I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Deripaska Oleg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element

Alleged FBR informer

Mamut Alexander Chairman of publishing group

Berezovsky's confidant

Ustaev Alexey Chairman of the Board of ZAO "JSCB Viking "

Alexey Ustaev rather seldom got in the field of view of criminal journalists, or journalists specialized in scandals and corruption cases. The...

Tariko Rustam The owner the Bank

He takes a great interest in an "elite plastic"

Haritonov Viktor Chairman of Board of Directors of OAO “Pharmstandard”

He is named as worthy pupil of Abramovich

Kusnerovich Mihail Member of the Board of Directors of Bosco di Ciliegi

the King Bosco discredited Hermitage

Alekperov Vagit Chairman of STC NK

He is said to have relations with crime bosses

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Nevzlin Leonid The shareholder of the

He has been suspected of the contract killings.

Bronstein Aleksander Member of the board of directors of SUAL holding

He has profited from problems of Pikalevo

Glaznev Igor Thief in law

He was caught red-handed stealing food from the supermarket

Kudrin Alexey Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance

He supported the sectarians

Bolloev Taimuraz Chairman of the board of BTK development

He organized a corporate blackmail

Dyukov Alexander Chief executive of Gazprom Neft CEO

His friends are a mafia don and a VIP-pimp mistress

Usoyan Aslan Thief-in-law

He is named a king of an organized crime

Bogdanov Vladimir General Director of OAO "Surgutneftegaz"

His staff has urinated in the workplace

Blavatnik Leonard (Leonid) Councilor of directors of

He was in the center of the largest oil scandals

Petrik Victor Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).

He loves to encroach on the regalia

Golubev Vladimir Entrepreneur

He is called Barmaley

Skoch Andrey Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

He is named as the richest deputy

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Budget gold was found on the sunken Chita submarine

How the Moldovan Bodrug clan is profiting from the sunken Russian fleet


Match systems scam (aka Plain chain)

How an ex-FSB analyst and an ex-drug police officer are “divorcing” crypto victims


MTS turned out to be naked

How the operator and AFK Sistema blamed their scandalous party on the stars


How prosecutors were sent to cross potatoes

The State Sorting Commission was put in charge of laymen from the Prosecutor General's Office


Sobyanin “wrote off” IT specialists as wipers

There is no one to clean Moscow streets


The first Russian judge-prosecutor

Strange nuances of the career of the son of the head of the VKKS of the Russian Federation


AP check for Minister Kravtsov

“Matvienko will make his man the next Minister of Education”


How the secret archive of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation was leaked

Advisor to the Chairman of the RF Armed Forces “decides” and shares closed documents


The Kremlin is preparing for the resignation of the Minister of Education

Sergei Kravtsov seeks support from Metropolitan Tikhon, Kadyrov and Prosecutor General Krasnov


Justice in Samara

“Without Novikov’s cover, it’s difficult for Judge Safaeva to retain her seat”


Nikita Stasishin came under the radar of investigators

The “Moskvin Case” will lead them to the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and Governor Alexander Drozdenko


How Lapukhin made Kavkaz.RF a “cash cow”

Key facilities on Elbrus are being built only on paper


Melnichenko and Usmanov "cut" Putin

Kremlin oligarchs have taken over Wikipedia.


Putin's "partner" in hockey turned out to be a swindler

Three-time World Cheating Champion


Unicorns didn't cover Ensign's gang

Heroes of gangster Petersburg are dissatisfied with "Deputy Klaus"


“Founded with a scalded face in boiling water”

How witnesses to the massacre of General Rokhlin were killed


March of Prigogine as a chemical reagent

“Up to 40% of the security forces did not comply with the order to urgently report to the places of service”


Servants of Themis are waiting for someone to slam the "fly swatter" of the investigation

The chief hepatologist caused a corruption scandal among the judges


Gay lobby sawing in the bank Dom.RF

Entertaining bankruptcy: land on Rublyovka is 2 times lower than the cost