I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Abramson Valeriy Infrastruktura Board Chairman

He has been involved in questionable transactions

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“We spent 22 million, and the estimate amounted to 1 billion”

The Central Ring Road is being built from the waste of NLMK Vladimir Lisin


“And draw me 1 billion rubles”

Vladimir Lisin slag is given out as valuable material for the Central Ring Road


CKAD turned out to be an imitation

What the FSB told the leader of the nationalists, who forged documents on the highway for 315...


Came for partners Roman Abramovich

How Jews and Russian nationalists stole 8.8 billion rubles from the budget


As partners Abramovich received 8.8 billion rubles from the budget for the simulation

Valery Abramson, Arthur Mintz, missing money and Russian Nazis