I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Seleznev Kirill Board Member, Head of “Gazprom” 614 PAO department. LLC...

The manual gas monopoly has formed "mafia" in the name of Kirill Seleznev and Raul Arashukova.

Timchenko Gennadiy Co-owner of the company Gunvor

Alleged to be Putin's business partner

Michelson Leonid CEO, Chairman of the Board of OAO “NovaTEK”.

Thanks to special relations with Gazprom, he gets lucrative contracts

Matvienko Sergey CEO of ZAO “VTB-Development”

He wanted to live in Robin Hood castle

Bogdanchikov Sergey President of OAO NK

He obtained Yukos assets

Zubkov Viktor First Deputy Prime Minister of the RF

He has insiders everywhere

Navalny Alexey Position: Coordinator of "minority of the Union", a...

His actions look like a promotional event

Simanovsky Leonid Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

He could be in the prisoner’s dock next to Khodorkovsky

Akimov Andrey Gazprombank board of trustees chairman

His bank is protected by his old KGB friends and Vladimir Putin

Protosenya Sergey Chief accountant and shareholder of Novatek gas company

The accountant who was taken down a peg or two.

Titarenko Nikolay Co-owner of Novatek

His company has financed construction of the presidential dacha

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

He was building a financial empire for Medvedev

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

From 2011 to present - Carries out a private investment activity through the "Energy" Fund, established by him.

Zavalny Pavel Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy. Candidate...

He served as president of NP "Mini-Football Club" Gazprom-Ugra ".

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Financial Patriarch Kirill

The head of Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev invests himself?


Dubrovsky went to the "Highway"?

Governor of Chelyabinsk region suspected of organizing an attack on a "business partner"?


Dubrovsky on "Sinai"?

'Passion' business results in the Chelyabinsk region in the resignation of the governor?


Tashkent oligarch Usmanov bid farewell to the hated Russian

The billionaire may lose tax resident status


Igor and Arkady Rotenberg - from racketeering and secret convictions to billions

How to go from victim to killer Russian master.


Sergey Yanchukov from Odessa Privoz to oil tycoon and gold miner

Heavy and arhiopasna life of the Ukrainian-Russian oligarch.


Declaration of the Finnish resident

Gennady Timchenko, paid taxes at ? 2,9 million in Finland in 1999-2002.


Owners of Novatek

The Company is controlled by its largest shareholder and a head Leonid Michelson (27.17%), together with Gennady Timchenko (23.49%)


Sergey Bogdanchikov proved his loyalty to Sechin, putting his signatures "wherein it is necessary"

Putin may authorize a person Timchenko to become the new president of Rosneft, "because Igor Sechin already manages the company"


Super secrecy order

The management and actual owners of trading company Gunvor has finally realized that they got into a zone of extra risk"


The Secret Empire

Gennady Timchenko and his structures have quietly acquired the assets around the globe: from Panama to Singapore, from Yamal to Algeria.


100 million for Timchenko

Miller and Michelson agreed on the principles of cooperation and LNG implementation


Aggradation of land in the Gulf of Finland has been under a threat

St.Petersburg Construction Company "Nevsky syndicate" has actually challenged