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Kogan Vladimir Former Director of department of capital investments in the ...

He is friends with Barsukov, and with Putin

Christoforov Leonid One of leaders of Malyshev criminal group.

He adjusted the weapon for Starovoytova’s murder.

Traber Ilya Businessman

They called him Antiquer

Petrov Gennady Member of Malyshev OPG

He was called the leader of "Tambov-Malyshev"criminal association

Malyshev Alexander Leader of the Malyshev's OPG

The amount of money laundered by him is estimated at 10 million euros

Bolloev Taimuraz Chairman of the board of BTK development

He organized a corporate blackmail

Bogdanov Vladimir General Director of OAO "Surgutneftegaz"

His staff has urinated in the workplace

Mirilashvili Mikhael The head of holding

He has revenged for kidnapping of his father

Glushchenko Mikhail Ex-deputy of the State Duma

He introduced himself as Turkish intelligence agent

Zubkov Viktor First Deputy Prime Minister of the RF

He has insiders everywhere

Serdyukov Anatoly Former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He is associated with the Tambovskaya criminal group

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Mikhalchenko Dmitri The head of the holding company

He was named Dima Krikun

Reznik Vladislav State Duma Deputy

He was pursued by the Spanish police

Dobashin Alexey KROST CEO

He has connections in the FSB

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Eugene Giner - a champion on "cashing"

CSKA Football Club in May 2016 issued another championship in the Premier League. The name of this team has long been inextricably linked with the name of its owner, a businessman of Ukrainian origin, Eugene Giner.


Sale of Kirov?

Leningrad Federation of Trade Unions is selling the famous Palace of Culture. Kirov scandalous businessman Stanislav Bushneva.


General-torn millionaire in deputies to Zolotov

At the beginning of March 2016 Forbes has published the rating of the richest wives Russian officials.


General with a nickname Nik. Nik.

How Nikolai Aulov participated in "laundering" billions.


Spain through Interpol began to "hunt" for the MP Resnick

Representatives of the Spanish Themis claim that the MP was a member of a criminal gang.


Konstantin Shor, the former head of MGTU of the Bank of Russia

Rumafia.com continues to publish "secret" material from the archives of the Interior Ministry, dedicated to the largest shadow bankers and their patrons. From this reference, readers can learn how a group of financiers caused damage to the state accounted 4 trillion rubles, as well as who of the representatives of the Bank of Russia and the security services, according to investigators, covered the creators of this giant financial "funnel".


Eugene Dwoskin, shady banker number 1

Bird, Red, Pasha helicopter, Yevgeny Giner, Alexander Babakov and everything about the world of Russian "cashing"


Sergey Chemezov and Eugene Shkolov

Fall of Kremlin gray cardinals



In January 16 the famoust russian thief-in-law Ded Hasan killed in central Moscow


Party ends up with firing

Stephan Ivanitsky, especially for Rumafia.com


Vladimir Lisin, robbed and put a hit out on Nikolai Maximov

"He said, you know that I would rather pay judges than to you"


The Spaniards left the ‘Bratskaya’ gang without the thief

Vladimir Tyurin, better known as kingpin Tyurik, has been detained in Moscow at the request of Spanish authorities.



The investigation is going to prove personal involvement of former State Duma deputy Mikhail Glushchenko in a triple murder in Cyprus in the spring of 2004.