(1) Arkady Vodovozov is peraps Vodovozov Arkady born on June 1, 1967 , who is suspected in Israel for kidnapping, kidnapping with intent to kill, false imprisonment, getting things through deception, crimes and passport fraud .114


  1. In 1994/95 Mikhailov was granted permanent USA visa.115 In late December 1994 - early January 1995 Mikhailov and DROZHIN Yuri on forged travel documents, made ​​a trip to Miami, Florida. Mikhailov with Viktor Averin and Tofik Azimov got fake Argenitina and US passports in order to ensure the transfer of AZIMOV's business from Vienna to Edinburgh, Scotland. According to reports, the transfer was completed by March 1996.116


  1. In May and June of 1994 Mikhailov made ​​a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. In 1995, the Costa Rican government dismissed 100 diplomats in connection with the scandal, which related to bribing and appointment of honorary consuls. Mikhailov paid 250,000 dollars for his appointment as honorary consul in Moscow, Russia, as we know, he was assisted by Shabtai Kalmanovich. The amount of U.S. $ 100 000 as part of this transaction was transferred from the London bank in Israel. The relation between Mikhailov and Averin , Mogilevich and the Government of Costa Rica is obvious. 117


In addition, he received an honorary consulate of the Government of the Dominican Republic. Mikhailov intended to use this provision to cancel the announcement by the Government of Austria on the recognition of his persona non grata.118


  1. In July 1995, after the arrests in the restaurant "v Holubu," according to the Interpol in Wiesbaden, he was rejected for 10 years to enter the territory of the Czech Republic.119


  1. In April 25, 1995, he was declared a ban on entry of the territory of France.120


  1. In 1995 he moved from Vienna to Switzerland.121


  1. In 1996 against him there was opened an investigation in Jerusalem in connection with the illegal acquisition of Israeli citizenship. 122After his Israeli citizenship was revoked, Mikhailov left Israel.

  2. According to the Interpol in Switzerland, in the period between July and August 1996, Mikhailov visited Spain 4 times. He bought tickets on the name of Sergios Michaelides and used a passport issued on that name. In May 1996, under this name he made ​​the trip from Paris to Greece. 124 According to Interpol Spain, during his visit, he organized a big party, which cost him $7,000.125


  1. In 1996 г. Mikhailov bought a house in Switzerland and invested money in some companies. In 1006 he was arrested by the Swiss authorities in Geneva, found addresses indicated that he contacted a number of suspects in relation with some Russian criminal groups. In addition, there were found illegally obtained Israeli passports. 126 He was accused of being the member of a criminal organization, as well as money laundering, illegal acquisition of property, being a foreign citizen, as well as he was accused of violation of the status of the requirements for temporary and permanent residents. 127 Being in prison he continued to manage criminal activity of Solntsevo through correspondence with Arnold Tamm and Viktor Averin, and with the help of his former lawyer Ralph AYZENEGGER and Avner KANDOV, with TAMM who acted as an intermediary between the lawyer and the members of the group.128


  1. Over the years, Mikhailov was living outside Russia, including his stay in Geneva (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Budapest (Hungary). At the time of his arrest in October 1996, Mikhailov lived in Budapest. 129


  1. On December 11, 1998 in Switzerland Mikhailov was acquitted of all but one minor, charges. He was forbidden to travel to Switzerland for an indefinite period of time.130 He was found guilty only of violating Swiss regulations restricting the right of foreigners to purchase land.131 Mikhailov was sent back to Moscow, due to absence of a residence permit.132


  1. Police authorities in Paris again conducted an investigation against Mikhailov and other immigrants from the former Soviet Union, who controlled companies located in Switzerland.133 According to information he was denied entry to France till 2025.134

  2. After the release from prison in Switzerland and coming back to Russia, the status of Mikhailov significantly grew. 135 Most gangs of the Moscow region decided to work with Mikhailov. He was considered almost untouchable.


  1. In summer of 1999 Mikhailov often visited Latvia. On July 8, 1999, he received a tourist visa, valid from 12 to 21 July 1999. On 21 July 1999 Mikhailov received another visa valid from 23 July to 2 August 1999 .During his stay in Latvia, he met a number of businessmen, among whom was Vladimir KADOVIKS or KADOVICHS, a Latvian citizen, born on January 5, 1951, who later (in October 1999), was arrested and then released in connection with the murder of his business partner.*


  1. In August 31, 1999, Mikhailov was granted Latvian entry visa, valid until February 28, 2000. The invitation was signed by the board of the Latvian bank "Pareks Bank" or "Parex Bank" (1), the largest bank in Latvia. The purpose of the visit was to visit the bank, as a representative of the company "Blagovest NE", located in Moscow, at Leninsky Prospekt 146, office 332, tel.: 438-5138 (CEO Arnold TAMM). In Latvia Mikhailov stayed in the resort town of Jurmala. In his interview he said that "he would be happy to buy property in Jurmala." In mid-July 2000 at the invitation of KADOVIKS to spend the weekend there Mikhailov returned to Jurmala, Latvia. 136


