I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Mamut Alexander Chairman of publishing group

Berezovsky's confidant

Chichvarkin Evgeniy Former co-owner of GC

He came out of "Just Cause"

Evtushenkov Vladimir Chairman of the board of directors of AFK «Sistema»

Nicknamed Moscow mayor personel banker

Potanin Vladimir Owner of

Ex-employees of special division "Alpha" work for him

Aven Petr President of

Even business partners have little liking to him

Belkovsky Stanislav Former President of the National Strategy Institute

Any word he utters had already been paid for

Belykh Nikita Governor of the Kirovsky region

Sworn in at the age of 35 he became the youngest governor in Russia

Belyaev Vadim President of Otkritie Financial Corporation

He sold out Moscow on the cheap

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Gozman Leonid Advisor to the director general of state Rusnano corp.

He dislikes gays, but against banning of their parades

Goncharuk Aleksandr Chairman of the board of oil company Bashneft JSC

Submarine officer who became a figurehead

Darkin Sergey The Primorsky Krai Governor

Confidant of Nemtsov and Putin

Delyagin Mikhail Chairman of the supervisory board of the Institute for...

Nicknamed “one-man research center”

Zhirinovsky Vladimir Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

He urged Russians to "wash their boots in the Indian Ocean"

Jordan Boris President of Sputnik Investment Group

He was called the right hand of Soros

Kiriyenko Sergey Head Of Federal Agency For Atomic Energy

He was going to run for presidency in 2008

Maevsky Leonid The owner of Sigma Capial Partners

A communist who behaves like a profiteer

Nemtsov Boris Co-chairman of Solidarnost political movement

He was thought to become Eltsin’s successor

Rybkin Ivan The first speaker of the State Duma

''I am sorry for Russia since people like him rule over this country'', - his wife said.

Ryzhkov Vladimir Co-chairman of the Party of People's Freedom

He worked as a Chernomyrdin’s canvasser

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Bloody hands of Voronenkov and Yusufov

Rucriminal.com publishes a document on how the former deputy and former minister


Anonymous hacked Internationale mail Aram Gabrelyanov

The group "Anonymous International" announced the breaking almost immediately some "LifeNews' employees, including mailbox Aram Gabrelyanov, as well as information from the Facebook account Gabrelyanov (including private messages) and the files of two of his gadgets.


"Colored" Colonel Kovalenko weekdays

18+ About him say that he is engaged in "scams" to steal a car, it has dual citizenship, about his alleged sexual orientation gossip spiteful critics. Do you think we are talking about some migrant workers? No. It is head of the Moscow traffic police Victor Kovalenko.



Senator from the Chechen Republic Suleyman Geremeev; MPs from the "United Russia", Viktor Zvagel'skii, Alexander Babakov and Mikhail Slipenchuk


Rumafia.com publishes materials of the case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Part 4.

"Disappeared in the UAE on forged documents."


Unhappy business jet, or How to return a lot of money

Employees of "Novaya Gazeta" were parallel and several other investigative journalism (the strange "Kazakh transactions" on trade and gas condensate, and about the circumstances of the murder of Boris Nemtsov), the fate of the characters who suddenly crossed at one point - on the runway at the airport of business aviation "Vnukovo- 3. " One of them, coincidentally, turned Kirill Seleznev.


Condensate billion

Where deposited money losing company "Gazprom", and who ransomed them from Chechen security forces


Rumafia.com publishes case on Nemtsov's murder. Part 2.

On the anniversary of the death of Boris Nemtsov Rumafia.com publishes investigation politician murders. In this article, we present interrogation records of the battalion "North" fighter Zaur Dadaev, who is accused by the crime. According to some sources, acquainted with these indications Dadaev, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov has called him a "hero" and "patriot".


"Gazprom", "sells" dreams Kirill Seleznev

Top-manager of monopoly pumps billions through the "investment" schemes of his half-brother Ivan Mironov


Former Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov was arrested in France

Details of an inquest on embezzlement of Podmoskovye (Moscow Region) budget funds amounting to USD 1 billion


Russian federal Rossia TV channel accuses Berezovsky of five murders

Former killer as prosecution witness


Russian federal Rossia TV channel accuses Berezovsky of five murders

Former killer as prosecution witness


Magnitsky — Browder tax evasion case assigned to new investigator in Moscow

While Russian investigator on 'Magnitsky List' files libel suit in London


Nemtsov apologizes, asks for probe into his phone taps

PARNAS co-chairman hits back over insulting remarks about fellow opposition leaders saying people outraged by the fact his phone was tapped


The prosecutors appeal against Nemtsov guilty verdict

They want different judge to pass the verdict


Duma deputy becomes a political bum

Former United Russia member is trying to join Just Russia


Boarders opened for Nemtsov again

on decision of the European Parliament



Part one


Kasyanov rejected Medvedev’s advice

and called it indecent