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Abramovich Roman Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District

Roman Abramovich began to engage in commerce in 1992, within a few years he established five companies on production of petroleum products and...

Haritonov Viktor Chairman of Board of Directors of OAO “Pharmstandard”

He is named as worthy pupil of Abramovich

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Tsvetkov Nikolai Head of URALSIB

He was restricted to travel abroad

Chigirinskiy Shalva Entrepreneur

He had a quarrel with the first couple of Moscow

Abramovich Boris KrasAir CEO

He was an active player in hostile takeovers

Abramson Valeriy Infrastruktura Board Chairman

He has been involved in questionable transactions

Beshmelnitsky Andrey Director-general of Unimilk company

He changed meat for milk

Yuriev Evgeny Co-chair of Business Russia

Orthodox hypocrite

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Is Sekler "blowing" from behind the "hill"?

Alex Sekler, a businessman who went abroad in his time, was not heard of for a long time. But now the merchant with irrepressible eagerness "merges" the capital's assets. Why does he need money so harshly?


Abramovich confirmed that Sibneft was owned by Berezovsky

"Rich Jewish family wants to chat»


Criminal list of Mikhail Fridman

Part 1: Money laundering, theft of land, sites for pedophiles


Shuvalov and Abramovich connect one building in Moscow Igor Shuvalov

The same company owns, together with the oligarch, the White Gardens office and manages assets ...


Galchev "head over heels" in the "cement"?

Once on the brink of ruin, the owner of the holding "Eurocement Group" inflates the price?


Galchev with the "Governor's cover"?

In "Eurocement Group" companies is a massive reduction, and the owner of this company Filaret Galchev suspected of bribing Russian governors?


Davidovich of Abramovich stoop the oligarchs Aven, Fridman and Pugachev up

During the two years of crisis it became clear that if a debtor does not want to return the money, then nobody can force him to do it. Even such a merciless creditor, as Alfa Bank