  1. The board of directors of the bank were : KARGINS Valeris (born March 27, 1961 in Riga), Viktors KRASOVIKIS (born October 10, 1953 in Riga) -the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and KONDRATYEVA Nina (born on July 9, 1953, in Russian) - Founder of "Parex Bank" and "Parex Insurance" located in Riga. They founded the bank in the early 1990's, when free it was permitted to buy and sell foreign currency. KRASOVIKIS Victors and KONDRATYEVA Nina attracted the attention of the Swiss police when they sent a request for the obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland, where they intended to move after the sale of the bank. According to unconfirmed data, Mikhailov was the buyer of the property. 137

According to the information Mikhailov visited jewel manufactory in Riga. There were 2 owners of the company, one of them accepted Mikhailov as a partner, another not, it is known that later he was murdered in Riga.*The 1st owner offered Mikhailov to establish control over "Parex Bank"(the main bank of Riga).Mikhailov bought some shares but he did not have opportunity to purchase more, some shareholders were also shareholders of assets of the shop in the centre of Riga. As a scaring method the shop was blown up.Then the shareholders sold their assets to Mikhailov (Kargis Valeris was one of the shareholders).Now Mikhailov owed 22% of “Parex Bank” assets. 138

*Analyst's remark: The Kadoviks' partner probably is the same person mentioned here. It is useful to note that the purchasing of bank and control over its assets allows laundering money. It is not necessary for the owners of the bank to report about the suspicious bargains. Another asset is the opportunity to intrude into the manufacturing , make a list of successful companies and then extort money from them. On 18 February 2001
г. Mikhailov was rejected entry in Latvia. 139 In 1998 police authorities opened a criminal investigation against Mikhailov and Viktor Averin  for the organization of a criminal group, criminal case was granted number 18/1111031-98. In accordance with the information which can not be proved they actively used banking accounts in many countries all over the world.* (See also "The business activity of the gang").140
*Analyst's remark : For additional information there was sent a request to NCB Interpol in Moscow.2July 2002 the NCB


in Moscow reported that the investigation was stopped due to absence of evidence.


Business activity of Mikhailov. See also business activity of the gang.


Averin Viktor


The Russian citizen Averin Viktor Sergeyevich, born in Moscow 31 May 1957 is, as Mikhailov the leader of "Solntsevo" gang.141

According to the information from NCB Interpol in Jerusalem, Averin was the help mate of Mikhailov. It is known that Averin was a professional boxer and worked also as security.His name is associated with several murders.142

He is also known as Averin Viktor Sergeevich, born 31 of July 1957 or 31 of March 1957 or 31 May 1955.
His nicknames are:"Vitya", "Avera", "Avera Senior","Avera old guy" or "Senior".

He is married Averina Lyudmila born 8 of June 1956, who lives in Moscow and is the shareholder of “YBM
Мagnex Inc.” 143
Identification documents:

Israeli ID card №
309982254. Israeli passport № 6325717, issued in Brussels, Belgium valid till 21 September 2000. 144

In accordance with NCB of Interpol in Kiev,Averin was the holder of Israeli passport №
5877501. Besides he could have documents issued on the name of Pavel Voronkov. 145

Address provided by the NCB of Interpol in Jerusalem is the same as MikhIlov's one: Givati 16, Bat Yam.

In Moscow: 48/31 Bodanova str. Russia.

Besides it is known that Averin had real estate in Vienna (Austria) and Budapest(Hungary).

According to the NCB of Interpol in Moscow Averin is the owner of several commercial enterprises which were used for financial support of his group.Together with his brother and  Mikhailov  he was involved into money and car extortion from Vadim Rosenbaum,and was jailed(See Mikhailov paragraph).

Since the end of 1993 Averin and Mikhailov lived outside Russia.

In 1993
г. Averin,Mikhailov and their families moved to Vienna, Austria. Verner Kogerle Verner.150

From Vienna, Austria, in 1993 Averin (as well as Mikhailov) immigrated to Tel-Aviv ,Israel.According to the information from NCB of Interpol in Jerusalem, Averin became an Israeli citizen on  6 September 1993. Averin became known to the Interpol due to fake marriage. His wife proved that in June 1993 she flew to Budapest(Hungary) to get married to Averin, and that she was paid $2000 for this. After wedding she came back to Israel and never me Averin again. According to the law if you are not Jewish, you can get married to the Jewish and become the citizen if Israel. Averin is not Jewish and at the moment of wedding he was already married. His name was put in the list of people who's citizenship status is to be canceled.151

From 1991 to 1995 Averin often visited Czech Republic. After the meeting which took place in May 1995 in "v Holubu" restaurant and the Reid of the Czech police he was rejected the entry on the territory of this country for the period of 10 years.152

On 27 October 1995 г. Averin left Israel for Frankfurt, Germany .On 13 December 1996 Averin married the citizen of Hungaria And in 1997 sent to the Hungarian authorities a petition for migration permit. Probably Averin was rejected the entry into various countries such as France, the UK, the Czech Republic, Austria.153

NCB of Interpol of Bratislava confirmed that Averin was rejected the entry in Slovakia since 9June 1995 till 9 June 2005.154

The police authorities in Paris investigated Averin's  and other  former USSR citizens business,which was managed by them in Switzerland.155

Organizations and brigades


Solntsevo criminal group includes various organizations, groups, brigades(see scheme :The management of Solntsevo gang).The organizations which were mentioned in this report as independent, in fact do not work for the criminal group, but they pay tribute for protection and regulation of conflicts. They may use the power of the organization for instance, when they want to kill the leader of another group.
Below are listed all brigades and organizations which belonged to Solntsevo gang.