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Abyzov Mikhail Chairman of Board of Directors of RU-COM group

He was dismissed from the University for poor progress

Taran Edward Owner of RATM Group multi-industry holding company

He was realised on 20 million roubles bail

Arzhanov Dmitriy CEO 'Transneftservis C' Ltd.

With its acquisitions in the five years of "Transneftservice S" became a holding company engaged in the energy supply of the population and other...

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Artem "The Mole" Zuyev entrenched in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

"Correct," the criminal investigation №315880 cost raiders group Zoe "funerals" Galeeva 500 thousand dollars?


"Funeral" Galeeva the "STRIMA"?

Famous "reydershe" Zoe Galeeva and "clan Shandalovyh" threatens criminal liability for capture of "Energostrima"?


Abыzov "zamahnulsya" to "Эlsyb"?

The withdrawal of assets from the NGO "Elsib" suspected Minister for "Open Government"?


Joint-stock scam Vadim Kiselev

"Organizer" theft of securities 5 billion rubles. prolonged detention, "customer" of the "Energostrima" Simonov hiding abroad