladimir Antonov, co-owners of Investbank and “Converse Group”, auto manufacturer of Saab, announced their intention to purchase English football club “Portsmouth”.